20+ Ideas to Turn Your Large Blank Wall into a Living Room Showstopper

Bob Thomas

Does that vast blank wall in your living room make you feel a little…blah? Like something’s missing, but you’re not sure what?

It’s time to unleash your inner designer and transform that empty space into the focal point your room deserves!

Get ready for 20+ ideas to bring that blank wall to life and elevate your entire living room.

A modern living room with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring a large television mounted on a concrete wall above a sleek wooden entertainment unit adorned with plants.
A cozy living space with a plush white sofa set against a wall decorated with a gallery of framed botanical prints in warm sepia tones.
A chic living area with a rustic vibe, showcasing a large, soft sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a muted, textured wall as a backdrop.
A contemporary room with a geometric flair, displaying a white couch against a wall with an abstract arrangement of white 3D panels.
An elegant lounge space, characterized by a large abstract black and white painting above a beige sofa, complemented by black and blue cushions.
A sophisticated living room with a modern, monochromatic theme, featuring a large, white abstract painting on a dark, textured wall above a white sofa.
A sleek, modern living room with wood-paneled walls, hosting a minimalist seating area with a low-profile sofa and a dark wood coffee table.
A spacious living room with a modern industrial aesthetic, displaying three large, blank framed canvases above a comfortable gray sectional sofa.
A lavish living room with a luxurious marble wall housing a flat-screen TV, complemented by chic black and gray furniture.
An airy and bright living room with a neutral palette, boasting a triptych of large, minimalistic beige and white art pieces above a cream sectional sofa.
A cozy living room featuring a large mirror with a reclaimed wood frame that reflects the adjoining room. The space is adorned with neutral-toned pillows, a throw blanket, and rustic
A bohemian-inspired living room displaying a bold, circular black and gold wall tapestry, complemented by earthy-toned pillows, two leather poufs, a rattan mirror, and a variety of potted plants for a natural touch.
A modern minimalist living room with a sleek wooden media unit against a marble-like wall panel, housing a black flat-screen TV. The area is softened by a white sectional sofa, green potted plants, and sheer curtains, exuding tranquility and simplicity.
A traditional living room with a wooden wall featuring a world map artwork. The space includes a beige tufted sofa with patterned pillows, a dark wooden coffee table, and a cozy rug, providing a warm, travel-inspired theme.
An elegant living room with a geometric wall paneling in a soft grey, setting a sophisticated backdrop for a clean white sofa adorned with navy and cream pillows, a tufted ottoman, and tasteful decor on a side table.
A bright, farmhouse-style living room with shiplap walls and open shelving displaying decorative items. A beige sectional filled with textured pillows sits atop a patterned area rug, while a woven ottoman adds a touch of rustic charm.
A contemporary living room featuring a large, vibrant abstract painting above a white sofa, accented with metallic and navy pillows. A grey rug, sleek coffee table, and modern decor items complete the sophisticated look.
A chic living room with a three-dimensional white wall panel creating a dynamic focal point. The room is furnished with a light beige sectional, black accent chairs, and a patterned rug, balancing modern design with classic comfort.
A warm living room showcasing a rich wooden plank wall with a modern black fireplace. The space is styled with a light beige sofa, patterned throw pillows, metallic side tables, and a mixture of cozy textures.
A contemporary coastal living room with a shiplap wall in white and built-in shelving. The space features a white sofa set, a round wooden coffee table, a leather pouf, and fresh greenery, all contributing to a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Understanding Scale in Interior Design

First things first, let’s talk about scale. It’s like the magic sauce of interior design – get it right, and your space will be as harmonious as a well-tuned guitar. 

But when it comes to those big, bad walls, it can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

Common challenges include finding decor that doesn’t look like it belongs in a dollhouse and creating a balanced look without overwhelming your space.

But fear not, my design-savvy friends, we’ve got you covered!

Creating Focal Points

Focal points are like the lead singer of your room – they grab attention and set the tone for the entire space.

And guess what? Those massive walls are the perfect stage for creating some seriously dramatic focal points.

