11 Genius Decoration Tips For A Small Bedroom That Will Make It Feel Twice the Size

Bob Thomas

Ready to ditch the cramped feeling and create a small bedroom you absolutely love?

It’s time to rethink your decor! These 11 mind-blowing decorating tips will maximize your space, boost your style, and completely change the way you feel about your bedroom. 

Let’s get started!

1. Light and Airy Color Palette

Elegant small bedroom featuring a queen-size bed with a beige tufted headboard, patterned throw pillows, and a textured beige blanket. Taupe curtains frame a window with a view of greenery, complemented by a simple artwork of a green leaf above the bed, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.
Light-filled bedroom with a soft color palette, showcasing a comfortable bed with pastel blue and beige bedding. Cream-colored drapes cover a large window, allowing natural light to enhance the room's airy and tranquil ambiance.
Cozy small bedroom bathed in soft morning light, featuring a bed with sky blue sheets and a delicate white bedspread. Sheer white curtains diffuse sunlight, casting gentle shadows, and a small vase with yellow wildflowers adds a touch of nature to the space.
Small, peaceful bedroom with a gray accent wall and a bed dressed in white and goldenrod linens. A large blue lamp on a bedside table and decorative golden pillows add a pop of color, while soft beige curtains contribute to the room's serene and inviting feel.

One of the easiest ways to make a small bedroom feel expansive is to stick to a light, neutral color scheme. Think airy pastels, sandy tans, pale blues or muted grays. Paint walls and ceiling the same hue to create a seamless flow.

Choose bedding and curtains in lightweight fabrics and colors designed to harmonize rather than overwhelm the space.

The overall effect lifts and brightens even the coziest bedroom. Punctuate the neutral backdrop with vibrant accents in accessories, art and decor for pops of cheer without overpowering with dark colors.

2. Embrace Mirrors Strategically

A luxurious bedroom featuring a large bed with white bedding and a variety of textured pillows. A mirrored closet door reflects the room, adding depth and brightness. The scene is complemented by a table lamp on a nightstand, and a vase with white flowers adds a touch of elegance.
A cozy and naturally lit bedroom with a floor-length mirror leaning against the wall, reflecting the bed and window. The room is adorned with indoor plants on the windowsill, enhancing the serene and fresh atmosphere.
A spacious bedroom with a plush bed dressed in white and beige linens, accented by a brown throw blanket. The mirrored closet doors reflect the room and the window, creating an airy and open feel. The elegant drapes and soft lighting contribute to the room's tranquil ambiance.
A charming bedroom bathed in warm sunlight, featuring a vintage-style bed with white and beige linens. An asymmetrical gallery wall with framed mirrors and artwork adds a unique decorative touch. The rustic brick wall and the sheer curtain by the window provide a quaint and romantic setting.

Mirrors reflect both light and perceived space, making them a small bedroom’s best friend. Place a floor length mirror opposite windows so incoming light bounces around the room. Swap closet doors for mirrored fronts to double perceived depth.

Arrange an asymmetrical gallery wall combining mirrors and artwork for added dimension. The reflections from cleverly positioned mirrors can make rooms appear significantly larger.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

A cozy, modern bedroom with a space-saving dresser that features a built-in round mirror. The dresser has a warm wood finish and is neatly organized with personal care products, a tray with a cup and saucer, and an open drawer revealing neatly arranged accessories. Soft lighting creates a serene atmosphere.
A small yet stylish bedroom with a compact bed covered in white linens and a soft beige throw. The bed is flanked by built-in shelves filled with books and decorative items. A large window with blinds provides natural light, and a sleek wall-mounted lamp offers additional lighting. The room has a warm wooden tone, maximizing space with modern design.
An attic bedroom featuring a space-efficient dresser with a built-in mirror beneath a sloped ceiling. The dresser is adorned with a plant, books, and toiletries, emphasizing a minimalist aesthetic. Natural light filters through the window, highlighting the room's clean lines and wooden textures. A cozy nook with pillows and a throw adds comfort.
A compact, modern bedroom setup with a bed tucked into a white and wood-toned wall unit. The bed with white bedding is complemented by warm, under-shelf lighting and a small workspace with a desk and chair. A window with horizontal blinds lets in natural light, enhancing the room's snug and efficient layout.

