Elevate Your Master Bedroom with 20 Gorgeous Tray Ceiling Ideas

Bob Thomas
Elevate Your Master Bedroom with 20 Gorgeous Tray Ceiling Ideas Featured Image
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Looking to add a little drama and elegance to your master bedroom? Installing a tray ceiling can be a gorgeous architectural detail that really elevates the space.

In this article, we'll explore 20 stunning tray ceiling ideas guaranteed to make a stylish statement.

From modern to rustic designs, we'll cover clever ways to incorporate lighting, beams, molding, and other decorative elements with your new ceiling.

You'll find inspiration for luxurious finishes like wood, stone, and metallic sheens. We'll also share tips on choosing complementary wall colors to accentuate your gorgeous new overhead focal point.

With visual interests like coffering, curved contours, and multi-level ceilings, your bedroom will go from basic to extraordinary.

These tray ceiling concepts range from subtle to bold so you can find a look that suits your personal style.

Let's get started transforming your master suite with incredible design ideas!

1. Classic Tray Ceiling with Recessed Lighting

Classic-Tray-Ceiling-with-Recessed-Lighting-in master bedroom with white walls and ceiling

If you ask me, you really can't go wrong with a simple tray ceiling and recessed can lighting. It's such a classic, clean look that adds elegance without a ton of fuss. 

I'd go with a neutral ceiling color to match your walls for a seamless vibe. The lighting adds lovely dimension.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Muted taupe/light mocha
  • Walls: Soft beige/pale almond
  • Trim: Crisp white
  • Bedding: Cotton blend with quilted detailing
  • Bed Frame: Upholstered fabric with studded detail
  • Furniture: Dark polished wood (e.g., nightstand, chest)
  • Flooring: Plush neutral carpet
  • Wall Art: Framed botanical prints
  • Lamps: White ceramic base with white lampshade
  • Throw Pillows: Patterned (geometric and abstract designs) in neutral colors
  • Ottoman: Upholstered in neutral fabric with tufted detailing
  • Chairs: Upholstered in an off-white fabric
  • Ceiling: Recessed can lights
  • Natural: Large window panels

2. Rustic Wood Beam Tray Ceiling

For a natural, cozy look, install wood beams in your tray ceiling. Stained planks look so rich against crisp white tray edges and walls. I'd go with pendant lights to emphasize the warm wood grain. Love this outdoorsy style!

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Dark brown wooden beams against a neutral base
  • Walls: Soft off-white/light beige
  • Trim: Dark brown (matching the ceiling beams)
  • Bedding: Soft cotton or linen
  • Bed Frame: Stained deep brown wood
  • Furniture: Stained deep brown wood (e.g., bedside table)
  • Flooring: Plush neutral carpet
  • Wall Art: None visible in the image
  • Lamps: Bedside lamp with white lampshade and base
  • Throw Pillows: Mixture of solids and patterns in neutral and dark tones
  • Blanket: Fur or faux fur throw in a grayish tone
  • Chairs: Upholstered chair with textured fabric and wooden legs
  • Ceiling: Round pendant light with a soft pinkish/beige shade and recessed can lights
  • Natural: Large window panels allowing ample daylight

3. Modern Metallic Tray Ceiling

Make a major contemporary statement by finishing your ceiling tray in metallic like rose gold, brass or silver leafing. The glam sheen just dazzles and catches the light beautifully. So elegant yet on-trend.

Collapsible Content
  • Material: Rose gold with metallic finish
  • Walls: Light gray
  • Trim: Pure white
  • Bedding: Silky satin or sateen in a pale blush hue
  • Bed Frame: Tufted velvet upholstery in dark gray
  • Furniture: Mirrored finish (e.g., nightstands, dressers)
  • Flooring: Dark brown wooden/laminate with a plush light gray rug atop
  • Wall Art: Abstract blush-toned art panels
  • Lamps: Metallic base with white or off-white lampshade
  • Throw Pillows: Variations of pink and rose gold with subtle patterns
  • Ottoman: Deep tufted velvet in charcoal gray
  • Chairs: Light pink upholstery with slender wooden legs
  • Ceiling: Decorative ceiling with embedded lighting fixtures
  • Natural: Panoramic window with a view of an autumnal setting

4. Coffered Tray Ceiling with Crown Molding

Crown molding and wide coffered panels add so much lovely detail. Define the architecture with lacquered millwork in a few complementary tones for serious elegance. We're talking sophistication goals!

