20 Beautiful Table Runner Ideas to Dress Up Your Dining Room

Bob Thomas

Looking for affordable ways to decorate your dining room?

Table runners present a simple DIY opportunity to introduce color, texture, and style to your dining space.

In this article, we share 20 beautiful table runner ideas spanning various designs, fabrics, colors, and embellishments to inspire you to give your dining room a new stylish look.

Whether you want to go bold with patterns or add a subtle pop of color, these gorgeous table runner ideas will help you dress up your dining room with beautiful, budget-friendly style. 

Keep reading for beautiful inspiration and easy ways to elevate your dining room.

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1. Farmhouse Chic with Buffalo Check and Plaid Table Runners

Red and white buffalo check table runner on a dark wood dining table.

The classic buffalo check print in traditional red, black, and white instantly infuses farmhouse style into any dining room.

These iconic plaid table runners are a simple way to create a cozy, welcoming aesthetic perfect for rustic dining spaces. Lay one along the center of your table to effortlessly introduce timeless Americana design.

For variety, explore buffalo check runners in unexpected color combinations like navy, olive green, and cream.

Allow this familiar checkered pattern to transform your space into a charming farmhouse retreat.

2. Spring with Fresh Floral Print Table Runners

Close up of a floral printed table runner with pink, red and purple flowers and green leaves.

Usher in the blooms of springtime by adorning your dining table with floral print table runners. Vibrant runners featuring colorful painted or photographed roses, tulips, peonies, and other flowers instantly brighten up dining rooms with their fresh botanical designs.

Floral patterns add a touch of the great outdoors and the beauty of nature to indoor spaces. For warm-weather dining, choose palettes in sunny yellow, soft pink, and verdant greens.

Opt for more vibrant hues of fuchsia, coral, and turquoise to enhance the cheerful, flowery aesthetic all year long.

3. Bohemian Printed Table Runners

Bohemian style table runner

Transport your dining room around the world with globally inspired tribal and bohemian printed table runners.

Patterns like ikat, batik, paisley, and exotic florals fuse free-spirited botanicals with cultural motifs for an eclectic, wanderlust feel.

Pair these bold prints with natural woods and rattan dining furniture to enhance worldly character. Opt for runners in rich shades of ruby, emerald, and sapphire or carved wood embellishments for an exotic, artisanal vibe that celebrates cultures worldwide.

4. Table Runners that Mimic Ornate Rugs

Table runner with a green  and gold ornate Oriental rug design

Recreate the lavish aesthetic of a formal ballroom or palatial estate with table runners designed to mimic intricately detailed Persian rugs or Oriental carpets.

These decorative runners conjure images of past grandeur and prestige with their finely woven medallions, floral motifs, and curled filigree designs inspired by antique carpets.

Place one on a dark wooden dining table topped with polished silver and crystal for instantly refined, elegant appeal. Or lay an intricately patterned runner atop a clean modern table for eye-catching juxtaposition.

5. Make a Bold Statement with Graphic Print Runners

Black and white graphic zig-zag patterned table runner

Claim your space for contemporary style with modern graphic print table runners in stark black and white.

Angled lines, geometric patterns, zigzags, and abstract shapes make an eye-catching, high-contrast statement. Pair these bold runners with streamlined furniture, sleek dining ware, and contemporary art for a runway-inspired look. 

Or liven up a minimalist dining area with bright pops of citrus, cherry, cobalt, or forest green on a black and white background. Graphic runners easily revamp your dining room with striking flair.

6. Channel Rustic Farmhouse Charm with Natural Jute and Burlap Runners

Burlap table runner

Jute and burlap table runners provide easy, affordable rustic style perfect for cozy farmhouse dining rooms.

The organic coarse weave and sandy neutral hue of these natural fibers create a welcoming lived-in look.

Drape these casual runners down the center of a reclaimed wood table for effortless warmth and charm. For variety, explore jute and burlap runners with colorful striped ticking or delicate florals added for a hint of pattern. Allow these organic runners to infuse your space with rural character.

