20 Easy and Affordable Bedroom Decor Ideas for Fall

Bob Thomas

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Can you feel that autumn chill in the air? I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to cozy up my bedroom super quick. Time for a fall decor change-up!

In this article, I’m sharing 20 cheap and simple bedroom decorating ideas to help make your sleep space feel like an autumn oasis.

I’ll cover quick DIY touches like an easy leaf garland over your headboard and string lights for dreamy ambiance. Plus, homey accents like plaid throws, textured pillows, and natural elements to embrace that rustic hygge vibe.

Picture waking up surrounded by the scent of a pumpkin cinnamon candle, snuggled in your new knit blanket. 

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1. Rustic Wood Signs

White wall with gray painted wood sign.

Deck your walls with charming wood signs featuring leafy shapes, pumpkin motifs, or cute phrases like “Hello Fall” or “Grateful”. Dollar store boards and acrylic paint make this DIY decor so affordable. You could also make one for your living room fall décor makeover

Paint Colors

  • Walls: Crisp white


  • Table: White painted wood


  • Sign: Wooden ‘HALLIFVAI’ board
  • Vase: Tall white ceramic with fall florals
  • Pumpkin: Medium-sized orange pumpkin (real or faux)
  • Small Jar: White jar with leaf imprint


  • Hanging Decor: Tassel and bead hanging decor

2. Fairy Light Canopy

Gold string lights arranged in leaf shapes on ceiling over white bed.

Create a magical sleep space by stringing fairy lights on the wall or canopy over your bed. Shape them into leaves, clouds or hearts – whatever you vibe with! They add the prettiest glow.

Paint Colors

  • Wall Color: Soft beige or muted taupe


  • Fairy Lights: Warm white string lights with green faux vines intertwined
  • Window Lights: Twinkle star curtain lights

Bedroom Decor

  • Bed: Wooden frame with taupe-colored bedding
  • Pillows: Neutral-colored with minimalistic patterns
  • Canopy: White sheer draping with string lights and faux vines

Room Features

  • Floor: Neutral carpeting
  • Window: Large with a view of the city lights

3. Candle Vignettes

Assorted cream, amber and gold candles on dark brown wooden dresser

Clustering an assortment of candles together on dressers, nightstands and shelves makes such a pretty vignette. Go for fall scents like apple cider – instant cozy!


  • Types: Votive, jar, and pillar candles
  • Colors: Warm white, amber, and deep brown
  • Design: Some with intricate metallic patterns
  • Sizes: Varying from small votives to larger jars

Decor Elements

  • Vases: Dark-toned with dried florals
  • Table: Dark wooden table or mantelpiece
  • Other Elements: Brass candle holders and stands


  • Lighting: Warm and soft, provided by the candles
  • Mood: Cozy, intimate, and serene

4. Cozy Plaid Bedding

Red buffalo plaid pillows, shams, and throw blanket on white duvet cover.

Who doesn’t love burrowing under fluffy blankets and pillows? For fall, go for plaid prints in rich hues like hunter green, burgundy, and buffalo check. Layering textures and patterns over your bedding just feels so cozy.

Paint Colors

  • Wall Color: Light beige or off-white


  • Main Color: White
  • Blanket: Red and black buffalo plaid
  • Pillows: Red and black buffalo plaid, and white with tree design

Decor Elements

  • Wall Art: Monochrome forest sketch
  • Bedside Table: Rustic wooden design
  • Lamp: White lampshade with wooden base

Room Features

  • Window: Large wooden-framed with view of snowy landscape

5. Woven Baskets for Storage

Tan woven rattan baskets on cream shag rug holding folded cream and brown blankets.

Woven baskets made of natural materials like rattan or seagrass make great rustic storage solutions. Use them to stash cozy blankets, slippers, or seasonal sweaters. Grouping a few together creates an earthy fall display.

Paint Colors

  • Wall Color: Linen or off-white


  • Main Color: White
  • Throw Blanket: Off-white with textured stripes
  • Pillows: White, beige, and deep brown cushions

Decor Elements

  • Storage Baskets: Woven in deep brown tones
  • Plants: Indoor greenery in woven pots
  • Rug: Off-white textured rug

6. Seasonal Scented Candles

orange candle and one empty candle on a bedside table

Nothing gets you in the fall spirit quite like scented candles! Go for delicious aromas like apple pie, spiced pumpkin, or maple. Arrange them around your bedroom to really immerse yourself in those cozy seasonal scents.

Paint Colors

  • Wall Color: Antique white or off-white


  • Main Color: White
  • Pillow: Deep red cushion
  • Blanket: White with thin red stripes

Decor Elements

  • Lamp: Gold base with a beige lampshade
  • Floral Arrangement: Bright orange roses with green foliage
  • Candles: One with a deep orange hue and another clear with white wax
  • Table: Light wooden bedside table

7. Faux Fur Throws

 Cream faux fur throw blanket draped over end of bed

Curl up in seriously soft style with faux fur throws in neutral shades. Layer them on chairs, benches, or the foot of your bed for a glam cozy vibe. They add great texture perfect for fall.