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Multi-tiered coffered ceiling in gray with white trims
  • Walls: Soft sage green with paneled detailing
  • Trim: White
  • Bedding: Soft cotton in white
  • Bed Frame: Upholstered in an off-white fabric
  • Furniture: Wood for the bedside table, mirrored or glass surfaces for decor
  • Flooring: Dark brown wooden/laminate flooring with a gray-toned area rug
  • Wall Art: Paneled wall detailing
  • Lamps: White lampshades with transparent or glass bases
  • Throw Pillows: Neutral colors with some metallic accents
  • Ottoman/Bench: Tufted upholstery in a neutral color
  • Chairs: Upholstered in a light gray fabric with a patterned throw
  • Curtains: Heavy draped curtains in a brownish-gray hue
  • Ceiling: Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Natural: Large windows providing ample daylight

5. Curved Tray Ceiling with Uplighting

How dramatic is a curved tray ceiling with uplighting? It gives off an ethereal glow when you add LEDs around the perimeter. I'd pair with streamlined furniture to balance the shape. So dreamy!

Room Description
  • Ceiling: Unique recessed circular design, illuminated by warm ambient lighting.
  • Walls: Muted taupe or beige hue.
  • Bedding: Brown textured quilt.
  • Bed Frame: Cream or off-white upholstery with LED under-glow.
  • Furniture: Dark finish (e.g., nightstands, cabinets).
  • Flooring: Plush, pale beige or off-white carpet.
  • Wall Art: Architectural wall design with curved indentation.
  • Lamps: Table lamps with tall silk-like shades.
  • Throw Pillows: Various sizes in brown and beige tones.
  • Chairs: Dark colored chair with cushion; lighter hued chair near the window.
  • Ceiling: Ambient lighting from recessed circular design.
  • Natural: Large window with nighttime view.

6. Tray Ceiling with Contrasting Beam

A bold beam painted in a contrasting color adds a graphic element. Try a black beam against an all-white tray and walls for modern definition. Or go for a rich wood beam to anchor the space with warmth.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Modern design with prominent dark-colored beams.
  • Rest of the Ceiling: Painted in a light color.
  • Walls: Light gray or pale blue
  • Ceiling: White or a very light shade of gray
  • Beams: Dark brown or black
  • Bedding: Bed dressed in white linens with a white quilted blanket
  • Pillows: Black and white decorative pillows
  • Bed Frame: Dark brown or black headboard, possibly wooden or leather upholstered
  • Furniture: Black or dark brown bedside tables
  • Seat: White or off-white couch or bench seat at the foot of the bed
  • Artwork: Framed black and white tree or branch artwork on the wall
  • Vase: White vase with white hydrangea or similar flowers on the floor
  • Lamps: On the bedside tables with white lampshades and dark bases
  • Books: Stack on the bedside table
  • Flooring: Light-colored carpet, possibly off-white or light gray
  • Curtains: White or off-white sheer curtains

