Valspar vs. Dulux: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Next Painting Project

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Hello there! Bob Thomas here, a fully qualified painter and decorator with years of experience under my belt.

Today, I’m going to share my insights on two popular paint brands: Valspar and Dulux.

Quick Summary

Valspar and Dulux are both reputable paint brands known for their quality and durability. Dulux, being more affordable and widely available globally, often receives higher customer satisfaction ratings. Valspar, predominantly available in the US and UK, also offers a wide range of color options and low VOC paints. Both brands provide excellent coverage, long-lasting finishes, and a variety of sheens. However, Dulux is often favored for its smoother application and strong focus on sustainability.


Valspar and Dulux are two of the most popular paint brands on the market today.

Valspar, a brand that’s been around since 1806, is known for its reliability and versatility.

On the other hand, Dulux, a UK-based brand, is renowned for its high-quality range and commitment to sustainability.

Coverage and Durability

When it comes to coverage and durability, both Valspar and Dulux perform exceptionally well.

Valspar’s paints are known for their excellent coverage, often requiring fewer coats than other brands.

Dulux paints are also highly durable, with many of their products offering mould resistance and washability.


In terms of price, Dulux tends to be more affordable than Valspar.

However, the cost can vary depending on the specific product and where you purchase it.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices before making a decision.


Dulux is widely available globally, making it a convenient choice for many.

Valspar, while also available in many countries, is predominantly found in the US and UK.

Color Options

Both Valspar and Dulux offer a wide range of color options, allowing you to find the perfect shade for your project.

Whether you’re looking for a bold, vibrant color or a subtle, neutral hue, both brands have you covered.

Environmental Impact

Dulux has a strong focus on sustainability, with many of their products designed to minimize environmental impact.

They also have a range of eco-conscious paints.

Valspar also offers low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) options, which are better for the environment and indoor air quality.

Sheen and Finish Options

Whether you prefer a matte, satin, or gloss finish, both Valspar and Dulux have a variety of sheens and finishes to choosefrom.

This allows you to choose the perfect finish for your specific project.

Ease of Application

Both Valspar and Dulux paints are easy to apply.

However, some users find that Dulux paints go on smoother and are easier to work with.

This can be particularly beneficial for DIY beginners.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Both brands offer good customer service, but Dulux often receives higher customer satisfaction ratings.

This could be due to their extensive range of products, quality, and affordability.

Additional Considerations

When choosing between Valspar and Dulux, it’s also important to consider the specific needs of your project.

For instance, if you’re painting a high-traffic area, you might want to choose a paint that’s highly durable and washable.

If you’re painting a small, poorly ventilated space, a low VOC paint would be a better choice.

Pro Tip: When choosing paint, don’t just consider the color. Think about the finish as well. Different finishes not only create different looks but also have different levels of durability. For instance, gloss and semi-gloss finishes are more durable and easier to clean, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas.  

Personal Experience

As a professional painter and decorator, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Valspar and Dulux paints.

I’ve found that both brands offer high-quality products that are reliable and easy to work with.

However, I’ve often leaned towards Dulux for its affordability and wide availability.

Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQs)

Q. What type of paint is best for interiors, Valspar or Dulux?

  A: Both Valspar and Dulux offer a range of interior paints suitable for different needs. Valspar’s Signature Interior Paint is highly rated for its coverage and durability.

Dulux’s Easycare Washable & Tough Matt is known for its durability and being easy to clean.

The best choice depends on your specific needs, such as the room you’re painting and the look you’re going for.

Q. Are Valspar and Dulux paints suitable for exteriors?

  A: Yes, both Valspar and Dulux offer exterior paints. Valspar’s Duramax Exterior Paint is known for its weather resistance and durability.

Dulux Weathershield Exterior Paint is designed to protect against all weather conditions.

It’s always important to choose the right paint for the specific exterior surface you’re painting.

Q. Can I use Valspar and Dulux paints in a sprayer?

  A: Yes, both Valspar and Dulux paints can be used in a sprayer. However, it’s important to check the specific product details as some paints may need to be thinned before use in a sprayer.

Q. How long do Valspar and Dulux paints take to dry?

  A: The drying time for Valspar and Dulux paints can vary depending on the specific product and environmental conditions.

Generally, most latex paints are dry to the touch within a few hours, but it can take up to 30 days for them to fully cure.

Always check the paint can for specific drying times.

Q. Are Valspar and Dulux paints safe for children’s rooms?

  A: Yes, both Valspar and Dulux offer ranges of paint that are suitable for children’s rooms.

Valspar’s Zero VOC paint and Dulux’s Easycare Kids range are both designed to be safe and durable options for children’s rooms.

Always check the paint can for any safety information.

Q. Can I get custom colors in Valspar and Dulux paints?

  A: Yes, both Valspar and Dulux offer color matching services.

This means you can create a custom color to match an existing color in your home or to create a unique look.

Q. How do Valspar and Dulux paints perform in high humidity areas?

  A: Both Valspar and Dulux offer paints designed for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

These paints are designed to resist moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Valspar’s Kitchen & Bath paint and Dulux’s Mouldtec formulation are good options for these areas.


In the Valspar vs. Dulux debate, the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Both brands offer high-quality paints with a variety of color and finish options.

Consider factors like price, availability, environmental impact, and the specific needs of your project before making a decision.

And remember, the best paint for your project is the one that meets your specific needs and delivers the results you want.

Suggested Products:


  1. Valspar Signature Interior Paint: This is a high-performing paint and primer in one. It offers excellent hide and coverage, creating a smooth and durable finish. It’s also resistant to mildew, making it a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint: This is a weather-resistant paint that’s designed to withstand the elements. It offers excellent coverage and durability, protecting your home’s exterior from sun, rain, and snow.
  3. Valspar Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint: This is a specialty paint designed for cabinets. It’s highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens.


  1. Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt: This is a durable interior paint that’s designed to withstand the wear and tear of busy households. It’s washable and resistant to common stains, making it easy to keep your walls looking fresh and clean.
  2. Dulux Weathershield Exterior Paint: This paint is designed to protect your home’s exterior from all weather conditions. It’s formulated to resist cracking and peeling, ensuring your home looks great for longer.
  3. Dulux Magic White Matt: This paint goes on pink and fades to white in an hour, making it easy to see where you’ve painted and where you haven’t. It’s a great choice for ceilings or for rooms where you want a pure, bright white finish.

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