Paint Colors

  • Wall Color: Wheat or soft beige


  • Blanket: Plush faux fur in off-white
  • Pillows: Combination of off-white and beige with varying textures

Decor Elements

  • Side Table: Metallic frame with a white top
  • Glassware: Two clear glasses with a carafe

8. Gallery Wall with Art

Gallery wall over bed showcasing framed fall leaves prints and photos.

Display fun fall art and photos in trendy gallery wall style. Frame nature prints, botanical drawings, or photos from apple orchards and pumpkin patches for seasonal charm.

Paint Color

  • Soft Ivory or light cream


  • Pillows: White base, orange accent, and a patterned blue & white pillow
  • Blanket: Bright orange textured throw
  • Bedspread: Off-white quilted design

Decor Elements

  • Wall Art: Collection of framed botanical prints in varying orange hues
  • Side Table: Dark brown wood with a drawer
  • Lamps: White ceramic base with white lampshade
  • Plant: Potted green plant with large round leaves

Window Treatments

  • Curtains/Drapes: Muted brown, floor-length curtains

9. Decorative Wood Slice Discs

Assorted wood slice discs in cream, tan, and brown on gray bedroom wall.

Wood slice decor makes such a pretty, natural statement. Put round discs on your wall behind your bed. You can find or buy wood pieces to style into an earthy fall display.

Paint Colors

  • Wall: Neutral beige

Wall Decor

  • Wood Slices: Collection of wooden slices with natural patterns, arranged artistically


  • Pillows: One with a zigzag pattern and another with horizontal black & white stripes
  • Blanket: Dark brown textured throw
  • Bedding: Plain white with beige headboard

Decor Elements

  • Table Decor: Golden ornamental piece, possibly a flower or leaf design
  • Book: One book placed below the ornamental piece
  • Lamp: Off-white shade with a simple base

10. Textured Throw Pillows

cream cable knit pillow atop a white bed.

Cozy up your seating with textured throw pillows in fuzzy velvet, chunky cable knits, or nubby tweed fabrics. Neutral colors like cream and tan paired with subtle patterns give a warm, inviting look.

Paint Colors

  • Wall: White


  • Pillows: White and beige textured pillows
  • Blanket: White blanket with fringe
  • Headboard: White with decorative nailheads

Decor Elements

  • Lamp: White ceramic base with a white lampshade
  • Books: Stack of books placed by the lamp

11. DIY Leafy Headboard Garland

Headboard with garland made of orange and yellow leaves and twine.

Take inspiration from nature and make your own earthy focal point. Grab fallen leaves, small twigs, and burlap ribbon to craft a cute garland for your headboard or wall. Add faux leaves and mini gourds if you need ’em!

Paint Color

  • Warm Beige


  • Bed Sheets: White
  • Pillows: Two large white pillows and two accent orange pillows


  • Fairy Lights: Leaf-themed with soft yellow glow
  • Headboard: Natural wooden finish

12. Flickering Candles

Various sized flameless candles with orange flickering bulbs on a gray concrete mantel.

Add ambience with clusters of flickering flameless candles. Arrange different shapes and sizes together on your mantle, dresser, nightstands or windowsills for lots of cozy glow.

Paint Color

  • Muted Gray


  • Blanket: Thick gray knit blanket
  • Pillows: Neutral beige and gray tones

Decor Elements

  • Wall Art: Framed monochrome botanical print
  • Vase: Clear with a bunch of dried florals and leaves
  • String Lights: Warm white fairy lights
  • Table Decor: Various candles, a lantern, and books


  • Shelf: Gray minimalist wall-mounted shelf

13. Fall Botanical Prints

Trio of framed prints depicting orange maple leaves on a beige wall.

Show your love for autumn foliage by displaying pretty botanical art prints featuring leaves, dried flowers, herbs, and plants. Metal art prints add sleek modern edge. Or go classic with matted floral prints in wooden frames.

Paint Color

  • Creamy off-white


  • Pillows: Neutral tones with an orange accent pillow
  • Blanket: Soft gray woven blanket
  • Bedspread: White

Wall Art

  • Framed Leaves: Series of three maple leaves in autumn colors

Decor Elements

  • Lamps: Contemporary with a clear base and white shade
  • Vase: Slim clear glass with slender branches

14. Warm Textures and Tones

Bed with white linens, brown headboard, wooden nightstands, and cream knit throw blanket.

Create a welcoming look with natural textures and colors that reflect autumn. Think rugs, bedding, curtains, furniture and accessories in cream, beige, brown, tan, burlap, and linen. It’s all about cozy neutral layers.

