10 Coastal Fireplace Ideas for the Chic Young Homeowner

Bob Thomas

Do beachy vibes and breezy charm call your name? Coastal fireplace ideas, textures, and details like weathered driftwood mantels, raw stone surrounds, and cerused finishes can help transport any living space straight to the carefree seaside.

This guide will reveal 10 brilliant coastal fireplace ideas to inspire chic young homeowners seeking to embrace effortless seaside panache beyond vacation homes.

Learn how to blend cozy elements like shiplap and textural rugs with contemporary metallic touches and bold artwork.

Whether envisioning a relaxed living room retreat, sophisticated owner's suite, or luxe open concept great room, discover endless ways to channel breezy colors, natural finishes, and collected layers for major oceanfront allure without the shorefront address.

1. Modern Beach Styles Stone Fireplace

Bring breezy coastal elegance to a living space with stone fireplace surrounds paired with light natural wood furnishings and oceanic colors in soft textiles and artwork. Incorporate elements like organic wood mantels and natural sea-based accents.

Kilim rug layers and linen upholsteries amp the beachy modern style while keeping it casual and serene.

2. Boho Eclectic Electric Fireplace

Brighten up any wall with an eclectic electric fireplace inspired by free-spirited personality. Consider whitewashed brick hearths or soft natural stone paired with reclaimed stone mantels dressed in found coastal objects.

Line the area with woven rattan furniture and keep colors light and neutral. Include meaningful travel keepsakes and scenic murals or artwork to transport minds straight to sandy shores and tranquil waters.

3. Relaxed Farmhouse Coastal Fireplace

Evoke laidback beach cottage charm with exposed brick fireplaces paired with weathered wood beams and relaxed finishes. Incorporate organic coastal plants and uncomplicated ceramics.

Include breezy linen upholstered furnishings awash in soothing aquas, sand tones and sea glass greens. Keep the vibe causal and beachy.

4. Sophisticated Coastal Shiplap Fireplace

Achieve polished nautical panache with reclaimed gray-brown shiplap fireplace surrounds contrasting modern sleek electric hearths. Play up the coastal edge with vibrant artwork boasting crisp blues and coral.

Include geometric metallic furnishings. The blend of raw and contemporary elements makes polished seaside style feel comfortably livable.

5. Beachy Rattan Gas Fireplace

Celebrate breezy charm with paneling mixing rattan textures and weathered unfinished wood that echoes drifting driftwood. Drape the space in cozy linen throws, unfinished handcarved trunks, and other warm sumptuous layers.

Allow sandy fog white walls to ground the space while pops of robin’s egg blue enliven. The outcome channels carefree seaside cottages and inviting sanctuaries.

6. Coastal Minimalist Custom Fireplace

Make a sleek statement by combining smooth marble with organic unfinished golden acacia wood slabs that highlight swirling natural wood grains. Contrast refreshing cool marble tiles underfoot with the fiery glows from crackling embers.

The fusion of modern and earthy exudes windswept styles perfect for entertaining friends from near and far.

7. Relaxed Whitewashed Brick Beach Fireplace

A weathered brick firebox feels like toes in warm sands while an unfinished wood mantel showcases worn rugged personality. Include collected coastal elements and relaxed unfussy layers.

Play with striped textiles, driftwood, porcelain and handcrafted ceramics for whimsical by-the-sea allure. The components unite rustic and refined merging breezy coastal edge.

8. Modern Tropical Fire Feature

Make a bold modern statement with a Tropical Fireplace feature. 

Contrast with lively vibrant artwork and globally-inspired decorative objects bursting in sunny yellows, lush greens and sultry fuchsias. Include abstract paintings, and handcrafted ceramics for dimensional textures.

The mix of tailored and exotic results in a lush tropical backyard oasis feel.

9. Light-Filled Beach Cottage Fireplace

Airy whitewashed brick fireplaces meet reclaimed wood beams while sunlight fills the space bouncing warmth everywhere. Include weathered collected coastal objects. Optionally drape breezy neutral curtains and position slipcovered furniture nearby. 

Accent lightly with strands of lamps and handpainted ceramics. The components infuse interiors with carefree seaside nostalgia.

10. Sophisticated Minimalist Coastal Fireplace

Sleek modern stone fireplaces become sculptural architecture flanked by contrasting reclaimed wood. Include abstract oceanic artwork in white and azure blue. Tailor the look with wingback chairs, geometric wood tables, and textured throw pillows.

The interplay of natural and refined finishes exudes polished nautical panache.


Infuse Breezy Seaside Allure Through Clever Coastal Fireplaces.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Channel modern beach elegance with stonework, light woods and oceanic colors.
  2. Brighten with eclectic fireplaces drawing free-spirited casual inspiration.
  3. Look to farmhouse charm with exposed brick and weathered recycled woods.
  4. Play with sophisticated reclaimed shiplap paired with vibrant artwork.
  5. Keep it breezy and textural with rattan paneling and natural layers.
  6. Make sleek statements merging modern concrete with natural wood slabs.
  7. Unite rustic and relaxed with whitewashed bricks and unfinished mantels.
  8. Contrast bold fire features with globally vibrant artwork and decor.
  9. Infuse light-filled spaces with cottage fireplaces and found objects.
  10. Sculptural stone fireplaces meet contrasting reclaimed driftwood.

With intentional creative coastal fireplace decor spanning styles and materials, capture breezy seaside sanctuary right at home.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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