11 Easy and Affordable Cheap Patio Paver Ideas for DIYers on a Budget

Bob Thomas

Want to build a stunning patio without draining your savings?

With the right budget-friendly materials and DIY determination, you can construct a backyard oasis for a fraction of standard costs.

This guide shares ingenious cheap paver ideas to transform your outdoor space on a budget.

Discover affordable paver materials, easy installation tips, and money-saving patterns to fake high-end features.

Join savvy DIYers enjoying jaw-dropping patios using cost-effective solutions. With strategic planning and elbow grease, you can build your dream patio that looks like you spent thousands.

Unlock affordable designs that make your neighbors think you broke the bank.

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1. Concrete Pavers

Concrete square pavers with rocks in-between the gaps cheap patio paver idea

Example Design: A simple grid pattern of neutral gray square concrete pavers . Fill gaps with sand or stones. Use for a modern, sleek look.

  • Pre-molded concrete pavers provide a uniform look, often in simple shapes like squares or rectangles.
  • Options like these can cost as little as $1-2 per square foot, much less than natural stone.
  • Make your own DIY concrete pavers by pouring concrete into molds like cake pans. Lets you create custom shapes and sizes.
  • Check stores like Home Depot for budget-friendly brand options like Qstone and Pavestone.
  • Avoid heavily textured or colored concrete pavers as these cost more. Stick to flat, neutral gray for the best value.

2. Pea Gravel

Tan color pea gravel with two chairs cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Pea gravel loosely covering a patio space in a tan color, contained by brick or paver edging. Add a couple large planters for an earthy style.

  • Pea gravel consists of small, smooth stones that create a loose, informal patio surface.
  • Works well for crafting walking paths, landscaping accents, or as a cheap base layer for other pavers.
  • Costs less than $1 per square foot, making it one of the most affordable “paver” options.
  • Comes in neutral colors like tan, brown, gray. Opt for larger pea gravel stones for patios.
  • Downside is that pea gravel shifts easily. Use landscape edging or add polymeric sand to help stabilize it.

3. Recycled Brick

Brick pavers in a herringbone style cheap patio paver idea

Example design: A mismatched mix of salvaged brick pavers in varied red hues laid in a herringbone pattern for old-world charm. Use tumbled bricks for texture.

  • Check salvage yards, antique shops, and online listings for used brick pavers.
  • Old brick has charming imperfections. Blend colors and sizes for a timeworn aesthetic.
  • Expect to pay $0.50-1 per brick if purchasing used. Factor in varying condition.
  • Clean and remove debris from reclaimed brick before installation. Use a pressure washer.
  • Repurpose old pathways and walls on your property by removing and reusing the bricks.

4. Flagstone

Irregular shaped flagstone path cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Irregular flagstone pavers laid in a stepping stone pattern across a patio or pathway. Allow vegetation to grow between.

  • Flagstone comes in unfinished, natural shapes perfect for organic styles.
  • Look for flagstone remnants or pieces from suppliers for deep discounts.
  • Minimize cutting by working with the shape of each unique stone.
  • Expect to pay around $2-6 per square foot depending on stone thickness.
  • Set flagstone pieces into a simple bed of gravel or sand rather than mortar.

5. Poured Concrete

concrete slab with pattern on cheap patio paver idea

Example design: A basic poured concrete patio surface sectioned into shapes and patterns using molds or stones.

  • Concrete mix, sand, and gravel can be inexpensive materials for DIY pouring.
  • Create visual interest with stamps, embedded stones, colored oxide powders.
  • Sealing and painting also customize poured concrete patios.
  • Labor costs are minimal with DIY pouring. Contractors typically charge $5-10 per square foot.

6. Rubber Pavers

square rubber pavers of varying shades of brown cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Interlocking rubber paver tiles in earth tones laid in a geometric pattern on a sand base.

  • Made from recycled tires, providing an eco-friendly option.
  • Softer underfoot than stone or concrete. Provides more grip.
  • Easy DIY installation by connecting the interlocking tiles.
  • Average cost is $3-6 per square foot for rubber pavers.