7. Stone Effect Tray Ceiling

Give your ceiling a luxe look by incorporating faux stone finishes. Carefully textured wallpaper or paint with metallic veining can mimic the beauty of natural stone like marble or quartzite.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Multi-tiered tray ceiling with intricate wooden or stone texture designs.
  • Lighting: Recessed lighting around the tray areas and a central light fixture.
  • Walls: Muted brown or taupe
  • Trim: White
  • Bedding: Crisp white linens with textured detailing
  • Pillows: Mixture of taupe, white, and patterned decorative pillows
  • Bed Frame: Dark brown or black upholstered headboard
  • Nightstands: Dark brown or black with silver metallic lamps on top
  • Chaise Lounge: White or off-white fabric
  • Coffee Table: Black or dark brown, possibly wooden or glass-topped
  • Artwork: Framed monochrome botanical artwork on the wall
  • Lamps: Metallic base table lamps with white or off-white lampshades
  • Mirror: Large wall mirror with a dark frame
  • Decorative Items: Picture frame, ornamental vase, and other tabletop decors on the nightstand
  • Main: Light gray or off-white plush carpet
  • Windows: Large window or door to the right, with taupe or brown drapery

8. Two-Toned Tray Ceiling

Go for double the drama by painting your ceiling tray and angled sides in two complementary hues. Deep blue on top fading to soft gray on the sides adds great dimension. So moody and elegant!

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Royal blue with a contemporary round chandelier.
  • Walls: Primarily royal blue with white crown molding.
  • Ceiling & Main Wall: Royal blue
  • Trim & Moldings: White
  • Bedding: White linens with patterned blue and white decorative pillows
  • Bed Frame: Upholstered headboard with a beige or off-white frame
  • Nightstands: White or off-white with gold or brass accents, with a geometric design on the drawers
  • Seating: Light beige or off-white bench at the foot of the bed
  • Lamps: Table lamps on nightstands with white shades and clear or glass bases
  • Decorative Items: Few items on the nightstand, including a vase with white flowers
  • Main: Soft light gray or off-white area rug
  • Windows: Two large windows with white or off-white drapery

9. Tray Ceiling with Rail Lighting

Line the edges of the tray ceiling with sleek rail lighting for a super streamlined look. The linear lights enhance the geometry and angles. It's subtly impactful.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Soft gray with modern, recessed LED strip lighting
  • Walls: Soft gray
  • Ceiling & Walls: Soft gray
  • Bedding: Quilted gray comforter with matching and complementary decorative pillows
  • Bed Frame: Contemporary white or off-white design with storage below
  • Nightstands: White or off-white with three drawers and silver handles
  • Seating: White or off-white modern chair near the window
  • Lamps: White table lamps on both nightstands with white shades
  • Decorative Items: Few items on the nightstand, including what appear to be decorative boxes or jewelry cases
  • Main: Dark wood or laminate flooring with a light gray area rug beneath the bed
  • Windows: Large window with heavy gray drapery

10. Patterned Wallpaper Accent Wall

Make the tray ceiling the star by installing bold patterned wallpaper on both the angled walls and the central raised section.

Geometric or damask patterns in contrasting colors will command attention beautifully, emphasizing the unique architecture of the entire tray ceiling.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Deep blue with a geometric white pattern
  • Walls: One accent wall with a unique, white pattern on a silver/gray background; other walls in soft white or light gray
  • Ceiling: Deep blue
  • Walls: Soft white or light gray
  • Bedding: Mix of gray, blue, and white pillows with various patterns; deep blue bed frame; white duvet
  • Bed Frame: Upholstered deep blue with tufted detailing
  • Nightstands: Contemporary silver design
  • Seating: Gray or blue-gray upholstered chair
  • Lamps: Table lamps with silver base and white shades
  • Chandelier: Golden chandelier
  • Main: Plush white or off-white carpet
  • Window: Large with white or light gray drapes

