Wallpaper Estimator

How Does The Estimator Work?

The wallpaper estimator tool calculates the number of rolls needed based on the room dimensions and the dimensions of the wallpaper rolls. It determines the number of wallpaper strips required to cover the room's walls and then translates this into rolls, considering each roll's width and length.

Several factors can influence the accuracy of this estimate:

  • Pattern repeat: If the wallpaper has a pattern that needs to be matched, additional wallpaper may be required to ensure the patterns align correctly. The tool does not account for this, so users should consult the manufacturer's guidelines or a professional installer when working with patterned wallpapers.
  • Trimming waste: While the estimator calculates the number of strips required, there might be some waste due to trimming to fit the walls, especially around windows, doors, or other architectural features.
  • Doors and windows: The estimator calculates based on the full room dimensions without subtracting for doors and windows. This approach may lead to a slight overestimation but serves as a safety margin. It's always wise to have a bit of extra wallpaper for touch-ups, errors, or future repairs.

It's essential to understand that the wallpaper estimator provides a general estimate and should be used as a starting point. Given the nuances of wallpaper installation, it's always recommended to purchase a little extra wallpaper to account for unforeseen challenges.

For the most accurate estimate, consultation with a professional wallpaper installer or referencing the manufacturer's guidelines for the specific wallpaper in use is advised.