10 Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas Perfect for a Chic and Soothing Makeover

Bob Thomas

As you open the door to your newly redesigned bedroom, you’re met with a vision of chic tranquility – elegant cool-toned grays mingling beautifully with regal jewel-toned purples.

From the soft gray painted walls to the plush lilac area rug underfoot, this stylish yet cozy color combination immediately elicits feelings of calm. 

You envision sinking into your cushy pewter upholstered bed each night, the glow of the silver pendant lights overhead lending an air of modern sophistication.

A bedroom makeover blending purple and gray tones creates a breathtaking, magazine-worthy contemporary space that manages to feel equally relaxing. The power lies in artfully balancing muted and vivid shades to craft an elegant color duality.

Punchy pops of amethyst decorate while cooler hues of slate and silver anchor the aesthetic.Ready to infuse your personal sanctuary with a sense of royalty and tranquility all at once?

In this article we’ll explore 10 gorgeous purple and gray bedroom ideas spanning decor, textiles, wall colors and lighting. 

These stunning makeover concepts will have you eager revamp your own dreamy, chic sleep space! So go ahead – crown your bedroom with regal style and soothing color magic.

1. Brocade Bedding 

A luxurious purple and grey bedroom showcasing a classic wooden headboard with intricate carvings. The bed is adorned with a brocade duvet cover and a variety of pillows in deep purple hues and grey patterns, complementing the elegant ambiance of the room.
An opulent bedroom idea featuring a tufted beige headboard and a nightstand with a classic lamp. The bed is dressed in a purple and grey floral brocade comforter and pillows, providing a regal and sophisticated look.
A grand bedroom design idea highlighting a grey and silver brocade comforter set against a plush purple velvet bed runner and pillows. The ornate silver headboard and elegant side lamp add to the room's noble charm.
A sumptuous bedroom setting with a dark wooden headboard and matching furniture, illuminated by natural light. The bed is lavishly covered in a purple and grey brocade patterned comforter and assorted pillows, creating a royal and inviting atmosphere.

Dress beds in rich jewel-toned brocade bedding featuring intricate damask prints in royal purple, deep eggplant and slate gray for fabulous textile contrast.

Opt for shimmering quilts and velvet duvet covers detailed with metallic silver embroidery and beading adding glitzy edge. Pair with crisp white flat sheets to prevent overwhelming the space.

Distressed wood nightstands displaying decorative mercury glass lamps complement the elegantly vintage Victorian vibe.

2. Tufted Headboards 

A luxurious purple and grey bedroom featuring a tufted grey headboard. Above the bed hangs an elegant crystal chandelier. The bedding includes purple and grey pillows, with one sparkling silver accent pillow. The room is accentuated with mirrored bedside tables and matching lamps.
This image showcases a chic bedroom with a deep purple tufted headboard, complemented by grey and purple bedding. The mirrored wall panels behind the bed enhance the spaciousness of the room. A crystal chandelier provides a touch of elegance, while grey curtains and a mix of decorative pillows complete the sophisticated look.
An opulent bedroom design featuring a grey tufted headboard against a dark purple wall. A large crystal chandelier adds a luxurious touch, reflected by the mirrored wall. Purple and grey pillows, along with a glittering silver pillow, adorn the bed, set against the backdrop of a grey and purple-themed room.
Elegant bedroom design with a grey tufted headboard against a purple accented wall. The room features a large crystal chandelier, mirrored decor elements, and a variety of pillows in shades of purple, grey, and silver. The soft grey bedding and purple lampshades enhance the room's tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere.

Make a glamorous statement anchoring rooms with substantial padded headboards tufted in lush purple or heathered gray velvet. Extra wide designs make ultra comfortable backrests for late night lounging.

Framed mirrored panels matching headboard widths creates the illusion of more space. Hang a sparkling crystal chandelier overhead to play with light. The posh mix evokes chic designer sensibilities, perfect for fashionable guests.

If headboard is purple paint walls gray and vice vera. 

3. Floating Shelves 

A cozy corner of a purple and grey bedroom showcasing two floating shelves against a grey wall. The upper shelf holds metallic decorative items and books, while the lower shelf features a glass art piece and a framed photograph. A plush purple pillow and a patterned throw pillow rest against a studded headboard, adding a luxurious touch.
Modern purple and grey bedroom details with two purple floating shelves. The top shelf displays a metallic cushion and glass vases, while the bottom shelf holds a textured bowl. The bed is adorned with pillows in various shades of purple and grey, creating a chic and elegant sleeping space.
Elegant purple and grey bedroom scene with floating shelves arranged above a bed with a tufted headboard. The shelves are decorated with a collection of books, a metallic pumpkin, and a silver pineapple. Rich purple pillows and a fur throw blanket invite a sense of warmth and comfort.
Luxurious purple and grey bedroom featuring three floating shelves with stylish decor items, including a bowl with golden flowers, crystal glassware, and decorative balls. The bed is dressed in purple linens and assorted textured pillows, providing a sophisticated and inviting ambiance.

