10 Bedroom Shelving Ideas So Good, You Might Just Call Your Handyman (or Tackle Them Yourself!)

Bob Thomas

Picture this: Your books perfectly arranged, plants spilling off sunny shelves, and all your favorite things beautifully displayed.

That dream bedroom is within reach!

Get ready for 10 bedroom shelving ideas that’ll transform your space – whether you’re a DIY whiz or ready to call in the pros.

1. Floating Shelves

A cozy bedroom scene featuring wooden floating shelves arranged above a bed with patterned pillows. The shelves display a variety of decorative items including books, potted plants, framed pictures, and small trinkets, contributing to a serene and personal atmosphere.
 A dark, moody room illuminated by the soft light of a desk lamp highlighting glass floating shelves. The shelves are adorned with an array of objects including books, a vintage alarm clock, and a small vase with dried branches, creating an intimate and contemplative space.
A bright and airy bedroom with minimalist wooden floating shelves against a light blue wall. The shelves hold simple decor such as a small potted plant, a couple of books, and a wooden bowl, enhancing the room with a clean and tranquil vibe.
A close-up of glass floating shelves against a textured grey wall, showcasing modern decorative objects in bold colors like orange and purple, along with a monochrome framed artwork. The composition exudes a contemporary and artistic flair.

Sleek, minimalist floating shelves inject a contemporary airs into bedroom design. Mount the lightweight shelves at varying heights to curate personalized display spaces for framed photos, artful decor or accessory collections.

Floating shelves come in a range of materials like wood, glass or Lucite to seamlessly blend into any existing decor. Strategically place them above the bed, next to windows or mounted to the wall in creative configurations.

The versatility of floating shelves provides style and storage tailored to your needs.

2. Built-In Bookshelves

A cozy reading nook featuring a plush armchair in beige tones, set against a rich wooden bookshelf filled with an organized array of books. A floor lamp stands to the left, casting a warm light, complemented by the built-in shelf lighting. The room exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere with a classic elegance.
A charming bedroom with slanted ceilings, showcasing a built-in white bookcase filled with books, neatly arranged and interspersed with small decorative items. The bookcase frames a comfortable bed adorned with patterned bedding and numerous pillows, creating a quaint and homey vibe.
 A modern, minimalistic bedroom corner with a sleek white bookshelf illuminated by recessed lights. The shelves are tastefully decorated with books, small sculptures, and framed pictures, creating a sophisticated and clean look. The ambiance is serene, with a focus on simplicity and order.
An elegant room with high ceilings and classic moldings, featuring tall, white illuminated bookshelves filled with books and decorative objects. Each shelf is a vignette of symmetry and balance, providing a sense of refined taste and intellectual charm within a luxurious space.

Construct an elegant, custom-built bookcase that makes use of vertical real estate from floor to ceiling. The soaring library effect not only stores ample books and displays treasured items but transforms the wall into a decor focal point.

Integrate interior design details like crown molding or lighting fixtures into the bookshelves for beautifully cohesive appeal. Built-in bookshelves lend bedrooms a refined yet welcoming vibe and prevent clutter by housing books or accessories.

3. Ladder Shelf

A lively and colorful bedroom with an eclectic red and yellow ladder shelf packed with an assortment of plants, books, and decorative objects. The shelf stands against a bold, patterned wallpaper with floral and animal motifs. A patterned cushion and a partial view of a bed with a vibrant blanket add to the room's bohemian charm.
A modern bedroom corner featuring a sleek, dark-toned ladder shelf with metallic decorative vases on the top shelf, geometric sculptural pieces on the middle, and neatly stacked books on the lower shelves. A bedside table with a lamp is visible to the left, and part of a bed with crisp white linens to the right, all against a warm beige wall.
A cozy, rustic-style bedroom with a wooden ladder shelf filled with green potted plants, books, and personal decor items. Exposed brickwork on the wall and a light curtain draped window contribute to a warm, natural ambiance. A wooden side table and part of a bed with a tufted headboard are also visible.
A minimalist living space featuring a rustic wooden ladder shelf displaying an assortment of white books, neutral-toned decor items, and greenery, adding a touch of nature. The shelf is set against a light-colored wall, with a simple framed artwork, a side table, and part of a comfortable chair visible in a serene, well-lit room.

Leaning ladder shelves provide diagonal visual interest while offering handy display real estate. The casual ladder design fits perfectly in rustic or farmhouse bedrooms but also pairs well with more modern elements.

Stylishly stow books, plants or decor items on the slanted shelves while taking advantage of vertical storage without drilling into walls. Lighter items work best for the ladder shelf so it can be easily moved.

The charm and character of this shelving solution shines as a bedroom focal point.

