Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors to Complement Your Brown Roof: A Painter’s Guide

Bob Thomas


Looking for the perfect paint colors to complement your brown roof? 

Our guide offers expert advice on color combinations that will make your home stand out.

Discover the top color choices, how to match them with your home's architectural style, and tips for achieving a harmonious look.

As a qualified painter and decorator, I've helped countless homeowners find the perfect paint colors to complement their brown roofs.

The key is to understand the role of color in creating a harmonious and visually appealing exterior.

In this guide, I'll share my top recommendations for paint colors that work well with brown roofs, along with tips for matching your home's architectural style.

Top Paint Colors for a Brown Roof

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals, such as beige, tan, or cream, are classic choices for homes with brown roofs.

These colors create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the earthy tones of the roof.

Some popular warm neutral paint options include:

Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

Behr Wheat Bread

Sage Green

Sage green is another excellent choice for homes with brown roofs.

This versatile color adds a touch of nature and works well with various architectural styles, from traditional to modern.

Sage green is particularly effective in creating a cohesive look with a brown roof and natural surroundings.

Here are some popular sage green paint options:

Sherwin-Williams Svelte Sage

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

Behr Silver Sage

Light Grays

Light gray is a versatile and contemporary choice for homes with brown roofs.

It provides a subtle contrast that works well with various architectural styles and creates a clean, sophisticated appearance.

Consider these light gray paint options:

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Behr Silver City

Navy Blue

For a bolder, more dramatic look, navy blue can be a striking choice that pairs well with a brown roof.

Navy blue offers a sense of depth and sophistication, making it suitable for both traditional and modern homes.

Consider these navy blue paint options:

Sherwin-Williams Naval

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Behr Starless Night

Matching Your Home's Architectural Style

When selecting a paint color to complement your brown roof, consider your home's architectural style.

Traditional homes often look best with warm neutrals or classic colors like sage green, while modern homes can benefit from bolder options like navy blue or light gray.

Tips for Achieving a Harmonious Look

  1. Consider the undertones: Brown roofs may have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Identify the undertones in your roof's color and choose paint colors that share similar undertones to create a cohesive look.
  2. Sample before you commit: Test out paint samples on your home's exterior before committing to a full paint job. Observe how the color appears in different lighting conditions and at various times of the day to ensure you'll be satisfied with the final result.
  1. Coordinate with other exterior elements: Ensure your paint color choice works well with other elements of your home's exterior, such as trim, shutters, and doors. Consider using contrasting or complementary colors for these features to create visual interest and enhance your home's curb appeal.
  2. Balance warm and cool colors: Strive to strike a balance between warm and cool colors in your home's exterior. If your brown roof has warm undertones, consider incorporating cooler colors in your exterior color scheme to achieve a harmonious balance.
  3. Don't forget landscaping: Your home's landscaping can play a significant role in its overall appearance. Select plants and hardscape materials that complement your chosen paint colors and enhance your home's exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQs)

Q: Can I use cool colors with a brown roof?

  A: Yes, you can use cool colors with a brown roof.

Combining warm and cool colors can create a harmonious balance in your home's exterior.

However, make sure to choose a cool color that complements the brown roof and other exterior elements, such as trim, shutters, and doors.

Q: What if I want to use a bold color with a brown roof?

  A: If you're considering a bold color for your home's exterior, test it out on a small area first to ensure it complements your brown roof.

Bold colors can work well with a brown roof, but it's essential to strike the right balance to avoid overwhelming the overall look of your home.

Q: How do I determine the undertones of my brown roof?

  A: To determine the undertones of your brown roof, examine it closely in different lighting conditions.

You may notice hints of red, orange, or even green.

Once you've identified the undertones, choose paint colors that either complement or contrast with these underlying hues to create a cohesive look.

Q: How important is the architectural style of my home when choosing paint colors?

  A: The architectural style of your home plays a significant role in selecting the right paint colors.

Certain colors work better with specific architectural styles, such as traditional, modern, or craftsman.

Consider researching your home's style to find suitable color palettes and combinations that will enhance its overall appearance.

Q: Can I mix different paint colors to create a custom color for my home's exterior?

  A: Yes, you can mix different paint colors to create a custom shade that complements your brown roof.

Consult with a professional painter or color consultant to ensure you achieve the desired hue and to avoid any potential color-matching issues.

Q: Should I consider the color of my home's trim and shutters when choosing paint colors?

  A: Absolutely! When selecting paint colors for your home's exterior, consider the color of your trim, shutters, and other exterior elements.

Ensure these colors work together harmoniously with your brown roof and main exterior color to create a cohesive and visually appealing appearance.

Q: How can I test paint colors to see how they will look with my brown roof?

  A: To test paint colors with your brown roof, you can purchase small paint samples or use paint swatches.

Paint a small section of your home's exterior or create a sample board to examine how the colors look in different lighting conditions and against your brown roof.

This process will help you make a more informed decision about your final color choice.

Q: Can I change the color of my brown roof if I don't like it?

  A: While it's possible to change the color of your roof using specialized roof paint or by installing new roofing materials, it's generally more cost-effective and easier to choose paint colors that complement your existing brown roof.

Changing the color of your roof may also affect your home's resale value, so carefully consider your options before making any significant changes.


By following these guidelines and recommendations, you can successfully choose the perfect paint colors to complement your brown roof, creating an inviting and visually appealing home exterior that suits your unique style and preferences.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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