Make every piece of furniture really work for its square footage by seeking designs that serve multiple purposes. Consider beds with pull-out desk space or hidden storage inside headboards and footboards.

Opt for storage ottomans over coffee tables and stools that slide neatly underneath when not in use. Dressers with built-in mirrors or desks doubling as vanities consolidate utility in one efficient piece.

4. Draw the Eye Upwards

A cozy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling beige curtains and a semi-transparent bamboo window shade that diffuses warm light into the room. The bed is unmade with a crumpled white duvet, suggesting a relaxed and lived-in atmosphere. A woven basket and dried floral arrangements add a touch of natural decor.
A serene bedroom with a wall of vertical stripes in muted tones, a large window letting in diffused daylight, and a radiator below. The bed has an inviting look with an unmade white duvet and several textured throw pillows, creating a calm and peaceful sleeping space.
A modern bedroom featuring an accent wall with vertical stripes, complemented by a dark, earth-toned bedspread and pillows. Ambient lighting from wall-mounted lamps casts a soft glow, enhancing the sophisticated and contemporary feel of the room.
A bright and airy bedroom with lofty floor-to-ceiling curtains in a creamy beige, framing a double window that lets in abundant natural light. The bed is casually dressed with a white duvet and a beige throw, while a framed piece of art on the wall adds a touch of elegance.

Expand visual space by strategically drawing the eye upwards for a taller feel. Incorporate vertical stripes on an accent wall or choose wallpaper with an elongated pattern. Flanking windows with floor-to-ceiling curtains visually lifts the room.

Tucked curtain rods all the way into the ceiling line. Display art salon style or stack slender bookshelves to cultivate an uplifting vertigo effect despite low ceilings.

5. The Magic of Floating Shelves

Image of a cozy bedroom with a neutral color palette featuring a bed with white and beige linen and a textured throw. A single window lets in natural light, illuminating floating shelves adorned with decorative items like framed pictures, vases, and books.
A warmly lit living space with rich wooden floating shelves against a textured wall. The shelves display an assortment of items, including books, decorative sculptures, a glass with a beverage, and a small bowl.
A traditional bedroom corner with white floating shelves against a dark blue, floral wallpapered wall. The shelves hold a collection of hardcover books, a decorative porcelain bowl with a plant, and other small trinkets.
A serene bedroom scene at dusk with soft lighting accentuating two curved, wooden floating shelves on a white, textured wall. The shelves hold a few books, a glass of water, bread in a bowl, and a burning candle in a square holder.

Installing floating shelves adds storage and style while maintaining visual spaciousness in compact bedrooms. Mount shelves at varying heights in a creative configuration to display cherished books and decor.

Style shelves minimally, keeping clutter at bay. Choose shelf materials like glass that blend rather than dominate. The magic of floating shelves lies in their ability to keep floor space open while adding storage and personality.

6. Let the Light Shine Through

A cozy bedroom bathed in warm sunlight filtering through sheer, floor-length curtains. The bed is unmade with rumpled white linens creating a sense of a recently vacated space. A serene and inviting atmosphere is conveyed by the soft glow and the presence of simple, elegant furniture.
A bright and airy bedroom featuring a classic white palette. The bed is neatly made with crisp linens, and the side table hosts a traditional lamp next to a window adorned with sheer curtains. A tall vase with delicate white flowers adds a touch of natural elegance to the room.
A rustic bedroom with a charming, homey feel, where sunlight streams through long, billowy curtains onto an unmade bed with white bedding and beige accents. The room is adorned with simple decor, including a small bouquet of flowers, books, and framed pictures, evoking a relaxed, lived-in ambiance.
A modern bedroom with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring a neatly made bed with a taupe blanket against a curved window with luxurious, full-length curtains. The room is accentuated with chic furnishings, including a glass side table with a contemporary lamp and a small bouquet of white flowers, creating a tranquil urban retreat.