7. Velvet Table Runners for Refined Elegance

Rich emerald green velvet table runner draped on a Christmas themed table

Velvet table runners in rich, decadent hues like emerald, ruby, and sapphire inject dining rooms with plush elegance and refinement.

The sumptuously soft piled texture provides subtle luxury and depth of color. Use velvet runners to dress up formal dining tables – their upscale appearance is perfect for holiday meals or dinner parties.

For everyday use, opt for cotton or linen-blend velvet; pure silk velvet is best reserved for special occasions. Either way, velvet runners lend dining rooms graceful style and regal flair.

8. Natural Coastal Charm with Seagrass Weave Runners

Close up of natural tightly woven seagrass table runner

Incorporate breezy nautical style into dining rooms with seagrass table runners. Tightly woven strands form a durable braided pattern reminiscent of sailor’s ropes and oceanfront charm.

Seagrass makes excellent runners – the natural sandy beige hue complements casual dining ware while adding organic texture. Use these runners to give spaces a relaxed coastal cottage feel.

Try weaving strips of colorful fabric like navy blue or salmon pink into braided seagrass for a pop of accent color. Let seagrass runners bring a taste of seaside tranquility to everyday dining.

9. Knitted and Crocheted Table Runners

White crocheted lace table runner

Adorn your dining space with loving charm by using handcrafted knitted or crocheted table runners to protect your tabletop.

Choose runners embroidered with delicate flowers or colorwork patterns like Fair Isle for a cozy homemade look. Knit or crochet your own runners out of chunky yarn in swoon-worthy neutrals like oatmeal, cream, or dove gray for textural appeal.

Or opt for pops of cranberry, mustard, or teal for vibrant handmade style. Imperfections in stitchwork add organic appeal. Knitted and crocheted runners make dining rooms feel comfortably lived-in.

10. Casual Texture with Linen Table Runners

Linen table runner with visible texture and cream color laid on a table

Bring a refined yet casual vibe to dining spaces with simple linen table runners. Made from natural flax fibers, linen offers a visible weave and textural slubs that provide subtle depth and dimension.

 The fabric easily wrinkles, enhancing the organic look. Linen runners come in versatile solids from crisp white to burlap tan.

Lay one on a dining table to imbue rustic warmth without distracting pattern. Or place a colored linen runner in crimson, azure, or saffron atop rich wooden tables for an earthy pop of contrast. Simple linen lends relaxed elegance.

11. Sleek Black and White Table Runners

Solid white table runner contrasting with black dinnerware on table.

Make dining ware pop against a sophisticated neutral backdrop with solid black or white table runners. Starkly monochromatic runners emanate refined sophistication and high-contrast elegance.

 Whiteness heightens the visual effect of any colors used in dishes, napkins, centerpieces or dining furniture. Black creates instant allure and modern edge.

Both options provide blank canvas appeal while easily dressing up existing elements like wood grain or metal finishes.

12. Ombre Table Runners

Ombre table runner fading from blush pink on one end to purple on the other.

Gradually transition dining color palettes with on-trend ombre table runners that fade from light to dark in painterly fashion.

These tonal runners provide mellow, subtle contrast perfect for laidback dining spaces in need of soft visual interest.

The ombre effect creates a soothing ambiance when done in dusty shades like rose quartz to blush or sea glass to aquatic.  For dramatic impact, choose bold ombre like crimson into garnet or sunshine into tangerine. Allow the gentle color gradation to infuse dining with ethereal panache.

13. Metallic Gold and Silver Table Runners

Shiny gold table runner with metallic crinkled texture

Introduce refinement and luxury with glittering metallic table runners in silver, gold, bronze, and copper finishes.

The luminous sheen of these runners instantly infuses spaces with glamour and celebration-ready flair. Pair with glossy dining ware, glassware, and accessories to complement the shine while preventing clashes.

Opt for textured metallics like hammered, woven, or crinkled versions to provide depth. A touch of metallic sparkle easily transforms casual spaces into glamorous venues ready for special dining occasions.

14. Vibrant Solid Color Table Runners

Bright orange colored table runner.

Make a vibrant statement with richly hued table runners in luscious tones like cherry red, verdant green, cobalt blue, and tangerine orange.