Try playing with color and texture to make your wall pop. A bold, vibrant painting or a textured tapestry can add some serious depth and interest.

Or, get strategic with your furniture placement. A well-placed sofa or console table can draw the eye and create a sense of purpose for your wall.

Dealing with Architectural Features

Got a funky fireplace or some sky-high ceilings? Embrace them, baby! These architectural features are like the quirky bandmates that add character to your space.

For fireplaces, try flanking them with some tall, slender bookshelves or hanging a massive mirror above the mantel.

High ceilings? Hang some oversized pendants or create a gallery wall that extends all the way up. The key is to work with your space, not against it.

Exploring Design Styles

Now, let’s talk style. Whether you’re a modern minimalist or a boho babe, there’s a wall decor solution for you.

For a contemporary look, think clean lines, abstract art, and a monochromatic color scheme.

Bohemian more your vibe? Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors for an eclectic, free-spirited feel.

Traditional souls can opt for classic artwork, ornate tapestries, and symmetrical arrangements.

And if you’re an eclectic queen like yours truly, mix it all up and create a wall that’s as unique as you are!

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Decorating on a dime? No problemo! DIY projects and thrift store finds are your new besties.

Scour your local secondhand shops for large frames, then fill them with your own artwork or fabric swatches.

Or, create your own oversized art with some canvas and paint. The possibilities are endless, and your wallet will thank you.

Statement Pieces

Sometimes, one big statement piece is all you need to make your wall sing.

An oversized mirror, a massive mural, or a show-stopping sculpture can instantly elevate your space and create a focal point that’ll have your guests swooning.

On the flip side, a well-curated collection of smaller pieces can be just as impactful.

The key is to choose items that speak to you and arrange them in a way that feels balanced and intentional.

Practical Guidance for Decorating Large Walls

A. How to Measure & Plan

Before you start shopping for decor, break out that measuring tape! Accurately measuring your wall space is crucial for creating a well-proportioned look.

Once you’ve got your measurements, map out your arrangement on the floor using painter’s tape.

This will give you a sense of how everything will look before you start hammering away.

B. Hanging & Installation Tips

Safety first, my DIY darlings! When hanging heavy objects, make sure you’re using the proper hardware and anchoring them securely to the wall.

For a balanced look, aim to hang your decor at eye level and space pieces evenly.

And if you’re dealing with cords or wires, invest in some cord covers or get creative with your arrangement to keep them hidden.

C. Sourcing Decor Items

On the hunt for some one-of-a-kind wall decor? Check out your local art galleries, flea markets, and online marketplaces like Etsy or Society6.

And don’t be afraid to mix high and low – a splurge-worthy statement piece can be balanced out with some budget-friendly finds.

Bonus Points for Large Wall Decor

A. Lighting Considerations

Lighting can make or break your wall decor game. Aim for a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a warm, inviting glow.

Wall sconces or picture lights can highlight your favorite pieces, while a dimmer switch lets you control the mood.

B. DIY Projects

Ready to get your hands dirty? DIY wall decor is where it’s at!

Try your hand at a large-scale macrame hanging or create your own abstract art with some acrylic paint and a canvas.

The options are limitless, and the satisfaction of saying “I made that” is unbeatable.

C. Renter-Friendly Options

Living in a rental? No sweat! There are plenty of damage-free ways to decorate your walls.

Command strips and adhesive hooks are your secret weapons for hanging artwork without leaving a trace.

Or, try leaning larger pieces against the wall for a casual, effortless look.

Whew, that was a lot of info! But armed with these tips and tricks, you’re ready to take on those big, beautiful walls like the design boss you are.


Ready to transform that large blank wall into a design masterpiece?

Whether you’re drawn to a curated gallery wall, a bold statement piece, or a mix of textures and patterns, these 20+ ideas have sparked your creativity.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it! Your dream living room is just a few design choices away.

Share your blank wall makeover journey with us in the comments below!

Pin your favorite inspiration images, tag a friend who’d also love to tackle a large wall, and let’s inspire each other to create stunning living room spaces.

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