This Simple Curtain Hack from TikTok Has Garnered Over 200k Likes

Bob Thomas

Getting curtains to hang evenly can be a frustrating challenge. The panels often bunch together or overlap in uneven ways. Luckily, a viral curtain hack from TikTok provides an incredibly simple solution - and all you need are empty toilet paper rolls!

TikTok user @littlepettittpad shared this clever trick that keeps curtain panels evenly spaced using toilet paper rolls tucked between each panel. The original post has over 200,000+ likes from users impressed with the easy DIY curtain hack.

How the Viral Toilet Paper Roll Curtain Hack Works

Start by taking empty toilet paper rolls and placing one vertically between each curtain panel, sliding it down to the bottom near the curtain rod.

The cardboard rolls will act as spacers that separate the curtain panels evenly along the rod. This prevents them from bunching up or overlapping.

The best part is that the toilet paper rolls are completely hidden from sight by the curtains, so no one will know they’re there! It creates an even, consistent look for your curtains.

Or there is the really lazy option!

Cut the toilet paper rolls open lengthwise and slide them directly onto the curtain rod between each panel. This lets you quickly slot the spacer rolls right over the pole.

Before And After

Before the curtain hack (Image credit: @littlepettittpad)

This screenshot from the viral TikTok video shows how the curtains appear before the toilet paper roll hack is implemented. As you can see, the curtain panels are unevenly spaced and bunched together on the sides.

There is visible gaping near the middle with overlapped fabric. Overall, the curtains look disorganized and messy.

After the curtain hack (Image credit: @littlepettittpad)

This screenshot from the same viral TikTok user shows the curtains after adding toilet paper rolls between each panel. The spacer rolls made the curtains perfectly evenly spaced across the entire rod.

The panels hang straight and smooth without any bunching or gaps. Implementing this simple DIY hack creates an instantly cohesive, polished look.

Alternative Materials to Use

While toilet paper rolls are an easy, accessible option, you can also use other materials in place of the rolls:

  • PVC pipe - Cut small sections to size and slide onto rod
  • Pipe insulation tubes - Slit lengthwise to insert over rod
  • Pool noodles - Cut into segments and use in place of rolls

PVC, pipe insulation, pool noodles, etc. may last longer than cardboard rolls. The key is using a thin, straight material that can fit between the curtain panels.

Getting creative with materials allows you to match the spacer color to your curtains or decor. Ultimately anything that spaces the panels evenly will work.


This simple yet genius curtain hack from TikTok offers an easy way to get perfectly spaced curtain panels using toilet paper rolls or other household items. No more uneven, bunching curtains!

The spacer rolls instantly transform your curtains into an evenly distributed, consistent look - while remaining totally invisible behind the panels.

Whether you use cardboard rolls, PVC pipes, or pool noodles, the materials for this DIY trick are affordable and accessible. And it only takes minutes to install for an instant upgrade.

Give this viral TikTok curtain hack a try for picture-perfect, evenly spaced curtains in your home. Your windows will look crisp, expensive, and straight off a magazine cover!

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