20 Affordable Men’s Bedroom Ideas on a Small Budget

Bob Thomas

Want to design an elegant men’s bedroom on a small budget?

Get ready to take notes, because we’re sharing 20 savvy and affordable men’s bedroom ideas to help you transform your space without draining your wallet. 

From budget-friendly furnishings and storage solutions to simple DIY projects and money-saving decor tips, these style hacks will allow you to upgrade your room in an affordable way.

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1. Shop Secondhand Furniture

Image of a well-furnished men's bedroom with a muted color palette. The room features a vintage wooden dresser, a classic headboard, and a retro nightstand

Scour thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to uncover stylish secondhand furniture pieces that help furnish your bedroom in an eco-friendly way for a fraction of retail prices.

Quality constructed vintage and retro finds like dressers, headboards, armoires and nightstands add stylish character on a budget.

2. Choose Multifunctional Pieces

Small mans bedroom with storage solution under bed and multipurpose nightstand with built in speakers

Opt for ingenious space-saving furnishings like storage beds, fold-down desks, multifunctional nightstands and convertible ottomans to maximize use in small bedrooms as the furniture adapts to changing needs. Multifunctional pieces let you get more use out of every item.

3. Refresh Existing Furniture with Paint

Bed frame, bed side tables and walls all painted in the same dark navy color

Repainting worn yet quality wood furniture is an budget-friendly way to refresh a bedroom’s look – a simple new coat of paint updates the color and style of furnishings affordably, saving the cost of buying replacements.

4. Add Natural Textures

wood furniture, rattan baskets, rough-hewn wood accents and natural fibers mens bedroom

Introduce natural materials like wood furniture, cozy textiles, rattan baskets, rough-hewn wood accents and natural fibers to add casual comfort and visual interest to bedrooms in an affordable way.

5. Embrace Minimalism

A minimalistic style mends bedroom with white walls, white bedding, white light fixrtures and basic art work on walls

Adopt a minimalist approach by decluttering surfaces, limiting decor to essentials like lighting and art, and using a muted color scheme for a peaceful, tranquil bedroom oasis with clean lines and plenty of calming negative space.

6. Buy Discount Bedding

A men's bedroom showing bedding and pillows which had been purchased from a discount retailer

Save substantially on bedding elements like sheets, duvet covers, decorative pillows and shams by shopping sales, budget-friendly retailers, and discount fabric outlets to outfit beds affordably.

7. Use Statement Lighting

Mens bedroom with unique lighting bought from secondhand store

Add unique character through lighting by sourcing affordably priced eye-catching statement pieces like vintage lamps, ornate chandeliers, and abstract pendants from secondhand stores.

8. Install Mirrors

Mens bedroom with mirrored closets

Visually double the space in small bedrooms by mounting corner mirrors that reflect views and light, choosing mirrored closet doors, and hanging reflective art prints to make rooms feel larger and brighter on a budget.

9. Display Meaningful Collections

Mens bedroom with items that have been collected from around the world from travels

Showcase meaningful objects like favorite books, nostalgic photos, travel souvenirs or hobby items to spark happy memories, exhibit interests, and give bedrooms a comfortable, welcoming feel.

10. Incorporate Architectural Salvage

Mens bedroom with industrial style decor

Add trendy warehouse flair by repurposing salvaged wood, factory carts, scaffolding planks and other reused building materials which provide patina and authentic industrial edge at affordable prices.

11. Shop Discount Home Stores

A males bedroom with items decorated from a discounted home store

Save significant money on stylish finishing touches by shopping discount home stores like HomeGoods where overstock mirrors, lamps, wall art and other decor finds are marked down by up to 75% off retail prices.

12. Opt For Multipurpose Furnishings

Mens bedroom with a bed that is also a sofa

Maximize use of every inch of small bedrooms by choosing space-saving furnishings like daybeds that convert to guest beds, nesting side tables, upholstered ottomans with storage inside, and convertible dining tables.

13. Paint an Accent Wall

a mans bedroom with an emerald green painted featured wall

Use a bold color like emerald, navy or mustard on one wall to visibly shape the room through a dramatic focal backdrop that adds huge visual impact affordably.

14. Bring In Plants

Mans bedroom with lots of plants in

Purify indoor air while adding organic vibrancy by strategically placing low maintenance greenery like succulents, snake plants or trailing ivy in natural woven planters or pots.

15. Make Wall Art from Wallpaper

a mans bedroom with wall art behind the bed created from wallpaper cut offs

Craft one-of-a-kind art installations on a budget by visiting hardware stores to retrieve wallpaper sample books and framing the creatively chosen sample squares in inventive artistic arrangements.

16. Stencil Custom Headboards

a mens bedroom with a plain headboard with geometric pattern

Quickly and affordably transform boring solid-colored headboards by stenciling bold patterns like geometric shapes, nature motifs or scenic silhouettes to add artistic flair to bedroom spaces.

17. Use Removable Wallpaper

a mens bedroom with peel and stick wallpaper on the featured wall

Refresh bedroom style affordably and quickly by applying self-adhesive removable wallpaper directly onto walls to update accent areas with color, texture and pattern easily whenever the mood strikes.

18. Display Meaningful Memorabilia

A guys bedroom with motorbike pictures for old memories sake on the wall

Surround yourself with objects that inspire you like pieces from travel adventures, past hobbies, treasured family photos or past athletic achievements to serve as decor that exhibits your personal history and evokes happy memories.

19. Repurpose Everyday Items

A mans bedroom with repurposed wooden creates as bed base and headboard

Save money while exercising creativity by repurposing common household objects like wooden crates, shutters, and tin buckets which gain new life as charming and functional items when used inventively.

20. Source Secondhand Art

Mens bedroom with art and photography on wall

Discover limited-edition prints, original paintings, and fine photographic works for a fraction of gallery prices by sourcing art secondhand at garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops.


Transform your bedroom into a stylish, functional space with these budget-friendly ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use multifunctional furniture and compact storage to maximize small square footage
  • Source secondhand and discounted finds to lower costs on decor
  • Add personalized flair with easy DIY projects and meaningful memorabilia
  • Use bold paint, creative lighting and favorite collectibles to showcase style
  • Repurpose everyday items to save money and show creativity

With some clever planning and frugal decorating, you can craft an affordable bedroom oasis to fit your style and budget.

These ideas offer inspiration to design a personalized sanctuary using creative solutions, budget buys, and elbow grease. 

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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