Floor-length curtains in heavy fabrics can weigh down a petite bedroom. Instead, opt for breezy, sheer curtains or none at all! Allow copious natural light to flood the space and amplify brightness.

Supplement sunlight with strategic task lighting like pivoting bedside lamps or under cabinet fixtures. Avoid overhead lighting which can feel harsh and shrinking. Let the light flow freely through uncovered windows for an airy, spacious aura.

7. Clever Closet Organization

A cozy, well-lit bedroom nook with wood paneling. The bed, raised to accommodate storage drawers underneath, is dressed in white linens and a beige knit throw. Fluffy pillows and a maritime-themed decorative pillow add comfort, while wall-mounted lights provide a warm glow.
A neatly organized closet with an array of clothing items on space-saving hangers and stacked folded garments. The closet features open shelves with baskets, multiple layers of hanging space, and pull-out metal drawers, all illuminated by natural light from a window.
A charming, traditional bedroom with built-in storage surrounding a window seat bed. The bed is adorned with patterned and textured linens, and flanked by closed storage cabinets. The room is decorated with curtains, a floral wall art, and a classic red-patterned rug on the floor.
A modern bedroom with a large window offering a view of a cityscape and a body of water. The room is filled with bookshelves brimming with books, artwork, and personal items. The bed, with neutral-toned bedding, sits on a wooden platform, with a vintage rug underneath, creating a warm, intellectual ambiance.

Amp up storage and reduce clutter through clever closet organizing that takes advantage of every inch of available space. Install vertical shelving units or stacking bins to utilize height. Consider open shelves to eliminate hiding items.

Mount space-saving hangers allowing more clothes per rod. Swap dresser drawers for hanging shoe or accessory shelves. Employing savvy storage solutions keeps closets ultra-efficient for managing wardrobes and personal items in compact fashion.

8. Embrace Minimalism (with Personality!)

A cozy bedroom featuring a tufted beige headboard with plush white bedding and a blue floral quilt. Framed botanical prints adorn the walls, a ceramic lamp rests on a wooden nightstand, and a patterned rug adds warmth to the hardwood floor.
A bright and airy bedroom with a large window, showcasing a tufted headboard and a bed adorned with a blue and white floral blanket. A large fiddle-leaf fig plant, a woven basket, and a framed grid of botanical illustrations contribute to a relaxed, natural feel.
A minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, displaying a simple bed with white bedding and a gray throw blanket. A single artwork hangs above the bed, with natural wood furniture and a textured wall hanging creating a serene and uncluttered space.
An elegant bedroom with a dark accent wall, furnished with a bed having a cream tufted headboard and blue patterned bedding. Artwork with botanical motifs, a navy blue bench, and a textured rug complement the sophisticated color scheme.

Rather than overloading a small bedroom with accessories that cause visual clutter, thoughtfully embrace minimalism with just enough meaningful touches to showcase your personality. Clean lines with negative space help rooms feel more expansive and airy.

Display a rotating collection of favorite art pieces or cherished travel items. Make textiles and bedding the bold splash of color. Follow the less-is-more approach so decor enhances rather than overwhelms.

9. Define Zones Within the Space

A cozy, traditional bedroom featuring a canopy bed with cream-colored curtains draped around the frame. The bed is adorned with patterned and textured bedding. To the left, a built-in bookshelf is filled with neatly arranged books, and a writing desk with a classic table lamp, vase with flowers, and a tray with a teapot. The space is illuminated by warm, ambient lighting, creating a serene atmosphere.
 A rustic-chic bedroom with an exposed wooden beam ceiling and cream drapes surrounding a plush bed with striped and solid pillows. The bed is layered with textured white bedding, and there is a warm-toned oriental rug underfoot. A vase with pampas grass and a small stool with a patterned fabric are situated at the foot of the bed. The room has a peaceful, airy feel with natural light streaming in through the window.
A modern, well-lit bedroom with a minimalist design. The room features a bed with white bedding in front of a large window with sheer curtains. Beside the bed is a compact workspace with a desktop computer, books, and personal items. A tall bookshelf creates a division between the sleeping area and the study space. The room has a neutral color palette and a cozy, organized ambiance.
An elegant contemporary bedroom showcasing a large bed with white linens and a dark headboard. The bed is enclosed by luxurious beige curtains that hang from a ceiling-mounted track. To the left, a leather armchair and a side table with books and a lamp offer a reading nook. The room features a large rug with intricate designs, complementing the polished dark wooden floor. The space is tastefully decorated with framed artwork and has a sophisticated, tranquil feel.