7. River Rock Circles

Smooth circular rover rocks creating multiple circle patterns cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Smooth river rocks cut into circular slices arranged in a pattern on the patio.

  • Ask stone suppliers for stone remnants at a discount.
  • River rock is often an affordable stone. Expect to pay $2-3 per square foot.
  • Set stones in a bed of gravel rather than pricey mortar.

8. Irregular Stone Pavers

Different shaped and sized stone pavers of different colors cheap patio paver idea

Example design: An eclectic mix of irregularly shaped natural stone pavers fitted together.

  • Use inexpensive and salvaged stone types like slate or sandstone.
  • Cut pieces to fill gaps for a customized patio shape.
  • Set into gravel or sand base without mortar.
  • Costs $2-3 per square foot.

9. Terra Cotta Pavers

Irregular shaped terra cotta coloured pavers cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Irregular terra cotta pavers laid in an organic pattern for a warm, inviting patio surface.

  • Natural color variations in terra cotta add vibrancy.
  • Costs between $2-5 per square foot. A mid-range paver option.
  • Arrange pavers with visible gaps for drainage. Use jointing sand to lock in place.
  • Works well for patios paired with bright accent colors like blue or yellow.

10. Paver Walkway

Rectangular shaped concrete pavers with gravel in between cheap patio paver idea

Example design: Rectangular concrete pavers inset into gravel garden paths to create a tidy walkway.

  • Provides a smooth surface for navigating gardens and yards.
  • Concrete pavers are budget-friendly at $2-3 per square foot.
  • Contrasts pleasingly with loose pebble and gravel surroundings.

11. Mosaic Tile Pattern

Colourful mosaic tiles cheap patio paver idea

Example design: A small patio surface covered in a colorful mosaic tile pattern.

  • Use discounted or leftover mosaic tile sheets for an artsy look.
  • Tile sheets come in 12″ x 12″ sizes, making them easy to work with.
  • Apply tile adhesive directly over a concrete slab for easy installation.
  • Grout with a contrasting color to make the pattern pop.
  • Costs around $5 per sheet, a very budget flooring solution.
  • Draw the eye and add interest by using vibrant mosaic colors.
  • Defines a small space without overwhelming it.

Clever Installation Tips

1. Level the base with sand – Use a 1-2 inch layer of coarse builder’s sand to create a smooth, level foundation for laying pavers. Compact well before installing. Costs just $20-30 per ton.

2. Cut costs on mortar – Mortar is expensive at $60+ per bag. Save by using thinset mortar just on edges, or dry lay pavers without mortar. Use jointing sand between gaps.

3. Rent equipment – Rent a plate compactor for $50/day to compact sand rather than buying for $200+. Or rent a tile saw for cutting pavers for just the duration of projects. 

Easy Budget-Friendly Patterns

  • Simple grid – Focus on repeating all one shape like a square or rectangle. Easy to calculate quantities needed. Avoid cutting for speed.
  • Random planks – Use inexpensive 6 x 24″ concrete rectangles. Arrange randomly like wood planks. No need for precise cuts.
  • Eclectic shapes – Take advantage of free or cheap remnants and salvaged pavers. Use creativity to design an eclectic layout.

Finishing Touches

  • Potted plants, rugs, lighting – Add visual interest without breaking the bank. Use inexpensive solar lights, thrifted rugs, DIY planters.
  • Seal and maintain – Prevent stains and damages by sealing with budget-friendly acrylic sealers every 1-2 years. Spot clean as needed.


Bring your dream patio to life using these ingenious cheap patio paver ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choose inexpensive paver materials like concrete, gravel, and recycled brick to save costs.
  2. Use budget installation tips like minimal mortar and rented tools when laying your cheap patio pavers.
  3. Create simple yet striking designs with graphic patterns and eclectic shapes using affordable pavers.
  4. Add budget finishing touches like solar lighting and thrifted decor to complete your cheap paver patio.
  5. Maintain your inexpensive patio pavers properly to maximize longevity.

With strategic planning and DIY determination, these affordable cheap patio paver ideas can help you construct an enviable outdoor oasis on a budget.

Unlock jaw-dropping patio style at a fraction of the cost using these clever and creative low cost patio paver designs. 

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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