Build clean-lined floating shelves from reclaimed wood, then paint them a semi-gloss royal aubergine purple for handy display space with artsy edge. Use shelves to exhibit decorative objects in mercury glass, crystal and chrome to complement the industrial vibe.

Accent with pops of orchid, slate and silver through pillows, throws and ceramic table lamps for cohesive style. The dynamic shelves lend warmth to uber-modern spaces.

4. Pewter and Lilac

 A sophisticated purple and grey bedroom featuring a bed with an array of pillows in various shades of purple and grey. The bed is covered with a luxurious grey duvet and a textured throw. A muted purple wall complements the grey bedding, and a concrete style side table with a decorative vase and lamp adds to the modern aesthetic. A framed abstract artwork hangs on the wall, enhancing the room's elegant charm.
This image showcases a stylish bedroom idea with a purple and grey theme. The bed is adorned with a lilac duvet and a mix of grey and purple pillows, creating a cozy and inviting look. A grey knit throw adds texture to the bed. The room features a wooden wall paneling in grey tones, and modern bedside accessories like a ceramic vase, a sleek lamp, and a minimalist nightstand contribute to the contemporary feel.
The bedroom presents a blend of purple and grey decor, with a plush bed layered in soft grey and purple bedding, complemented by a variety of textured pillows. A grey upholstered headboard anchors the space, while a modern concrete nightstand with a stylish lamp and decorative items adds an industrial touch. The grey carpet and cream accents balance the color scheme, creating a serene and polished atmosphere.
This elegant bedroom design combines purple and grey elements for a tranquil and refined space. The bed is dressed in a combination of purple and grey linens, with a textured grey throw and a plush pillow adding depth. Grey textured wallpaper provides a sophisticated backdrop, with a classic grey lampshade and a modern painting in shades of purple and grey. The room's design is completed by a chic nightstand and a selection of tasteful decor items.

Design a perfectly balanced blend of colors spanning light to dark for maximum coziness. Softest powder lilacs provide calming backdrops to downy gray bedding and cozy textured throws in silvery pewter.

Incorporate textures like nubby linens, faux furs and knit pillows for irresistible contrasts. Concrete-effect ceramic lamps and printed area rugs featuring organic shapes and lines add natural appeal. The soothing tonal pairing promotes instant relaxation.

5. Bold Graphic

A contemporary purple and grey bedroom featuring a plush bed with purple and grey pillows, a cozy grey throw, and framed abstract artwork in shades of purple, grey, and white adorning the walls, reflecting a modern and sophisticated design palette.
A chic and youthful bedroom with a purple accent wall, adorned with a variety of geometric and abstract art pieces in purple, grey, and white. The bed is dressed in a combination of purple and pink bedding with patterned and textured pillows, showcasing a creative and vibrant purple and grey bedroom idea.
A bold purple and grey bedroom with a dynamic mix of patterns and textures, including a checkered duvet cover and a zebra print rug. The walls are decorated with striking graphic art in purple, black, and white, offering an edgy and stylish take on bedroom decor.
An elegant bedroom design featuring a deep purple accent wall with a large, expressive piece of abstract art in purple and grey tones. The bed is dressed with luxurious silver and black pillows, a white and grey plaid throw, and a sequined decorative pillow, embodying a sophisticated purple and grey bedroom concept.

Art Make a fashion-forward visual statement by lining accent walls with abstract paintings, prints and photography in bold purple, silver, black and white. Seek out geometric designs, dynamic renderings of shapes and lines or architecture and cityscape scenes.

Display art salon style or in coordinating float-mounted frames for cohesive edge. The graphic punch energizes soothing base palettes.