These bold solid colors enliven neutral dining rooms with bursts of pure pigment and energetic flair. Contrast them with wood furnishings and raw finishes like stone or concrete for lively style juxtaposition.

Or match them to brightly colored dining ware and decor. Vivid solid color runners banish dining doldrums with their saturated hues.

15. Bold Color Block Table Runners

Color block table runner

Energize dining spaces with color block table runners featuring graphic color combinations for high-impact contrast.

Try bold pairings like navy and white, crimson and chrome, tangerine and turquoise, or black and ivory. The juxtaposition of complementing or clashing hues makes a mod statement.

Use color blocking to define your design palette, or to subtly pick up colors used elsewhere in the dining room. The eye-catching two-tone effect electrifies tables in need of a vivid pick-me-up.

16. Lacy Table Runners

Lacy Table Runner in pink With floral pattern

Adorn your tabletop with dreamy antique allure by topping it with a lace-trimmed table runner.

Delicate and intricately woven lace edging provides feminine ornamentation inspired by heirloom linens. Opt for wide runners fully decorated with floral vine lace designs, or choose runners with simple borders of scalloped edges or floral cut-outs.

White or ecru lace has timeless appeal, while color like blush pink or sky blue enhances the romantic effect. Lace runners grace tables with vintage storybook charm.

17. Boho Allure with Fringe and Tassel Accent Runners

Table runner with dark brown fringe tassels lining each side.

Unleash your free-spirited style with table runners edged in flowing fringe or tassels. These boho accents introduce laidback texture when done in casual suede, linen, or cotton.

For exotic allure, opt for fringe and tassels made from luxe fabrics like velvet, silk, or supple leather. Fringed runners in rich hues like ruby red or olive green make vibrant ethnic statements.

Accent solid colored runners with contrasting tassels. Or select globally inspired patterns framed with bohemian fringe. Let loose, flowing embellishment infuse dining with wanderlust flair.

18. Embroidered & Stenciled Table Runners

Table runner embellished with purple flowers

Personalize your dining space by using table runners decorated with artistic hand embroidery, custom stenciling, or painted designs.

Add freehand flourishes like vines, branches, or florals rendered in thread for organic charm and texture. Or opt for graphic repeating patterns stenciled by hand for modern bespoke style.

Monogram your runners with intricately embroidered initials. Painted accents introduce unique color: try bold brushstrokes or colorful gradients. Handcrafted touches make runners feel special and intimate.

19. Ornate Sequin & Jeweled Runners

Table runner embellished with rows of gold sequins and beads.

Drape your dining table with Gatsby-era extravagance by topping it with a glamorously embellished table runner.

Options encrusted in iridescent sequins or shimmering beads catch the light with their luxe adornment. Hand-sewn jewel trims like crystals, pearls, or rhinestones provide decadent ornamentation.

Use these glitzy runners sparingly to dress up your table for special occasions and lavish holiday dining. Pair them with glassware and decor in coordinating metallics or jewel tones. A touch of ornate embellishment ensures a dramatically opulent statement.

20. Monogram or Name Table Runners

Elegant white table runner with the monogram letters

Personalize your dining space and show off your sense of style with a custom monogrammed table runner.

Opt for classic script initials styled after aristocratic linens, or choose clean lined lettering in a modern sans-serif font. Monochrome runners provide timeless versatility, while color adds pop.

Position your runners with the customized text centered or at one end. For familial flair at holiday gatherings, use runners emblazoned with your full surname. Monogrammed runners add tailored, distinctive panache.


These beautiful table runner ideas offer creative ways to elevate your dining room style by decorating your tabletop.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduce eye-catching patterns and prints for vibrant flair
  • Incorporate cozy textures like velvet or jute for warmth
  • Use solid colors and ombré for pops of color
  • Add customize with monograms and embellishments
  • Dress up for special occasions with metallics and jewels
  • Mix and match designs to reflect your personal taste

With a bit of creativity, table runners can transform tired dining rooms into stylish spaces for everyday meals or special events.

These ideas offer inspiration for crafting the perfect polished tablescape using simple yet stunning runners.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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