20 Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget ($5 – $200)

Bob Thomas

Crafting the perfect small rustic bathroom doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

With over 10 years of interior decorating experience, I’ve discovered numerous ways to infuse charm and warmth into bathroom spaces without a hefty price tag.

Below, I’ve created a list of 20 budget-friendly small rustic bathroom ideas that promise to transform any ordinary bathroom into a cozy retreat.

1. Reclaimed Wood Vanity

Reclaimed Wood Vanity unit in rustic bathroom

Convert an old wooden table or cabinet into a bathroom vanity. Rough Cost: $50-$200 depending on the condition and source of the furniture.

2. Wood-Trimmed Mirror 

Wood-Trimmed Mirror in a rustic style small bathroom

Use reclaimed wood to frame a plain mirror. Rough Cost: $20-$50.

3. Barn Door Style Cabinets

l small barn door hardware on cabinets in rustic bathroom

Install small barn door hardware on cabinets. Rough Cost: $50-$150.

4. Distressed Painted Cabinets

Distressed Painted Cabinets in a small rustic styled bathroom

DIY distressing a wooden cabinet with sandpaper and paint. Rough Cost: $20-$40 for paint and supplies.

5. Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jars used for storage on reclaimed wooden shelves in a small rustic bathroom

Use mason jars mounted on reclaimed wood for storage. Rough Cost: $15-$30.

6. Galvanized Bucket Sink

A large galvanized bucket rustic sink in a small rustic style bathroom

Use a large galvanized bucket as a rustic sink. Rough Cost: $30-$50.

7. Faucet from Garden Spigot

Faucet from Garden Spigot in rustic style bathroom

Incorporate a garden spigot or tap as your faucet. Rough Cost: $20-$50.

8. Towel Rack

An old wooden ladder towel rack in a small rustic bathroom

Use an old wooden ladder as a unique towel rack. Rough Cost: $20-$50.

9. River Rock Shower Floor

River Rock Shower Floor in a small rustic style bathroom

Add river rocks for a rustic touch in your shower. Rough Cost: $50-$100 per square foot.

10. Pallet Wood Walls

reclaimed pallet wood wall paneling in a small rustic style bathroom

Use reclaimed pallet wood as wall paneling. Rough Cost: $5-$20 per square foot.

11. Floating Wooden Shelves

floating shelves made from reclaimed wood in a rustic style small bathroom

Install floating shelves made from reclaimed wood. Rough Cost: $20-$60 per shelf.

12. Burlap Shower Curtain

Burlap Shower Curtain in a small rustic style bathroom

Substitute a regular curtain with one made from burlap. Rough Cost: $20-$40.

13. Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets used as storage in a small rustic style bathroom

Use as storage or decor. Rough Cost: $10-$40 each.

14. Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures in small rustic style bathroom

Swap shiny fixtures for ones with an oil rubbed finish. Rough Cost: $30-$150 depending on the fixture.

15. Vintage Farm Sign Decor

Vintage Farm Sign in a small rustic bathroom

Decorate with old farm signs or create DIY signs. Rough Cost: $10-$50.

16. Rustic Hooks

Rustic Hooks in a small rustic bathroom

Use antique or cast iron hooks for towels. Rough Cost: $5-$15 each.

17. Antique Rug

A Antique Rug in the center of a small rustic bathroom

Place a small antique rug for warmth and color. Rough Cost: $30-$100.

18. Stone Soap Dish

Stone Soap Dish in a small rustic style bathroom
  • Incorporate a natural stone soap dish.
  • Rough Cost: $10-$30.

19. Wooden Tub Caddy

Wooden bathtub caddy in a small rustic style bathroom

Use or make a wooden caddy for your bathtub. Rough Cost: $20-$60.

20. Candle Lanterns

Candle Lanterns small rustic bathroom

Use rustic lanterns with candles for ambient lighting. Rough Cost: $20-$50 each.

The total cost of these items will be heavily influenced by how many of the ideas you implement, the specific products or materials you choose, and any labor costs if you hire professionals.

Always keep an eye out for sales, second-hand finds, or opportunities to repurpose items you already own to get the best deals!

Quick Budget Rustic Bathroom Tips

  • Scour flea markets and antique shops for old mirrors, tubs, and sinks
  • Use wicker baskets from craft stores for charming storage
  • Paint vanities, walls, or floors white for a cottage feel
  • Visit home improvement stores for inexpensive wood slice bath mats
  • Display collected items like vintage signs above the toilet
  • Replace faucets and handles with vintage reproduction style hardware

Personal Experience

Years ago, when I was actively painting and decorating, I stumbled upon a client aiming to recreate a farmhouse vibe in her small city apartment’s bathroom.

The challenge was real, but together, we brainstormed and executed some fantastic ideas.

 A standout memory was repurposing an old ladder as a towel rack.

Not only was it budget-friendly, but it also became the bathroom’s centerpiece!


Wrapping up our rustic journey, it’s evident that achieving a heartwarming and timeless bathroom space doesn’t require exorbitant costs.

With thoughtful touches and a dash of ingenuity, any bathroom can radiate with rustic elegance.

Drawing from these 20 ideas, I encourage you to find that unique blend that resonates with your style.

Embrace the beauty in simplicity and enjoy every moment in your newly transformed space.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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