11 Creative Small Living Room Ideas with TV on Wall to Enhance Your Space

Bob Thomas

When your small living room with a TV craves a dose of cozy charm, a wall-mounted television can infuse function without dominating the space. But positioning it just right is key to enhancing your area, not overwhelming it.

This article explores 11 clever small living room ideas for effortlessly integrating a wall-mounted TV. Discover smart ways to arrange furnishings, design customized built-ins, and choose accents that spotlight your display.

With strategic planning and styling, even the most modest square footage can transform into a warm, inviting oasis.

We’ll look at tips for optimal TV placement, décor enhancements, lighting, area rugs and more. You’ll uncover creative insights for maximizing aesthetics without sacrificing comfort or flow.

Follow these inspirations to help your wall-mounted television find its perfect place in any petite palace. Pull back the curtain on a living room brimming with possibilities.

1. Use a Swivel Mount for Flexible Viewing in Small Living Rooms

Maximize viewing angles in a small living room by using a swivel wall mount for your television. A mount that allows you to swivel your TV left and right enables flexible viewing from different seat locations.

Place swiveling armchairs adjacent to maximize adjustability. With a swivel mount, it's easy to reduce glare and customize viewing for your small space.

2. Optimize Visibility With Overhead Wall-Mounted TV Placement

One way to optimize TV viewing in a small living room is to mount it higher on the wall, close to the ceiling. Overhead placement reduces glare from lighting and allows for comfortable viewing from multiple seats.

Consider a long-arm articulating mount to extend the TV down closer when needed. The right height enhances a wall-mounted television's prominence in a small space.

3. Include a Stylish Media Console Under the Wall TV

Anchor your wall-mounted television with a chic media console below. Look for a narrow console that won't dominate the small space. Include closed storage to tuck away cords and components for a clean look.

Opt for a console with style features like metal legs, woven door fronts or contemporary hardware. A thoughtfully selected media console pulls together your wall TV setup.

4. Define the Space With an Area Rug

Use a printed or textured area rug to create a natural viewing space for your wall TV. Make sure the rug is large enough that furniture can sit atop it. Place your sofa, armchairs and coffee table on the rug facing the wall television.

The rug helps designate the television area without overwhelming the petite room.

5. Add Warm Ambiance With Table Lamps

Strategic lighting enhances both aesthetics and TV viewing. Place matching table lamps on end tables on either side of the seating. Opt for warm lighting and adjust brightness as needed.

Consider installing wall sconces or recessed lighting to reduce glare. Task and ambient lighting helps create a welcoming glow.

6. Include Multifunctional Furniture

Make smart use of space with multifunctional furniture that does double duty. Look for an ottoman with hidden storage for blankets and remotes. Or select a sofa table that can work as a dining table when extra seating is needed.

Even choosing a storage trunk as a coffee table opens up design possibilities. Multifunctional pieces maximize both functionality and flexibility.

7. Add Floating Shelves for Display and Storage

Incorporate floating shelves on available wall space to complement your mounted television. Stagger floating shelves at different heights for visual appeal. Use them to display potted succulents, decorative objects and books.

Or strictly utilize floating shelves for enclosed storage to minimize clutter in a small living room. Floating shelves keep items organized while enhancing style.

8. Add Architectural Interest With Molding

A refined living room featuring paneled walls painted in a soft taupe color. Above an elegant white fireplace mantel is a recessed flat-screen TV displaying a scenic cityscape view. To the left, a crystal-clear table lamp sits atop a dark wooden side table, while to the right, a bouquet of white flowers graces another wooden table. In the foreground, a plush tufted ottoman in a muted hue holds a collection of books and a decorative tray with a floral arrangement. A cream-colored sofa with a blue-striped cushion and a decorative pillow sits adjacent to the ottoman, adding to the room's serene ambiance.

Enhance the area around your wall TV by installing crown molding or picture frame molding. Molding adds architecture and draws the eye upward. For variety, mix different molding profiles, shapes and trim finishes.

Consider painting the molding in a contrasting tone to define the television space in a subtle way. Molding frames out your focal point. 

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9. Include a Sophisticated Glass TV Stand

Place your wall-mounted television above a refined glass TV stand for a lightweight, floating effect. Look for stands with sleek metal framing and shelving in clear or smoked glass.

Incorporate decor with similar aesthetic - metal geo sculptures, glass vases, acrylic trays. The transparency provides visual depth while keeping sightlines open.

10. Add Warmth With Wood Panel Accents

Install reclaimed wood planks or shiplap wood paneling on the wall surrounding your mounted TV. The warm natural texture complements sleek technology and provides a rustic design touch.

Consider wood slices or timber media consoles to tie in the woody aesthetics. Wood panel accents infuse cozy, welcoming character.

11. Showcase With Neutral Wallpaper Backdrop

Pick a neutral grasscloth, textured or faux finish wallpaper as a backdrop to really make your wall-mounted television pop. Subtle earthy patterns add visual interest without competing.

Install wallpaper on the entire wall or just do an accent border around the TV area. Wallpaper frames your focal point beautifully.


Maximize Your Wall TV in a Petite Living Room

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use a swivel mount for flexible viewing angles.
  2. Optimize visibility with overhead placement near the ceiling.
  3. Include a stylish media console under the wall TV.
  4. Define the space with an area rug anchoring furniture.
  5. Add ambient lighting with table lamps.
  6. Incorporate multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans.
  7. Install floating shelves for display and storage needs.
  8. Add architectural interest with crown molding accents.
  9. Showcase your TV with a neutral wallpaper backdrop.

Strategically enhance your wall-mounted television to create an inviting, stylish focal point even in a modestly sized living room.

Follow these tips to design a layout that delights visually while accommodating your everyday needs.

Get inspired by the possibilities to integrate your wall TV seamlessly into a petite space. A few creative solutions can transform a small living room into a grand statement.

Embrace your square footage and unlock its potential by letting your television become the star that steals the show. With a bit of cleverness, your wall mounted Television can feel right at home.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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