15 Game Room Ideas For Adults

Bob Thomas


Think a game room is just for kids? Think again.

Merging my expertise as an interior decorator with the latest in grown ups recreation, I present to you 20  game room ideas for adults that promise to redefine your understanding of fun. 

Each idea is a blend of comfort, aesthetics, and pure joy. Whether you’re looking to indulge in nostalgia or embrace the cutting-edge, your perfect space awaits.

Let’s unlock the door to your future favorite room!

1. Retro Arcade

 vintage arcade games in a game room for adults with a retro look

Install a few vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and neon signs for that nostalgic feel.

2. Billiards and Bar

 billiard table as the centerpiece and a stylish bar with stools, and pendant lighting in an adults game room

Set up a billiard table as the centerpiece and complement it with a stylish bar, stools, and pendant lighting.

3. Board Game Lounge

Living room with large tables and  chairs arranged for board gaming. The shelves along the walls are filled with boxes of popular modern board games like Catan and Ticket to Ride as well as classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble

Designate an area with comfortable seating, large table, and shelves filled with classic and modern board games.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) Zone

Virtual Reality (VR) Zone in adults game room

Invest in a high-end VR headset and create a space with ample room to explore virtual worlds.

5. Poker and Cards Room

Poker and cards table in game room for adults

A table with plush chairs, dedicated spots for poker chips, and dimmable lights can offer that Vegas-feel.

6. Darts and Lounge

dart board and relaxed seating area in games room for adults

A darts board, coupled with a relaxed seating area and perhaps a jukebox, can be a hit.

7. Karaoke Stage

small stage, professional lighting,  a quality sound system in a adults game room

Set up a small stage, screen for lyrics, professional lighting, and a quality sound system.

8. Video Game Den

Video Game Den in game room for adults

High-end gaming consoles, comfortable recliners, and wall-mounted screens can cater to the modern gamer.

9. Library and Chess Corner

 A quiet corner with bookshelves, a chessboard, and comfortable reading chairs in an adults game room

A quiet corner with bookshelves, a chessboard, and comfortable reading chairs can be ideal for intellectual relaxation.

10. Foosball and Air Hockey Area

Foosball table in adults game room

These can offer a lively and competitive zone within the game room.

11. Wine and Puzzles Table

Wine and Puzzles on a table adult game room

A classy setting where adults can indulge in wine tasting while working on jigsaw puzzles.

12. Mini Casino

roulette wheel and black jack table in adult games room

Besides poker, consider adding a roulette wheel, blackjack table, or even slot machines.

13. Sports Fan Cave

Sports Fan Cave adults game room idea

Deck out the room with memorabilia from favorite sports teams. Include a large-screen TV for game days, comfy seating, and maybe a mini-fridge stocked with game day snacks.

14. Indoor Putting Green

Indoor Putting Green adults game room idea

For the golf enthusiast, a mini golf course or putting green with challenging obstacles can be a fun addition.

15. Cocktail Crafting Station

Cocktail Crafting Station adult game room

Convert one corner into a mixologist’s dream with a well-stocked bar, bartending tools, recipe books, and a dedicated space for cocktail creation.

Remember, the key to a successful game room lies in aligning it with the interests and passions of its primary users.

Each of these ideas can act as a starting point to be further customized based on individual preferences.

Picking a Theme That’s Right For You

A theme can set the tone for your game room. From vintage arcade vibes to sleek modern gaming lounges, pick something that resonates with your taste.

Pro Tip: Before committing to a theme, gather a bunch of images and inspirations. This way, you can visualize the end result better.

Comfort is King: Furniture Choices

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a sore back! Investing in ergonomic chairs and cozy couches is a game-changer.

Remember, you’ll be spending hours in this room, so comfort is paramount.

Light Up Your Gaming World

Years ago, I had the pleasure of revamping a client’s game room.

One thing that stood out was the use of LED strip lights. These not only provide ambient lighting but can be adjusted to match the mood of different games.

Stay Organized: Game Storage Solutions

Whether you’re into board games, video games, or card games, proper storage is essential.

Wall-mounted shelves or custom cabinets can ensure your games are always within reach yet out of the way.

Pro Tip: Labeling your storage can save tons of search time, especially when you have a vast collection.

Dress Those Walls: Game Room Décor

The walls of your game room offer a canvas for creativity. Use a latex-based paint (due to its durability) in colors that match your chosen theme.

And don’t forget to prime them first with a bonding primer to ensure the paint adheres well. I recall a time when I redecorated a game room with vintage game posters.

The result was nostalgic and added a personal touch to the space.

Flooring Matters Too!

Consider something durable like laminated flooring or even carpet tiles which can be easily replaced if stained or damaged.

Remember, with all the foot traffic and potential spills, you’ll want a floor that’s both stylish and practical.

Plan Space Layout and Flow

Start by determining the best space in your home for an adult game room.


  • Size – go as big as your home allows!
  • Accessibility from main living areas
  • Separation from kids’ rooms/play areas
  • Ability to make noise away from quiet zones
  • Options to make open/closed off as needed

Figure out the flow you want between different activity zones, allowing room for furnishings.

Think about:

  • Seating/game table area
  • Sports simulator space
  • Bar and prep zone
  • A/V media room
  • Lounge space
  • Circulation room for mingling

Arrange the zones in a way that makes sense for how you’ll use the room and entertain.

Make sure to accommodate any built-ins like a wet bar.  Have an electrician check that power, lighting, and A/V outlets are sufficient.

Consider soundproofing elements if noise containment is needed.

Get the layout figured out first before making cosmetic design choices. The right scale and structure sets you up for success.

Additional Tips to Amp Up Your Game Room

  1. Soundproofing: If you’re going all out, consider soundproofing the room to avoid disturbing others in the house.
  2. Tech and Gadgets: Invest in quality speakers, projectors, or other gadgets to enrich the gaming experience.
  3. Refreshments Area: How about a mini fridge or a bar cart? Stay refreshed without constant trips to the kitchen!

Personal Experience

I’ve always felt most comfortable with palettes and patterns, guiding clients to envision spaces that resonate with their personalities.

So when I was approached to design an adult game room, I admit, I was initially out of my depth. But every space tells a story, and this was no different.

The client was passionate about gaming, but wanted a sophisticated touch.

Together, we chose deep, moody colors for the walls, evoking late-night game sessions. 

Rich maroons and subtle golds became the backdrop, instantly adding maturity to the room.

The gaming corner was the pièce de résistance. Sleek consoles, ambient LED lights, and an ergonomic chair provided both form and function.

On the opposing wall, custom-built shelves displayed vintage game collectibles, blending nostalgia with elegance.

But what really brought the room to life were the personal touches.

A hand-painted mural of a cherished game scene, a retro arcade machine, and a chic lounge area with plush seating for guests. The space wasn’t just for gaming; it was designed for connection.

Throughout the process, I learned that an adult game room isn’t just about the games. It’s a fusion of passion, memories, and design.

And as I placed the final decor piece, I felt a surge of pride. This wasn’t just a room; it was a story, and I was honored to help tell it.


The essence of a game room lies not just in the games it houses, but in the memories, relaxation, and joy it fosters.

As we’ve journeyed through these 20 transformative spaces, it’s evident that adults, too, deserve their own special corner of fun and escape.

In the evolving landscape of interior design, merging adult sensibilities with entertainment is more than a trend—it’s a testament to our intrinsic need for balance and rejuvenation. 

As your guide in this design journey, I hope I’ve inspired you to visualize and craft that perfect game room. After all, every modern male or female deserves a space where they can let loose, don’t they?

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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