20 Gorgeous Bedroom Chair Ideas for Serious Lounging

Bob Thomas

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Imagine walking into your bedroom after a long day – the first thing you want to do is kick off your shoes and settle into a comfortable chair. But not just any chair – your chair. The perfect chair for relaxing, reading, enjoying your morning routine, or stealing moments of solitude.

Your bedroom chair becomes a personal haven – as unique as your sense of style and what replenishes your spirit. An upholstered reading chair invites you to curl up under a cozy blanket. A sleek modern chair exudes refined sophistication. A classic club chair envelops you in traditional comfort. There are so many incredible options to make your chair dreams a reality.

This guide explores beautiful bedroom chair ideas to help you discover your perfect chair.

We’ll look at designs to complement both timeless and contemporary bedrooms. From lush reading nooks to striking standalone statement chairs, find inspiration for chairs as dynamic as your personal style.

Choosing new bedroom seating can be an exciting chance to consider what calls to you. As you weigh different shapes, fabrics and colors, tune into that feeling when you know a chair is meant to be yours. Let’s explore some gorgeous bedrooms, find your perfect chair, and start designing the personal sanctuary you deserve.


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1. Cozy Reading Nook Chair

You can tuck into your own cozy reading nook with a cushy armchair, soft fringed throw, and warm lamplight. Choose a chair with plush padding, classic button tufting, and curved legs to sink into as you get lost in a good book.

2. Vibrant Velvet Statement Chair

A luxurious room setting featuring a deep green, tufted velvet armchair with sleek brass legs. Behind the chair, there's a matching green upholstered bed with beige and green pillows. A white table lamp stands on a bedside table next to the bed, and a large monstera leaf decorates the scene. The floor is covered in a soft beige carpet, and light beige curtains drape the windows in the background.

You’ll make a bold statement with a lush velvet armchair in emerald green or sapphire blue. The vibrant jewel tone pops against neutral walls in your bedroom. Opt for sleek brass finished legs for contemporary flair. This showstopper chair commands attention.

3. Midcentury Modern Eames Chair

A sunlit modern bedroom with beige walls, featuring a plush leather bed with a tall headboard adjacent to a large window with sheer white curtains. In the foreground, a sleek Modern Eames Chair.

Channel your inner midcentury style with an iconic Eames lounge chair. Its molded plywood and leather cradle your body in comfort as you recline by a sun-filled window and relax.

4. Ornate French Bergère Chair

An elegant and ornate bedroom interior, illuminated by soft natural light. The focal point is a luxurious Ornate French Bergere Chair with intricate detailing and plush tufting. In the background, a grand bed with an upholstered headboard is framed by floor-length curtains, and an opulent chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The room is adorned with classic moldings and has a polished wooden floor.

Bring vintage sophistication into your bedroom with a carved French bergère chair. Intricate wood detailing and cabriole legs give it old-world grandeur. Tufted damask upholstery completes the glam look.

5. Timeless Wingback Chair

A cozy bedroom setting featuring a beige tufted wingback chair adorned with a floral cushion. Beside it is a bed with a similar tufted headboard and bedspread decorated with colorful floral and circular patterns. In the background, a dresser with botanical artwork above, a table lamp, and a vase of greenery are visible. The floor showcases a multicolored patterned rug.

You can revisit tradition with a classic tufted wingback chair. Its button detailing, rolled arms and turned wood legs encapsulate timeless charm. Play with fun printed fabrics or muted hues to match your style.

6. Modern Scandinavian Lounge Chair

A serene bedroom setup with a beige wooden-framed mirror on the wall. In the foreground, there's a modern wooden lounge chair with a white cushion and a white fur throw draped over it. Beside the chair is a wooden side table holding a vase with dried plants

Embrace a minimalist vibe with a Scandinavian-style lounge chair. Clean lines, gentle curves, and light wood evoke serene simplicity. Pair it with a sheepskin throw and rattan side table for texture. This contemporary chair promotes tranquility.

7. Tufted Fabric Armchair

Elegant bedroom interior showcasing a tufted gray upholstered bed with plush pillows. Adjacent is a matching tufted armchair with a rolled arm design. On the nightstand, there's a modern lamp and decorative items.

