Transform Your Windowless Bathroom With These 16 Paint Colors 

Bob Thomas

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for the perfect paint color for your bathroom that’s unfortunately without windows.

This is a common situation and can be tricky, but fear not, I’ve got your back!

By the time you finish this article, you’ll know exactly what colors will work best and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Quick Summary

Selecting a paint color for a bathroom without windows can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be quite a fun journey. Here’s a snapshot of the key points we’ll cover: 1) Why it’s crucial to choose the right paint color for a bathroom with no windows 2) How lighting affects your color choice 3) Sixteen top paint colors that can transform your windowless bathroom into a spa-like retreat 4) Pro tips on how to apply the paint correctly for the best finish

Importance of Choosing the Right Color

Bathrooms without windows lack natural light, which can make them feel small, cramped, and uninviting.

The right paint color can help compensate for the lack of sunlight, making your bathroom feel more spacious, brighter, and cleaner.

How Lighting Affects Color

In rooms with no windows, artificial light plays a crucial role in how paint colors appear on the walls.

Different types of light bulbs emit different light tones—some are warm, others are cool, and this greatly impacts how your paint color will look.

Hence, when picking a paint color, always consider the type of light you have in your bathroom.

Sixteen Perfect Paint Colors for a Windowless Bathroom

I’ve compiled a list of sixteen ideal paint colors for a windowless bathroom, carefully considering their ability to enhance artificial light and create a brighter, more spacious feel.

1. White 

It’s the most obvious choice, but it’s a classic for a reason. White reflects light well and helps make small spaces feel larger. Try Behr’s Polar Bear or Benjamin Moore’s Super White for a fresh, crisp look.

2. Soft Gray 

A light gray color like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl or soft gray colored tiles can add sophistication without making the space feel confined.

3. Cream 

Warmer than white, cream adds a cozy touch. Farrow & Ball’s Cream No.44 offers a beautiful buttery hue that can make your bathroom feel luxurious.

4. Blush Pink

This soft, rosy shade is not just trendy; it adds warmth and femininity to any room. Consider Sherwin-Williams’s Intimate White for a subtle blush tone.

5. Aqua

For a beachy, calming vibe, go with an aqua shade like Benjamin Moore’s Gossamer Blue.

6. Mint Green

This fresh, light hue can evoke a spa-like feel. Check out Farrow & Ball’s Pale Powder No.204.

7. Powder Blue 

This delicate blue hue is serene and airy. Behr’s Clear Pond is a great option.

8. Lavender

An unconventional choice, but a soft lavender can add a playful yet elegant touch. Try Sherwin-Williams’s Veiled Violet.

9. Yellow

A soft, buttery yellow like Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow can infuse the room with a sunny charm.

10. Taupe

This earthy, neutral hue adds warmth without overpowering the space. Try Benjamin Moore’s Tapestry Beige.

11. Peach

A light peach color like Sherwin-Williams’s naive peach adds a soft, warm glow to the bathroom.

12. Coral 

For a more vibrant touch, try a muted coral like Benjamin Moore’s Coral Gables.

13. Sage Green

This light, muted green has a calming, natural appeal. Consider Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage.

14. Champagne 

This subtle, sophisticated hue adds warmth and elegance. Try Sherwin-Williams’s Champagne.

15. Light Teal

A gentle teal color like Benjamin Moore’s Tranquil Blue adds a soothing, aquatic vibe.

16. Ivory

This off-white color adds warmth without feeling too stark. Check out Behr’s Ivory Keys.

Remember, these are just suggestions.

Your personal taste and existing bathroom fixtures, flooring, and décor should also factor into your decision.


Transforming a windowless bathroom into a serene oasis is not an impossible feat.

Choosing the right paint color can drastically alter the ambiance, turning a potentially dull, claustrophobic space into a bright, spacious, and inviting retreat.

The shades we’ve discussed, ranging from calming aquas and soothing lavenders to energizing yellows and elegant champagnes, can all be the backdrop to your personal spa.

Remember, though, that your unique taste and existing décor are equally important factors to consider when making your selection.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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