6. Inviting Textures 

A luxurious purple and grey bedroom showcasing an elegant tufted headboard and a plush bedding ensemble. The bed is adorned with an array of textured throw pillows in shades of purple, grey, and silver, complemented by a soft, ruffled quilt. A fur throw adds a touch of opulence, and the mirrored side table reflects the room's sophisticated color scheme.
A serene and stylish bedroom setting featuring a cream tufted headboard paired with a coordinated bedding set in purple and grey. The bed is layered with comforters and quilted pillows, offering a rich texture contrast against the smooth sateen sheets. A deep purple fur throw provides a pop of vibrant color and luxurious texture.
An inviting bedroom with a harmonious blend of purple and grey tones, highlighted by a plush headboard and a layered bedding arrangement. The bed is dressed with striped and solid comforters, fluffy fur pillows, and a quilted throw, creating a cozy and textured retreat. Elegant bedside accessories and soft lighting enhance the room's tranquil atmosphere.
A chic and cozy bedroom featuring a bold purple tufted headboard that anchors the space. The bed is lavishly dressed in a mix of purple and grey bedding, including a quilted comforter, a variety of textured pillows, and a luxurious fur throw. The polished nightstand and soft drapery complement the room's sophisticated palette and inviting textures.

Achieve irresistible sink-in appeal through tactile linens spanning smooth satins to cozy chenille in coordinating lilac and slate hues. Pair a quilted crystal velvet duvet with sleek charmeuse pillow shams.

Allow a chunky knit blanket at the foot of the bed to mingle with soft faux fur throws in gray and white. The mix of alluring textures transforms beds into the ultimate nests guaranteed to impress guests.

Display textural interest through window treatments, shag rugs and ceramics too for full immersion.

7. Patterned Wallpaper 

A sophisticated bedroom features a deep purple, tufted headboard against a backdrop of delicate gray bamboo-patterned wallpaper. The bed is adorned with pillows in shades of purple and gray, and a matching bench sits at the foot. A white nightstand, a purple upholstered chair, and accents like a purple lamp and floral arrangements complement the plush purple and gray area rug, creating a luxurious purple and grey bedroom idea.
An elegant bedroom showcases a gray upholstered bed with vibrant purple pillows and a patterned throw that echo the floral designs on the wallpaper. The draped purple curtains frame a large window, and a gray bench rests at the foot of the bed. White bedside tables, lamps with a purple base, and a vibrant area rug complete this purple and grey bedroom concept.
 This bedroom combines contemporary elegance with a gray upholstered bed, highlighted by purple pillows and a textured throw. The intricate gray and purple floral wallpaper adds a romantic touch, while the side table lamp and purple ottoman enrich the color scheme. A patterned area rug in purple and gray ties the room together, offering inspiration for a purple and grey bedroom design.
 Luxuriously appointed with a tufted headboard and sumptuous purple pillows, this bedroom's chic gray tones are accented by a vibrant purple. The wallpaper features a graceful floral pattern in gray, complemented by purple blooms in vases. A purple and gray patterned area rug anchors the room, and the dark gray nightstands with matching lamps add depth to this purple and grey bedroom idea.

Accent Line one wall with vibrant chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper in shades of eggplant, silver and slate blue for a striking focal point. Choosefluid designs featuring graceful bamboo, unfolding lotus flowers, singing birds or whimsical botanical silhouettes.

Coordinate with matching painted or upholstered headboards, roman blinds and seat cushions. Repeat complementary purple and gray patterns on plush area rugs underfoot for harmonious flow. This nature-inspired 1-2 punch packs visual dynamism.

8. Mirrored Furniture 

A luxurious purple and grey bedroom showcasing a large upholstered headboard and a mirrored bedside table. Two hanging crystal pendant lights add a touch of elegance. The bed is adorned with white and purple pillows, a white duvet, and a grey fur throw. A bouquet of fresh purple flowers adds a natural element to the room.
Elegant bedroom design featuring purple and grey tones with a large, plush headboard and a mirrored nightstand. The bed is covered with a purple velvet comforter and a variety of textured pillows. A statement chandelier and matching wall sconces provide soft lighting, while the wall behind the bed is adorned with mirrored panels and a grey textured wallpaper.
A sophisticated bedroom with a grey upholstered headboard and purple accent pillows. The mirrored nightstand and crystal table lamps lend a modern, chic vibe. A rich purple throw contrasts beautifully with the grey bedding, and vibrant purple flowers give a pop of color and freshness to the space.
A contemporary bedroom with a grey tufted headboard and deep purple bedding. The room features mirrored furniture, including a side table and dresser, which reflect the light from the modern table lamps and crystal wall fixtures. Purple floral accents and intricate pillows complete the elegant look.

Illuminate rooms with mirrored furniture reflecting ambient light to brighten dark corners in spaces. Gray washed mirrored nightstands, dressers and headboards lend modern glam edge when paired with cool toned jewel tones spanning violet, lavender and magenta.

The reflective surfaces magnify additional lighting from frosted pendant fixtures and accent sconces – perfect for creating a softly glowing sanctuary. Mirrored furniture makes small rooms appear more spacious too.