4. Industrial Pipe Shelving

A modern minimalist bedroom with a glass and metal shelf next to a large window. The shelf holds a selection of books, decorative glass objects, a potted plant, and small knick-knacks against a plain concrete wall.
 An eclectic and colorful bedroom featuring a large wooden bookshelf filled with books, decorative bowls, vases, and quirky objects. The shelf is set against a vibrant wallpapered wall with a mix of floral and animal patterns.
A loft-style bedroom with a rustic brick wall backdrop. A wooden shelf with industrial metal piping holds a collection of vintage cameras, framed photos, and various personal items, contributing to the room's artistic and retro vibe.
A cozy bedroom corner with an industrial-style metal pipe shelving unit against an exposed brick wall. The shelves are adorned with a mix of books, a wooden box, decorative objects, and greenery, giving the space a warm, lived-in feel.

Edge up modern or urban-inspired bedrooms with heavy duty shelves made from sturdy iron or steel pipes. The exposed piping lends an unfinished, utilitarian aesthetic as the skeleton of open, customizable shelving.

Mix and match pipe lengths and configurations to suit your storage needs and design vision. The industrial appeal plays well against brick walls, wood tones and pops with eclectic accessories.

Infuse bedrooms seeking gritty, warehouse vibes with on-trend industrial pipe shelves.

5. Corner Shelves

A corner of a room with a modern, minimalist design featuring three tiered glass shelves against a light green wall. The shelves are adorned with a variety of decorative items including books, a small white vase with green plants, and several glass vases in shades of blue and turquoise. A framed artwork depicting blue flowers hangs on the wall adjacent to the shelves. Natural light streams in from a window on the left, and part of a beige armchair is visible in the foreground.
 A cozy, eclectic bedroom corner packed with vibrant cultural decor and collectibles. The wall is lined with multiple wooden shelves painted in dark blue, yellow, and red, heavily populated with a diverse array of items such as pottery, books, globes, and framed artwork. The bed is adorned with pillows and cushions featuring rich textures and patterns in red, yellow, and blue tones, resting on a multicolored area rug with tribal designs.
A serene, well-lit bedroom corner with two white floating shelves above a cozy reading nook. The shelves display a curated selection of old leather-bound books, framed black-and-white photographs, a small clock, and a green plant, contributing to a tranquil and classic ambiance. The soft glow of daylight enhances the warmth of the room, complementing the creamy white bedding and the long, flowing drapery.
An inviting reading nook situated in the corner of a room with warm lighting and wooden accents. Above the built-in bench seating, which is covered in neutral-toned cushions and pillows, runs a continuous shelf filled with an organized collection of books. A stylish floor lamp and framed pictures add to the intimate and comfortable atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and reading.

Transform those idle corners that tend to end up collecting clutter into practical display space with clever corner shelving. Tailor floating corner shelves to fit neatly into the existing angles and contours of bedroom corners.

Curate corners into cozy reading nooks with shelving to store books. Or dedicate corner shelves to greenery displays. Glass shelving lends an airy, less obtrusive look. Taking advantage of corner real estate promotes organization and infuses visual interest.

6. Recessed Shelves

A cozy bedroom featuring a wall with recessed shelves illuminated by warm lighting. The shelves are adorned with framed photographs, candles, and a small vase with a branch, creating a tranquil and intimate atmosphere above a neatly made bed with plush pillows.
A sleek and modern bedroom with minimalist design, including a floating bed with soft bedding. Above the bed is a recessed shelving unit with integrated lighting, displaying an array of framed black and white photographs, books, and a small sculpture, complemented by a large window with white curtains and a soft beige carpet.
A comfortable reading nook with recessed shelving lit by soft, warm lights. The shelves hold a selection of books, a potted orchid, and decorative items. A cozy chair with a knit throw and assorted pillows invites relaxation, alongside a burning candle and a small golden lamp, all contributing to a peaceful retreat.
An eclectic bedroom with a feature wall of recessed shelves set in a textured concrete wall. The shelves are strategically lit, showcasing a diverse collection of ceramics, sculptures, and framed artwork. The bed in the foreground has crisp white linens accented with decorative pillows, enhancing the room's unique blend of modern and artisanal styles.

Built right into the architecture itself, recessed shelving seamlessly integrates storage nooks into the existing footprint of small bedrooms. Tuck them into alcoves, niches or custom wall indentations.

Great for displaying framed photos, candles, or accent dΓ©cor, the streamlined shelving hides items while keeping them easily accessible. Built-in lighting or illuminated shadowboxes provide ambiance.

Minimal protrusion into the room keeps tight spaces feeling open.