11. Multi-Level Tray Ceiling

Create visual intrigue with a multi-level tray ceiling that steps up and down across the bedroom. Painting each layer in a bold color adds dimension. Recessed lighting emphasizes the layered design from every angle.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Dramatic tiered design illuminated by a striking orange glow.
  • Walls: Deep, rich black with an artistic mural and warm, burnt orange tone with abstract artworks.
  • Ceiling: Black with glowing orange elements
  • Walls (Orange): Warm, burnt orange
  • Walls (Black): Deep black
  • Bedding: Vivid orange quilted comforter bordered in black, accessorized with coordinating pillows in shades of black, gray, and orange.
  • Bed Frame: Modern, black with a substantial headboard.
  • Side Tables: Sleek black minimalist design with table lamps.
  • Shelving/Dresser: Black unit displaying various decorative items.
  • Lamps: Two modern table lamps with square white shades.
  • Wall Art: Six matching abstract artworks in shades of brown and orange.
  • Shelf Decor: Collection of artifacts and ornate vases in shades of gold, brown, and red.
  • Accent Piece: Prominent dark red or crimson "I" or "1".
  • Main: Plush carpet in a light brown shade.

12. Gold Tray Ceiling

For an essence of refined elegance, feature a gold-toned center on your tray ceiling. The metallic sheen exudes luxury. Complement the lustrous gold with a statement chandelier, casting a gentle glow across the room. The epitome of opulence!

Collapsible Content
  • Design: Recessed, mirrored design with an intricate golden trim. A lavish chandelier hangs from the center, accentuating the room's opulence.
  • Trim & Ceiling Design: Golden
  • Walls: Muted warm beige or light tan
  • Bedding: Golden-brown quilted upholstery with a variety of plush pillows in matching tones.
  • Bed Frame: Quilted golden-brown with an ornate design, including a tufted headboard.
  • Side Tables: Two ornate bedside tables with matching lamps.
  • Lamps: Ornate design, complementing the room's luxurious theme.
  • Sitting Area: The background reveals a cozy sitting area with plush sofas and a warm ambiance.
  • Mirror: Grand mirror with gold trim, enhancing the room's depth and elegance.
  • Main: Deep navy or dark blue carpet.

13. Wood Panel Tray Ceiling

Add natural warmth by finishing the tray ceiling with wood paneling. The linear planks contrast beautifully with crisp perimeter lines to define the geometry. Downplay walls with neutral colors to let the wood be the focus.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Slanted wood-paneled design in a light brown shade, complemented with a rectangular modern light fixture.
  • Walls: Light beige, accented by a large window with a panoramic view of greenery and a tall dark window frame.
  • Walls: Light beige
  • Ceiling: Light brown wood
  • Bedding: Neutral-toned quilted comforter, adorned with multiple pillows in various patterns and shades of gray and beige.
  • Bed Frame: Low profile design, upholstered in a light gray fabric with a wooden base.
  • Side Tables: Wooden with a drawer, supporting modern white table lamps with cylindrical shades.
  • Seating: Two light gray armchairs facing the window, accompanied by a small round side table.
  • Lamps: Modern table lamps with cylindrical white shades placed on the bedside tables.
  • Window Treatment: Long flowing drapes in a neutral shade.
  • Floor Decor: Large area rug with subtle geometric patterns in shades of gray and beige.
  • Greenery: Tall potted plant placed near the window adding a touch of nature to the room.
  • Ceiling Light: Modern geometric chandelier with a metal frame and glass panels.
  • Bedside Lamps: Contemporary cylindrical white table lamps on wooden side tables.
  • Windows: Large paneled windows with black framing, offering a panoramic view of lush greenery outside.
  • Drapery: Neutral-colored full-length curtains that provide a soft contrast to the room's color palette.
  • Main: Wooden flooring in a warm medium-brown tone.

14. Tray Ceiling with Pendant Cluster

Make a striking style statement with a pendant light cluster centered on your ceiling tray. Opt for multiple dangling lights in a finish that contrasts the tray color. This eye-catching arrangement becomes the focal point.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Standard design with a brown accent border near the crown molding.
  • Walls: Painted in a taupe color, harmonizing with the room's cozy ambiance.
  • Walls: Warm taupe
  • Ceiling Accent: Brown
  • Central Lighting: Modern cluster pendant light with individual cylindrical luminaires suspended from the ceiling.
  • Bedside Lamps: Sleek table lamps with a cylindrical shade.
  • Bed: Low-rise bed with a black headboard. Bedding in shades of brown and beige with decorative pillows.
  • Pillows: Assortment of decorative pillows in various shades of brown.
  • Drapery: Full-length curtains, softening the daylight entering the room.
  • Floor: Appears to be soft flooring or a light-colored carpet.