Sink into plush comfort with a tufted armchair upholstered in cozy cotton, linen or velvet. Choose a muted earth tone like tan or soft gray. Add some throw pillows to maximize the cushy feel. This chair beckons you to curl up and relax.

8. Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Contemporary bedroom design with a focus on a large circular plush chair in the center, surrounded by vertical fluted wall panels. The space is illuminated by a spherical hanging light, and the bed in the background has neutral-toned linens.

Lounge in style with a retro papasan or saucer chair encased in fluffy faux fur. The spherical seat and injectable cushion conform to your shape. Float it in an unused corner to create a space-saving seating spot.

9. Wicker Hanging Rattan Chair

Cozy bedroom corner featuring a large wicker hanging chair with plush white cushions, suspended from the ceiling. The background has wooden lattice panels and a large window with sheer curtains. Nearby is a tall vase with pampas grass.

Suspended relaxation awaits with a wicker hanging chair. The egg-shaped rattan design suspends from the ceiling, swaying gently. Place a pillow inside for added comfort. You’ll love retreating to this indoor swing.

10. Leather Recliner Chair

Opulent bedroom interior featuring a luxurious brown leather reclining chair in the foreground, with intricate stitching details. In the background, a tufted beige upholstered bed is accompanied by matching nightstands, each holding a sleek table lamp. The walls are adorned with classic paneled moldings.

Maximize your lounging with a plush leather recliner. Kick your feet up as you fully recline, or stop at an intermediate position. Armrests and padded headrest provide sublime support. The rich leather adds luxe appeal.

11. Rustic Wooden Rocking Chair

A cozy interior scene illuminated by soft sunlight filtering through sheer curtains. The focal point is a wooden rocking chair adorned with a textured beige cushion, positioned near a window. Behind the chair stands a wooden nightstand with a modern lamp and a vase of dried plants. Further back, a glimpse of a bed with neutral-toned linens and a wooden headboard is visible against a rustic white brick wall.

Rock yourself to relaxation in a natural wood rocking chair. The hand-crafted appeal and contoured seat offer a soothing rhythm. Place it by a sunny window and add a patterned cushion for character. This rustic chair sets a laidback mood.

12. Mirrored Vanity Chair

An elegant bedroom corner featuring a mirrored vanity table adorned with decorative items such as a crystal perfume bottle, a vase filled with soft pink peonies, and various beauty products. Next to the table is a plush pale pink stool with a tufted cushioned seat. A large rectangular mirror amplifies the room's brightness and showcases a reflection of a neatly made bed. Neutral drapes frame the scene, adding a touch of softness to the room's sophisticated ambiance.

Primp in style with a glamorous mirrored vanity chair. The reflective surface and luxe frame bring shimmer to your dressing table. Choose a plush velvet or faux fur seat for added drama. This throne helps you get runway-ready.

13. Modern Egg Pod Chair

A modern interior featuring a suspended egg pod chair with soft gray cushioning, providing a cozy seating area. The chair is set against a backdrop of vertical wooden panels illuminated by ambient lighting. To the left, a sleek bedside table supports a glowing orb lamp. Large floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains allow diffused daylight into the room, complementing the serene and contemporary ambiance.

Cocoon yourself in sci-fi style with a contemporary egg pod chair. Its wraparound oval shape creates privacy and intrigue. The suspended design is compact yet inviting. Futuristic but functional.

14. Sheepskin Fur Chair

A luxurious living space highlighted by a plush sheepskin fur chair, its thick and soft texture inviting relaxation. The chair sits on slender wooden legs and is positioned near a modern fireplace with stacked logs. Adjacent, a neutral-toned bed is draped with light bedding, and a built-in shelf showcases decorative items. The room's design is complemented by muted taupe panels and a light wood plank floor, emanating a serene and sophisticated ambiance.

Envelop yourself in comfort with a chair draped in fluffy sheepskin. The organic texture against clean lines balances earthy and modern. Place beside a fireplace for serious hygge appeal. Sink in and feel your stress melt away.

15. Patterned Accent Chair

A refined bedroom setting showcasing a detailed floral armchair upholstered in a vibrant fabric featuring blossoming flowers in various colors. The chair stands on dark tapered legs, offering a pop of nature-inspired design in the space. In the backdrop, a plush bed with a gray upholstered headboard, crisp white linens, and matching gray pillows provides a serene resting place. Soft ambient light from a white table lamp illuminates the scene, which also includes a nightstand with fresh flower arrangements and intricate wall moldings that add sophistication to the room's design.