7. Picture Ledge Shelves

A cozy bedroom featuring a neatly made bed with a layered arrangement of pillows in shades of beige and white. Above the bed, white floating shelves display a variety of framed artworks and photographs, along with decorative items like a small potted plant and vases. The room has a warm and inviting ambiance with two table lamps casting a soft glow on either side of the bed.
A minimalist bedroom showcasing a low platform bed with casual, rumpled bedding in muted tones. The wall above the bed is adorned with a single, wide shelf holding minimalist framed artwork and a few pieces of pottery. The space is bathed in natural light, creating a serene and simplistic aesthetic.
 A modern bedroom that combines comfort with style, featuring a bed with plush pillows and a crisp white duvet. The wall above the bed hosts a shelf displaying black-framed monochromatic photographs and greenery in sleek vases. A modern wall-mounted light fixture adds to the room's contemporary feel, while a potted plant introduces a touch of nature.
A chic bedroom with a relaxed vibe, accentuated by soft linen bedding in neutral hues. The shelf above the bed is an artful mix of black and white framed sketches and images, complemented by decorative pieces that add personality to the space. Sunlight filters through the window, casting a warm, golden hue across the room, enhancing the cozy atmosphere.

Accentuate walls with slim, subtle ledges that frame featured art, gallery walls or treasured photos displayed above beds or seating areas. The barely-there floating shelves highlight displayed items without dominating the space.

Mount ledges at eye level for ideal framing and incorporate sleek downlights or directional lighting. Scale down clutter by limiting ledges to select signature pieces. The delicate shelves lend an elevated, curated look befitting chic sleeping spaces.

8. Repurposed Crate Shelves

A bright and cheerful bedroom with a wall-mounted shelving unit made from pastel-colored wooden crates. The crates serve as display shelves for decorative items such as framed art, glass jars, a starfish, and small plants. The soft color palette provides a modern, playful vibe to the room.
A cozy corner with a DIY shelving unit made from stacked wooden crates. The shelves are filled with various items including books, wine bottles, a blackboard sign, and a sprinkling of fresh fruits. A comfy sofa with plush pillows sits in front, against an exposed brick wall, enhancing the rustic charm of the space.
A rustic bedroom featuring a unique bookshelf created from wooden crates of different sizes, arranged asymmetrically. The crates hold an array of items, from books to small potted plants, and a picture frame. A bed with neutral bedding is partially seen, with warm lighting adding a cozy atmosphere against the brick wall backdrop.
A serene bedroom that showcases a country-style decor with a wall shelf unit made from natural and painted wooden crates. The crates, some with their brandings visible, are neatly stacked and store a variety of items, including books, kitchenware, potted herbs, and vintage accessories, all contributing to a rustic, homey atmosphere.

Reinvent wooden fruit or wine crates as charming DIY shelving options that infuse bedrooms with a rustic, vintage personality. Stack crates atop one another around the room to craft makeshift towers or mount them individually for an artsy accent.

Customize repurposed wood crates with paint or stain and embellish further with decorative hardware or lettering. The casual crates inject country charm backdropped by exposed brick walls or next to cozy textiles.

Crate shelves provide budget-friendly storage solutions with lots of character.

9. Underbed Storage Drawers (alternative idea) 

An elegant bedroom featuring a cream-colored bed with a built-in underbed storage drawer partially open, revealing neatly folded blankets and linens.
A modern bedroom design with a monochromatic theme, showcasing a black bed with underbed drawers on one side, geometric-patterned bedding, and a sleek pendant light.
A warm, rustic bedroom setting with a wooden bed frame that includes an open storage drawer underneath, filled with comfy bedding and a beige throw blanket.
A luxurious bedroom with a contemporary design, featuring a large black bed with storage drawers underneath, complemented by black and white bedding and elegant glass bedside lamps.

Maximize unused bedroom space with storage drawers that slide right under the frame of beds, keeping seasonal clothing, extra linens and seldom-used items tidy but accessible.

Look for underbed drawers on rollers for easy mobility when cleaning. Incorporate soft-close hardware and handles for a refined look. For enhanced dust protection, choose drawers with lids.

Underbed storage clears bedroom clutter while utilizing every precious inch of real estate.

10. Headboard Shelves

A cozy bedroom with a neutral color scheme featuring a large bed with assorted textured pillows. Above the bed is a shelf displaying a variety of decorative items such as framed artwork, books, a small clock, and a vase with white flowers.
A minimalist Scandinavian-inspired bedroom with a light wood headboard and built-in shelving. The shelves hold a few books, framed pictures, decorative vases, and a white alarm clock, all bathed in warm sunlight.
A rustic bedroom with a rich wooden headboard that extends into wall-mounted shelving. The shelves are adorned with an assortment of items including lanterns, framed photographs, potted plants, and decorative baskets, creating a homely atmosphere.
A modern bedroom with a sleek design, featuring a low-profile bed with gray bedding. The room has a dark accent wall with built-in shelving that is subtly illuminated by LED strip lighting, displaying books and minimalist decor.

Get creative with oft-overlooked headboard real estate by building out shelves that are part of the headboard. 

Open shelves facilitate alarm clocks and books while enclosed cabinets hide bedside essentials. Make a headboard pop with integrated storage space.


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