15. Faux Beam Tray Ceiling

Get the appearance of rustic wood beams without the weight by installing faux beams. Paint or stain sturdy foam options to look like real deal wood. The visual detail adds character without construction hassles.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: White with exposed wooden beams.
  • Walls: Muted green or soft beige walls.
  • Ceiling: White
  • Walls: Muted green or soft beige
  • Wooden Beams: Dark brown
  • Bed: Wooden headboard with neutral-toned bedding and assorted pillows.
  • Other Furniture: Rustic wooden nightstands, wooden framed artwork, white cushioned seating with a rustic wooden coffee table.
  • Lamps: Table lamps with beige shades on the nightstands.
  • Artwork: Landscape artwork with a rustic wooden frame above the bed.
  • Window: Large windows with white frames, allowing ample natural light.
  • Main: Hardwood flooring in a deep brown shade.
  • Rug: Light gray area rug beneath the bed.

16. Tray Ceiling with Cove Lighting

If you ask me, installing cove lighting in the upper corners of your angled tray ceiling creates the dreamiest glow. The soft, ambient lighting washes the whole space without shadows. I'd go for neutral white or warm LED strips to keep things peaceful.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Tray ceiling with ambient cove lighting, creating a warm, inviting glow.
  • Walls: Warm beige walls.
  • Walls: Warm beige
  • Ceiling: Light beige
  • Ambient Lighting: Cove lighting installed in the ceiling's tray, emitting a soft, warm glow.
  • Bedside Lamps: Traditional table lamps with beige shades on the nightstands.
  • Bed: King-sized bed with beige quilting and a mix of taupe and dark gray pillows.
  • Nightstands: Wooden nightstands with a dark finish.
  • Window Treatments: Long, beige drapery framing a large window.
  • Decor Items: Small alarm clock and a candle on the nightstand.
  • Floor: Hardwood flooring, likely in a cherry or mahogany finish.

17. Bold Color Blocked Tray Ceiling

Make a major modern statement in your bedroom by color blocking the tray ceiling into graphic sections.

Offset a bold color in the center and frame it with a contrasting shade. Black on red is such a classic power combo!

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Bold, red ceiling with an elegant white crown molding.
  • Walls: Neutral gray walls with a large monochromatic artwork.
  • Ceiling: Vibrant red
  • Walls: Neutral gray
  • Central Ceiling Light: Modern white circular light fixture.
  • Bedside Lamps: Contemporary red table lamps with a unique shape.
  • Bed: Modern platform bed with red and black patterns.
  • Side Table: Dark modern nightstand with personal items and decor.
  • Chair: A sleek, red modern chair.
  • Ottoman: Black leather ottoman.
  • Window Treatments: Red curtains that complement the ceiling's color.
  • Wall Art: Large black and white artwork with intricate details.
  • Decor Items: Red decorative items and vase on the nightstand.
  • Floor: Cream-colored plush carpet flooring.

18. Faux Sky Tray Ceiling

How fun would it be to paint fluffy clouds and blue sky on your ceiling tray? Uplighting can mimic sunlight and define the "horizon" with molding. Feels like the outdoors brought inside your bedroom!

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Magical starry night theme with glowing stars and dreamy blue clouds.
  • Lighting: Soft blue ambient lighting enhancing the celestial effect.
  • Walls: Tranquil blue hue complementing the ceiling's starry theme.
  • Crown Molding: Classic white crown molding offering a contrast to the walls.
  • Table Lamps: Two traditional table lamps casting a warm glow, creating a cozy ambiance.
  • Bed: Sturdy wooden bed with a dark finish, paired with matching blue bedspread.
  • Windows: Large windows framed with greenish-gray curtains, introducing a touch of nature to the room.
  • Side Chair: Comfortable upholstered armchair, perfect for reading or relaxation.
  • Decorative Items: Assorted items on the bedside table, adding personal touches to the space.
  • Floor: Polished wooden flooring, adding warmth and elegance to the room.