9. Bohemian Canopy Dream 

A cozy bedroom featuring a canopy bed with sheer purple drapes cascading down from a rustic wooden frame. Twinkling string lights and green vines add a touch of whimsy to the space. The bed is dressed in layers of plush grey and cream bedding, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Textured pillows and a knitted throw complement the soft, pastel purple theme, while the brick wall and hardwood floor give the room an urban, chic edge.
This image showcases a charming bedroom with a four-poster canopy bed adorned with light purple curtains tied back with elegance. The room is bathed in natural light from large windows, enhancing the soft grey and lavender bedding. Decorative cushions add a pop of color, and a furry grey rug lies on the wooden floor, contributing to the room's warm and rustic vibe.
A luxurious bedroom designed with a bohemian touch, featuring a four-poster bed with a wooden frame and flowing purple curtains. The bed is covered with a mix of grey and purple bedding, accentuated by lace and patterned textures. Hanging pendant lights with geometric shapes provide a modern twist, and the white brick wall background with wooden floors adds an industrial feel to the bohemian aesthetic.
An intimate and magical bedroom setting where fairy lights gently illuminate the sheer purple curtains of a cozy canopy bed. The bed is dressed with a variety of grey and white patterned blankets and pillows, creating a peaceful and dreamy escape. Soft textures and a white fur rug on the wooden floor complete the serene purple and grey bedroom idea.

Escape into an enchanting sleep sanctuary enhanced by gauzy draped canopies in hazy lilac and pale dove gray. Airy fabric cascades from an overhead wood beam or direct curtain rod mount to envelope beds in a private cocoon.

Layer canopies over comfortable platform beds dressed in coordinating quilts and accent pillows bearing boho embellished patterns. Install cute dangling Edison bulb string lights overhead to heighten the whimsy.

Throw furry rugs on hardwood floors for ultimate hygge appeal.

10. Spa Sanctuary

 This is a tranquil bedroom corner that showcases a purple and grey color scheme, creating a serene atmosphere. It features a plush grey bench with a matching throw and an array of decorative crystals atop it. A large, framed artwork of a Buddha's face hangs on the wall, adding a spiritual touch to the room. Sheer and opaque purple curtains frame the space, enhancing its spa-like sanctuary feel.
A serene bedroom setting that exudes calmness with its purple and grey theme. The image shows a portion of the bedroom with a white tufted bench, decorated with a purple throw and a tray with spa essentials. Two framed art pieces with purple and grey mandala designs adorn the wall, coordinating with the room's color palette. The draped purple fabric above the sheer curtains adds a touch of elegance and softness to the room.
This image depicts a peaceful bedroom with a grey and purple color scheme, designed for relaxation. A grey tufted bench sits at the foot of the bed, complemented by a purple throw and a cushion. The room features a framed artwork of a meditating figure in shades of purple, positioned above a grey dresser with decorative items that contribute to the serene vibe. The overall design offers inspiration for a tranquil bedroom retreat.
The image portrays a cozy bedroom corner, perfect for unwinding. A large crystal lamp stands out, casting a soft glow next to a potted bonsai tree. The bed is accented with a purple pillow and throw, while a framed mandala artwork hangs on the wall, completing the purple and grey theme. This setup provides inspiration for creating a restful space with thoughtful touches of decor.

Design a personal at-home spa retreat centered around tranquil Purple tones complemented by relaxing grays to wind down in nightly. Paint one wall a bold amethyst and outfit with a cushioned bench or padded chair.

Display alternative medicine accessories like Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, aromatherapy diffusers nearby promising revitalization. Hang framed prints or art featuring mantras, goddesses, or affirmations as thought-provoking points of focus while unwinding.

The soothing scene sets minds and bodies at ease.


Craft Luxe Sanctuaries Through Soothing Purple and Gray Palettes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Outfit beds in glitzy jewel-toned brocade quilts with metallic accents
  2. Make padded headboards focal points hung with glinting chandeliers
  3. Showcase collectibles on handmade wood shelves lacquered bold hues
  4. Balance ethereal lilacs against cozy pewter grays and nubby neutrals
  5. Energize rooms with graphic purple and silver abstract artwork
  6. Layer irresistible smooth and textural linens in harmonious tones
  7. Incorporate vibrant chinoiserie wallpaper for striking interest
  8. Brighten with mirrored grays reflecting light beautifully
  9. Cocoon beds in breezy canopy drapes with bohemian textile accents
  10. Appoint designated relaxation zones painted soothing purple tones

Bedrooms feel supremely restful and undeniably chic when creative purple and gray color schemes interplay through vibrant accents, plush tactile layers, global patterns and custom lighting concepts devoted to complete rejuvenation.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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