Discovering the Perfect Paint Color to Complement Your Uba Tuba Granite: An In-Depth Guide

Bob Thomas

Uba Tuba granite, also known as Verde Ubatuba or Green Labrador, is a popular choice for countertops, backsplashes, and other home surfaces due to its stunning appearance and durability.

 With its dark green and black tones, accompanied by hints of gold, brown, and even turquoise, this versatile stone can create an elegant and stylish look in any space.

To bring out the best in your Uba Tuba granite, choosing the right paint color for your walls is crucial.

 In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various paint colors that pair beautifully with Uba Tuba 

Before diving into paint color options, it's essential to understand the unique characteristics of Uba Tuba granite.

This natural stone is known for its:

  • Dark green and black base color

  • Distinctive gold, brown, and turquoise flecks or veins

  • Dense and durable structure

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Variation in color and pattern due to its natural origin

These features make Uba Tuba granite an ideal choice for various applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and fireplace surrounds.

Exploring Popular Interior Design Styles with Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite can fit into a variety of interior design styles. Understanding these styles can help you select the perfect paint color for your space.

Some popular design styles that work well with Uba Tuba granite include:

  • Modern: This style focuses on clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism. To create a modern look, consider pairing Uba Tuba granite with neutral or monochromatic paint colors and streamlined cabinetry.

  • Traditional: Traditional design emphasizes elegance and sophistication. To achieve this look, combine Uba Tuba granite with warm, earthy paint colors, classic cabinetry, and ornate fixtures.

  • Eclectic: This style is characterized by the mix of different design elements, textures, and patterns. Use bold, vibrant paint colors with Uba Tuba granite and incorporate diverse materials and accessories for an eclectic look.

Color Palette Options to Pair with Uba Tuba Granite

When selecting a paint color to complement your Uba Tuba granite, consider the following color palette options:


Neutral colors are versatile and can create a calm, sophisticated atmosphere.

They allow the Uba Tuba granite to take center stage and can easily adapt to different styles and preferences.

Some popular neutral paint colors that work well with Uba Tuba granite include:

  • White: A crisp, clean white can make the dark tones of Uba Tuba granite pop, creating a modern and fresh look. Consider shades like Benjamin Moore's Simply White or Sherwin Williams' Pure White.
  • Gray: Light to medium gray shades can provide a subtle contrast and harmonize with the granite's green and black hues. Try colors like Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray or Sherwin Williams' Repose Gray.
  • Cream: A soft cream or off-white color adds warmth to the room and highlights the gold and brown flecks in the granite. Consider shades like Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee or Sherwin Williams' Creamy.

Earth Tones

Earth tones can bring out the natural beauty of Uba Tuba granite and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Consider these earthy paint colors for your walls:

  • Beige: A warm beige color can accentuate the gold and brown tones in the granite, creating a cohesive look. Try shades like Benjamin Moore's Shaker Beige or Sherwin Williams' Kilim Beige.
  • Taupe: A subtle taupe shade can provide a soft contrast to the dark granite while complementing its green undertones. Consider colors like Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter or Sherwin Williams' Balanced Beige.
  • Olive Green: A muted olive green can emphasize the granite's green hues, resulting in a harmonious and earthy color scheme. Explore shades like Benjamin Moore's Camouflage or Sherwin Williams' Svelte Sage.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

For those looking to make a statement, bold and vibrant colors can provide an exciting contrast to Uba Tuba granite. Some daring paint color options include:

  • Turquoise: A bright turquoise can echo the granite's blue-green flecks, creating a vibrant and energetic space. Consider colors like Benjamin Moore's Largo Teal or Sherwin Williams' Drizzle.
  • Deep Red: A rich, deep red can provide a striking contrast to the dark green and black tones, creating a dramatic and luxurious atmosphere. Explore shades like Benjamin Moore's Moroccan Red or Sherwin Williams' Red Bay.
  • Sunny Yellow: A bold, sunny yellow can bring warmth and energy to the room, contrasting beautifully with the dark hues of the granite. Try colors like Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow or Sherwin Williams' Lemon Twist.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Color

To choose the ideal paint color for your space, consider the following tips:

  1. Assess your room's lighting: The amount of natural and artificial light in your room can significantly impact how a paint color appears. Test your chosen colors on the wall in different lighting conditions to ensure they complement the Uba Tuba granite in all situations.

  2. Use paint swatches and samples: Obtain paint swatches or samples and place them next to the granite to see how the colors work together. This will help you visualize how the final result will look.

  3. Consider your existing décor and style: Evaluate the furniture, fixtures, and overall style of your space to ensure the chosen paint color aligns with your design preferences.

  4. Don't be afraid to experiment: If you're unsure about a particular color, test a small section of the wall and observe how it looks over a few days. This will help you make a more informed decision.

  5. Additional Design Elements to Consider

To create a cohesive and stylish space, consider these additional design elements that can enhance the look of your Uba Tuba granite:

  • Cabinetry: The color and style of your cabinetry can significantly impact the overall look of your space. Choose finishes that complement both the granite and your chosen paint color.

  • Backsplash: A backsplash can help tie together your countertop, cabinetry, and wall color. Opt for a material and color that harmonizes with your chosen paint color and the Uba Tuba granite. Some popular options include subway tiles, mosaic tiles, or glass tiles.

  • Flooring: Your flooring should also complement the granite and paint color. Consider options like hardwood, tile, or luxury vinyl in colors that enhance the overall design.

  • Accessories and accents: Incorporate accessories and accents in colors that either contrast or complement your chosen paint color and the Uba Tuba granite. This can include items like decorative pillows, artwork, or small appliances. You can also add metallic accents in the form of hardware, lighting fixtures, or decorative items. Choose finishes like gold, bronze, or brushed nickel that harmonize with the granite's flecks and your overall color scheme.

  • Window treatments: The right window treatments can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space. Choose curtains, blinds, or shades that match or complement your wall color and the Uba Tuba granite, while also providing the desired level of privacy and light control.

  • Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the beauty of your Uba Tuba granite and the overall ambiance of your space. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to highlight the granite's unique features and create a well-lit, inviting room.


Uba Tuba granite offers a unique and elegant look that can enhance any space.

By carefully selecting the perfect paint color and considering additional design elements, you can create a harmonious and visually appealing room that highlights the beauty of this stunning natural stone.

Use the tips and color options provided in this guide as a starting point for your design journey and enjoy the stunning results that Uba Tuba granite can bring to your home.

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Bob Thomas

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