Make a lively statement with a patterned accent chair. Vivid florals, geometric prints, or bold stripes liven any corner. Choose a plush slipper chair style for statement lounging. The right pattern personalizes your space.

16. Corner Banquette Bench

A cozy window nook with a Corner Banquette Bench, adorned with striped and solid cream-colored pillows. A round wooden side table holds a vase of yellow-green flowers and a couple of books. Sunlight filters in through the windows, revealing green trees outside.

Maximize unused space with a corner banquette bench. The L-shaped cushion tucks neatly into a corner by your bed or window. Pile on plush pillows so you can snuggle in with coffee or a book.

17. Tufted Chaise Lounge

An elegant living space with a tufted chaise lounge draped in a fluffy white fur throw. Next to it, a gold-accented console table holds a vase with delicate white blossoms. Above the table, a unique gold-framed mirror hangs on a dark gray wall. A window to the left lets in soft natural light, hinting at a cityscape view beyond.

Indulge in old Hollywood glamour with a tufted chaise lounge. This upholstered, curvaceous chair evokes vintage boudoirs. Place it by your window and drape on a faux fur throw for indulgent relaxation.

18. Swivel Barrel Chair

A minimalist room with a modern swivel barrel chair in a sleek silver leather finish. To the left, a part of a gray upholstered bed with a draped blanket is visible. On the right, a tall dark vase holds a green tropical plant, casting a gentle shadow on the beige wall behind. The scene is illuminated by soft, diffused light, creating a serene ambiance. The chair and bed both stand on light wooden flooring.

Lounge on a swiveling barrel chair for a fun twist. Its rounded back cradles your spine with comfort as you swivel. The versatile design works in modern or classic spaces. Spin to your heart’s content!

19. Wingback Slipper Chair

A sophisticated interior featuring a light colored wingback slipper chair with wooden legs. The chair is adorned with a matching pillow and stands on a textured rug. To the left, a plush bed with layered bedding and a draped blanket is visible, alongside a vertical wooden panel and a tall floor lamp with a white shade. Sunlight subtly streams in, enhancing the room's serene and luxurious ambiance.

Cozy up to a petite slipper chair with wingback style. Scaled-down proportions save space but still offer enveloping comfort with extra lumbar support. An ideal chair to tuck in small bedrooms.

20. Upholstered Bench Seat

A serene bedroom setting featuring a beige upholstered bench seat with wooden legs placed by the foot of a bed. The bench is adorned with a patterned pillow and a draped light cream throw. Atop the bench, there's a tea set comprising a teapot and two cups, neatly arranged on a tray. A large window to the right fills the room with soft natural light, complementing the muted and tranquil color palette of the space.

Elevate your bedroom’s elegance with this sophisticated bench, perfectly placed at the foot of your bed. Its cushioned surface offers a comfortable spot to relax, sip your morning coffee, or lay out tomorrow’s outfit.

The contrasting wooden legs provide sturdy support, while the neutral tones harmoniously blend with any decor. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment or dressing for the day, this bench adds both functionality and style to your space

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Elevate Your Master Bedroom with Stunning Bedroom Chair Concepts

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduce sophistication and comfort with designs ranging from wingback chairs to plush loungers.
  • Dive into textures with materials like velvet, leather, linen, or woven fabrics.
  • Explore silhouettes like high-back, slipper, or sculptural modern forms.
  • Enhance ambiance with accompanying features like throw pillows, blankets, or petite side tables.
  • Choose color palettes and patterns that harmonize with your bedroom’s overall design.
  • Positioning matters: Consider cozy corners, window nooks, or strategic spots for reading and relaxation.

With an array of designs from minimalist to opulent, bedroom chairs amplify the aesthetic appeal of your personal haven.

These 20 captivating chair ideas demonstrate how the right seating choice can transform a standard bedroom into a chic and inviting retreat.

Let bedroom chair concepts guide your bedroom revamp, adding layers of comfort and design sophistication.

Wave goodbye to bare corners and welcome a luxurious touch with seating that’s both functional and fashionable!

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