19. Herringbone Panel Tray Ceiling

Add tailored elegance by installing wood or lacquered panels in a chic herringbone pattern on your tray ceiling. Whitewashing natural wood keeps it airy. Love the neat geometric look.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Chevron wood panel design with natural finish.
  • Lighting: Large cylindrical pendant light with beige shade and inner gold accents.
  • Walls: Soft creamy white hue providing a clean and elegant backdrop.
  • Panelling: White vertical wall panels complementing the room's contemporary design.
  • Table Lamps: Modern white table lamps with streamlined design and white shades, placed on wooden nightstands.
  • Wall Sconce: Golden wall-mounted sconce with white shade, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Bed: King-sized wooden bed with a tufted beige upholstered headboard.
  • Nightstands: Wooden nightstands with storage drawers and sleek handles.
  • Chairs: White upholstered chairs with wooden legs, perfect for lounging or reading.
  • Footstool: Wooden footstool with beige upholstered top.
  • Side Table: Round wooden side table with a cross-brace design.
  • Floor: Chevron patterned wooden flooring, adding depth and texture to the room.
  • Curtains: Floor-length beige curtains offering privacy and a touch of softness.
  • View: Large window overlooking a serene natural setting, bringing in ample natural light.

20. Tray Ceiling with Chandelier

A dramatic cascading chandelier hung from your tray ceiling's center is an easy way make a seriously grand statement. The opulent fixture shining overhead becomes the star of your bedroom.

Collapsible Content
  • Ceiling: Recessed cove lighting, accentuating the soft curves of the ceiling.
  • Lighting: Grand crystal chandelier, cascading with multiple layers of prisms.
  • Walls: Deep navy blue hue providing a luxurious and regal atmosphere.
  • Artwork: Framed abstract art piece in muted tones, providing a visual break on the dark wall.
  • Table Lamps: Contemporary lamps with cylindrical bases adorned with intricate designs and topped with white shades.
  • Bed: King-sized bed with a plush tufted white leather headboard.
  • Bedding: Luxurious white linens paired with shimmering dark accent pillows and a textured fur throw.
  • Seating: Padded white bench at the foot of the bed with golden leg accents, accompanied by matching armchairs with golden outlines.
  • Nightstands: Reflective silver nightstands, adding a touch of glamour and spaciousness.
  • Console: Mirrored console table reflecting the room's opulence.
  • Floor: Dark hardwood flooring contrasted by a neutral toned rug, offering warmth and comfort.
  • Curtains: Heavy dark drapes with sheer inner layers, granting privacy and elegance.
  • View: Tall windows showcasing a view to a lush garden or backyard.

Which of these tray ceiling ideas are you going to try out in your master bedroom?

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Elevate Your Master Bedroom with Gorgeous Tray Ceiling Ideas

Key Takeaways:

  1. Add elegance and visual interest with finishes like recessed lighting, beams, and crown molding.
  2. Make a statement with materials like wood, metallic sheens, stone accents, or wallpaper.
  3. Consider geometry like multi-level, curved, or coffered designs.
  4. Incorporate lighting arrangements like pendant clusters, cove strips, or a statement chandelier.
  5. Complement with wall colors and decor that accentuate your glamorous focal point.

With creative details ranging from subtle to bold, tray ceilings offer incredible design potential to elevate your master suite.

These 20 gorgeous ideas show how you can transform a basic bedroom into an extraordinary space with visual drama.

Let tray ceiling inspiration give your master bedroom makeover architectural flair and elegance that makes a lasting impression.

Say goodbye to boring ceilings and hello to hotel-suite heights of style!

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