16 Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Bob Thomas

Adding style to your front yard doesn’t require complicated landscaping or deep pockets.

With clever usage of decor, hardscapes, and existing elements, these cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas can turn your home’s exterior into an enviable space.

Boost your curb appeal with our transformative, budget-friendly ideas!

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1. Give Your Front Door a Facelift with a Fresh Coat of Paint

A front door freshly painted purple

A fresh coat of exterior paint on your front door is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal without much effort or money.

Choose a vibrant, eye-catching color that pops against your home’s existing exterior paint or stone. For extra flair, opt for a fun pattern like chevron stripes using painter’s tape.

2. Add Curb Appeal with Low-Maintenance Bushes and Shrubs

Front of house with lots of bushes and shrubs adding greenery for visual curb appeal

Strategically placing a few native bushes or shrubs around your entryway adds greenery and visual interest. Opt for low-maintenance varieties that don’t require frequent pruning or care.

3. Use Decorative Planters to Frame the Entryway

Two matching plant pots either side of front door

Place eye-catching planters full of cheerful flowers, small trees or succulents on each side of your front door to frame and highlight the entryway.

Opt for weather-resistant containers like galvanized metal buckets or ceramic pots. Go for a uniform look by getting similar colors to your door.

4. Conceal Eyesores with an Inexpensive Lattice

lattice fence on front porch

Installing an affordable pre-made lattice along the base of your front porch is an easy way to hide unsightly areas like exposed pipes or a concrete foundation.

Paint or stain the lattice in a neutral tone that matches your home for a cohesive look. Anchor firmly into place.

5. Add Personality to Concrete Steps with Painted Stencils

Concrete front steps painted with blue and white wave borders

Make plain concrete steps more inviting by using stencils and exterior paint to add borders, geometric patterns or designs.

Try repeating fun shapes or brighter accent colors on each riser. Add anti-slip tape to the edges for safety.

6. Make Your Address Stand Out with Bold House Numbers

A big bold red number 3 house number that can easily be seen from the street

Update your home’s house numbers with bolder, more reflective numbers or letters that can easily be seen from the street.

Opt for a contrasting color that pops against your home’s exterior. Use a classic font for a timeless look.

7. Illuminate the Path with Solar-Powered Walkway Lights

Small round solar lights lining both sides of front walkway

Line your front walkway with small solar-powered, low-voltage lights to safely illuminate the path leading up to your entry at night. Place them along the edges of the path, about a 1 – 3 feet apart. Opt for warm white lights.

8. Guide the Way with Decorative Stepping Stones

concrete decorative stepping stones leading to front door

Add natural flagstone, cut slate or concrete stepping stones to create an inviting path leading up to your front door.

Keep a narrow gap between each one to allow grass to grow. Alternate shapes or lay them in a fun zigzag pattern.

9. Upcycle Old Furniture into Porch Seating

a wooden bench with colorful waterproof covers on in front yard with potted plants next to it

Give worn furniture new life by repainting or staining it, then use chairs, benches or tables to create a cozy seating area on your front porch.

Add weather-resistant cushions in vibrant patterns and fabrics. Display potted plants or flowers.

10. Display Eye-Catching Wall Art Near the Entry

Turquoise painted metal sun wall hanging next to entryway

Painted signs, metal sculptures, mosaic mirrors are easy DIY wall art ideas to decorate blank spots near your front entryway.

Pick pieces that reflect your personality! Anchor lighter pieces securely and use exterior paints/sealants meant for outdoor use.

11. Enhance Architectural Details with Updated Exterior Lighting

Black sconce lights on brick exterior flanking green front door

Swap out outdated exterior lighting for updated fixtures that complement your home’s architectural details.

Try black finishes or brass for a classic look. Opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs. Place matching fixtures symmetrically.

12. Renew Wood Porches, Decks and Railings with Paint or Stain

Large white farmhouse style porch with black railings

Use exterior paint, stain or sealer on wood porches, decks, railings and other surfaces to refresh the look and protect from weathering. Neutral tones never go out of style. Prep first for best results.

13. Add Soothing Sounds with a Front Door Wind Chime

Silver wind chime hanging next to black front door

Hang an understated wind chime near your front door to add relaxing nature sounds when the breeze blows.

Opt for chimes made from wood, metal or glass. Ensure it won’t blow into anything or detach.

14. Add Colorful Flowering Plants in the Yard

purple, and red flowers planted in a front yard

Boost color in your front yard by planting vibrant flowering plants like petunias, marigolds, or geraniums in beds, borders, and planters. Go for contrasting colors.

15. Paint or Stain Raised Beds

Define garden beds and add color by painting or staining the existing raised wood borders. Opt for a muted earthy tone.

16. Add Floating Planter Boxes on Railings

White planter boxes attached to porch railing with purple flowers

Affix wooden planter boxes filled with cascading flowers to porch or deck railings to gain vertical space.


Breathe new life into your front yard curb appeal without spending a lot with these cheap, simple DIY landscaping ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use inexpensive materials like paint, gravel, solar lighting and repurposed furniture for an affordable transformation.
  2. Focus on low-maintenance greenery and decorative touches to minimize upkeep.
  3. Add personality with fun DIY upgrades like painted steps, handmade art, and upcycled pieces.
  4. Refresh existing elements like railings, and walkways for a updated yet cohesive look.
  5. Illuminate entryways, pathways and highlights at night with affordable solar lighting.

With creativity and elbow grease, you can implement impactful upgrades one at a time.

Before you know it, you’ll have a gorgeous, inviting oasis to come home to.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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