Visually demarcate separate zones even within modest bedroom dimensions so spaces feel intentional instead of haphazard. Use area rugs to designate a reading corner or working area. Adjust lighting fixtures for task purposes.

Place room dividers like curtains or screens to partition sleeping areas. Strategically position furniture to create cozy seating vignettes conducive to conversation, study or relaxation. Defined zones lend organization and purpose.

10. Illusion of Height with Wall Decor

A luxurious bedroom featuring a plush, tufted beige headboard and a bed with neatly arranged pillows and a textured cream blanket. Above the bed, a large round clock is mounted on a damask-patterned wallpaper. Elegant bedside lamps and framed artwork contribute to the room's classic and sophisticated decor.
A cozy, rustic-style bedroom with a black iron bed frame and crisp white bedding, complemented by a cream cable-knit throw. The room has a sloped ceiling with a skylight, and a window offering a view of a stone wall and trees. The walls are adorned with framed pictures, adding a personal touch to the space.
: An elegantly appointed bedroom with a large tufted headboard, set against a wallpaper adorned with botanical prints. The bed is dressed in white linens with a beige throw. A classic wall clock, ornate bedside lamps, and a variety of framed artwork enhance the room's traditional aesthetic.
A refined bedroom with a curved, tufted headboard in beige, and bedding with delicate floral patterns. The room is decorated with gold-framed botanical prints, white bedside tables with matching lamps, and small decorative items that create a serene and inviting ambiance.

Though you can’t physically make a small bedroom taller, you can trick the eye through clever wall decor placement. Hang art and mirrors a few inches above standard to draw sightlines upwards. Group thin vertical pieces salon style.

Choose a headboard, wallpaper accent or mounted lights with height and keep them sufficiently spaced to perpetuate the illusion. Drawing attention vertically makes compact rooms feel airier.

11. Transparent Furniture Elements

A modern bedroom featuring a beige tufted headboard with a matching bedspread. The room has two large windows with striped curtains, and a mirrored bedside table supports a lamp and decorative items. A clear glass desk with a fur throw and accent pillows in shades of blue and brown is in the foreground.
Contemporary bedroom design with a neutral color palette. A clear acrylic side chair is placed next to a bed with a cream-colored headboard. Bedding includes a combination of beige, white, and patterned throw pillows and a blanket. A framed piece of art hangs above the bed, and a wall-mounted reading lamp is visible.
A cozy bedroom corner bathed in sunlight, featuring a clear ghost chair and a small glass side table. The bed is adorned with crisp white linens, a mustard yellow throw pillow, and a textured blanket. Plants, books, and decorative items add a personal touch to the space.
Elegant bedroom with a serene blue wall color, showcasing a transparent acrylic chair at a glass desk. The desk is styled with books, a lamp, and various decorative pieces. A white bed is partially visible, with a matching bedside table holding framed photos and additional decor items.

Incorporate transparent furniture pieces like acrylic, glass or lucite to maintain a sense of openness and space. Items like a ghost chair, glass-topped side table or lucite shelves take up less visual real estate compared to wooden pieces.

The transparency enables sunlight and lighting to permeate through furniture items for an airy vibe. Transparent accessories also harmonize beautifully with room decor instead of competing for attention.

Strategically embracing “invisible” furnishings keeps small spaces feeling unencumbered.


…Small spaces hold infinite potential. With these genius decorating tips, you have the tools to transform your bedroom into a stylish and serene retreat.

Embrace light, maximize storage, and let your personality shine through thoughtful details. 

Remember, it’s not about square footage – it’s about creating a space that feels expansive, inviting, and uniquely yours.

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