Behr Vs Pratt & Lambert: A Comprehensive Comparison

Bob Thomas


As a fully qualified painter and decorator, I’ve worked with a wide range of paints.

Trust me when I say, choosing the right paint can make a world of difference to your DIY projects.

Today, I'm going to compare two well-known paint brands - Behr and Pratt & Lambert.

Quick Summary

When deciding between Behr and Pratt & Lambert paints, consider factors like color selection, price, durability, and coverage. Behr offers a wider color range and is more budget-friendly, while Pratt & Lambert scores higher on durability and overall quality.

Unveiling the Paint Can: Comparing Behr and Pratt & Lambert

Color Selection


Behr offers a wide variety of color options. Their selection ranges from neutral hues to bold colors that can transform any space.

I remember a project I worked on where the client wanted a vibrant, sunny yellow kitchen.

We found the perfect shade in Behr's collection.

Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert also provides a diverse color palette, but their range is slightly more refined and muted.

They offer sophisticated shades that can give your room an elegant touch.

Last summer, I helped a friend revamp his study.

We found a Pratt & Lambert shade of deep, rich burgundy that added a touch of class to the space.

Pro Tip: When choosing a paint color, think about the mood you want to create in the room. Warm colors can make a space feel cozy and inviting, while cool colors can make a room feel calm and relaxing.



Behr is generally more budget-friendly compared to Pratt & Lambert.

It’s a great choice for those wanting to refresh their homes without breaking the bank.

Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert paints are more of an investment.

They come at a higher price point but also offer excellent quality and durability.

Durability and Coverage


Behr paints are known for their great coverage.

Their Premium Plus Ultra line, for instance, is a paint and primer in one, offering excellent hide and coverage.

It saved me a lot of time on a job where we were painting over dark walls with a lighter color.

Pratt & Lambert

Pratt & Lambert paints are renowned for their durability.

Their Accolade line, for example, provides a long-lasting finish that can withstand scrubbing. 

This makes it a fantastic choice for high-traffic areas like hallways or children’s rooms.

Environmental Friendliness

Both Behr and Pratt & Lambert offer low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) options, making them a healthier choice for your home and the environment.

Personal Experiences 

I’ve used both Behr and Pratt & Lambert paints on different projects, and they've rarely let me down.

When I repainted my own room a few years ago, I chose Behr's Premium Plus Ultra in a soft, neutral shade. 

The paint covered the old color well, and the finish has held up beautifully.

In contrast, when I worked on a high-end commercial project, we used Pratt & Lambert.

The client was impressed with the durability and the rich, luxurious finish.

Pro Tip: Always prep your surfaces properly before painting. This includes cleaning, patching any holes or cracks, and sanding for a smooth surface.

Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQs) 

Q. Which brand, Behr or Pratt & Lambert, offers a wider variety of colors?

  A: Both brands offer a wide variety of colors.

Behr is known for its extensive range of color options, including its ColorSmart tool that allows you to preview your color choices in different virtual rooms. 

On the other hand, Pratt & Lambert also boasts a rich selection of shades, with a reputation for depth and vibrancy in their color offerings.

Q. Which is more cost-effective for a large project?

  A: Generally, Behr is considered to be the more cost-effective option. 

While prices can vary depending on the specific line of paint and location, Behr products tend to be more affordably priced than Pratt & Lambert.

However, cost should be balanced against factors like coverage, durability, and the specific needs of your project.

Q. Which brand offers higher-quality paint?

The "quality" of paint can be subjective, depending on what you're looking for.

Behr is often praised for its durability and coverage, particularly in its Premium Plus and Marquee lines.

Pratt & Lambert, while sometimes higher in price, is lauded for its superior finish, depth of color, and excellent coverage.

Q. Which paint brand is better for exterior projects?

  A: Both Behr and Pratt & Lambert offer exterior paints designed to withstand different weather conditions.

Behr's exterior paints are known for their resistance to weathering and fading.

Pratt & Lambert also offers durable exterior paints, with some lines specifically designed to resist peeling and blistering.

Q. Which company has a more environmentally friendly range?

  A: Both Behr and Pratt & Lambert have made commitments to reducing the environmental impact of their products.

Behr offers a range of low-VOC and zero-VOC products, while Pratt & Lambert also has lines of low-VOC paints and commits to environmental responsibility in their manufacturing processes.

Q. Behr vs. Pratt & Lambert: Who has better customer service?

  A: Customer service experiences can vary, but both companies have reputations for being responsive to customer needs.

Behr offers extensive resources on their website, including how-to guides and a customer hotline.

Pratt & Lambert also offers support and resources online, including step-by-step project guides and a store locator to find personalized assistance.


In the Behr vs. Pratt & Lambert comparison, there's no clear winner.

Your choice will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Behr offers excellent value, a wide color selection, and good coverage.

Pratt & Lambert, on the other hand, offers superior durability and a refined color palette.

Remember, the best paint for you isn't necessarily the most expensive one or the one with the most color options. It's the one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Consider your project, the room's function, your budget, and the look you're going for.

Always test a few colors on your walls before making a final decision and don't forget to properly prep your surfaces before painting. 

Suggested Products:


  1. Behr Marquee: Behr's top-of-the-line paint, Marquee, is known for its excellent coverage, durability, and wide range of colors. It's a paint and primer in one, saving time on projects. It's also a low VOC paint, making it a safer choice for indoor use.
  2. Behr Premium Plus Ultra: This is another high-quality paint and primer in one, known for its stain-blocking and sealing features. It offers excellent coverage and a wide variety of finishes, making it a versatile choice for both interior and exterior projects.
  3. Behr DeckOver: This is a specialty product designed for weathered wood and concrete. DeckOver covers splinters and cracks, creating a smooth, slip-resistant finish that helps to protect and extend the life of outdoor decks.

Pratt & Lambert

  1. Accolade: This is Pratt & Lambert's top-tier interior paint. It's known for its excellent coverage, durability, and rich, vibrant colors. It's a paint and primer in one, and it's also washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  2. RedSeal: RedSeal is Pratt & Lambert's mid-tier paint, offering a balance of quality and value. It's available in a variety of finishes and provides good coverage and durability. It's a popular choice for both interior and exterior projects.
  3. Skilcraft: This line of paint is designed for the budget-conscious consumer but still provides good coverage and a wide range of colors. Skilcraft is a good choice for less-demanding interior projects where cost is a significant factor.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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