Paint Color

  • Soft beige or light taupe


  • Pillows: Combination of beige, soft brown, and a bold terracotta colored pillow
  • Blanket: Beige woven throw with fringes
  • Bedspread: Smooth cream color

Decor Elements

  • Wall Art: Framed abstract artwork with earthy tones
  • Wall Decor: Large woven circular piece
  • Vase: Tall, slender beige vase with dried florals
  • Nightstands: Wooden with open shelf and drawer
  • Lamps: Wooden base with cream lampshade


  • Rug: Textured beige area rug

15. Mood Lighting

Rattan pendant light over white bed flanked by white lamp. Cream knit throw and pillows.

Use ambient lighting like table lamps, wall sconces, fairy lights, and lanterns to create a relaxing mood. Opt for warm light bulbs and position lighting to provide a soft glow at night.

Paint Color

  • Pale Ivory or soft cream


  • Pillows: White base with subtle linear patterns in taupe
  • Bedspread: Smooth cream color

Decor Elements

  • Lighting: Wicker or rattan pendant lights
  • Headboard: Rattan or wicker patterned design
  • Table Lamp: White base with curved design and a white shade
  • Nightstand: Natural wood finish

16. Cozy Reading Nook

ratten armchair in corner next to rattan side table. Pink knit throw blanket.

Create an inviting reading nook with a comfy chair or daybed dressed in soft blankets and plush pillows. Add ambient lighting and a side table for a relaxing little retreat to cozy up with a book.

Paint Colors

  • Mauve pink


  • Chair: Woven rattan chair with beige cushions
  • Side Table: Wooden round table

Decor Elements

  • Wall Art: Framed autumnal landscape print
  • Vase: Earth-toned tall vase with fluffy pink branches
  • Pillow: Pink pillow with button
  • Throw: Pink soft-textured throw
  • Lamp: Dual pendant hanging lamp with white lampshades


  • Floor: Light wooden flooring
  • Rug: Neutral-toned woven area rug

17. Mood Board for Inspiration

Canvas mood board collage with images of plaid blankets, white pumpkins, and autumn leaves.

Make a fall inspired vision board with images, fabrics, or color swatches to get in the mood for decorating. Hang your mood board where you can see it and let it guide your design choices.

Bedroom Mood Board

  • Bed: White bed linen with an orange blanket and a plush white and orange pillow. Features a rustic wooden headboard.
  • Wall Decor: Framed autumnal landscape, wall-mounted fairy lights, and scattered maple leaves.
  • Chair: Vintage chair with wooden legs and autumn foliage cushion.
  • Chandelier: Rustic, metal globe-style chandelier.
  • Table: Wooden table with a white teapot.
  • Decor: A collection of pumpkins, a wooden vase with dried grass, and fabric samples with autumnal hues.

18. Faux Fur Accent Chair

Round cream faux fur chair

An eye-catching faux fur chair makes a glam statement and provides extra cozy seating. Drape your comfiest throw over it to curl up in. Furry chairs add playful texture perfect for fall.

Paint Color

  • Muted gray-blue shade


  • Chair: Plush white faux fur chair with gold legs.
  • Side Table: Modern blue side table.

Decor Elements

  • Decorative Art Piece: Abstract golden sculpture placed on the table.
  • Window: Floor-to-ceiling window with a view of a snowy landscape.

Floor Elements

  • Flooring: Sleek light wood flooring.
  • Rug: White shag rug adding softness to the space.

19. Nature-Inspired Wall Decals

Green leafy branch decal wall mural above green headboard and on gray colored wall

Spice up blank walls with easy to apply wall decals featuring fall motifs like leaves, branches or pine trees. Peel and stick decals add an outdoorsy feel without the commitment of wallpaper.

Paint Color

  • Light gray shade
  • Forest green (bed)


  • Bed: Elegant green upholstered bed with a raised design.
  • Bedside Tables: Wooden tables with a minimalist design.
  • Chair: Gray fabric upholstered chair with wooden legs.

Decor Elements

  • Wall Mural: Large leafy branches extending across the wall.
  • Lamps: Modern black wall-mounted lamps.
  • Decor: Minimalistic items on bedside tables.

Window & View

  • Curtains: Long beige curtains with pleats.
  • View: Urban cityscape with modern buildings.

Floor Elements

  • Flooring: Pale wooden flooring.
  • Rug: Light gray area rug with a soft texture.

20. Coordinating Nightstands

Wooden nightstand with vase and lamp on with a matching one on the other side of the bed out of view

Tie your space together with matching wood nightstands or dressers in an autumnal finish like oak, acorn, or rustic gray. Stylize them further with natural elements like flower vases or trays of pinecones.

Paint Color

  • Warm beige
  • Light brown


  • Bed: Plush upholstered bed in a neutral shade.
  • Bedside Table: Oak bedside table with two drawers and a smooth finish.

Decor Elements

  • Vases: A white ceramic vase holding golden-yellow flowers, accompanied by two smaller vases—one ceramic and the other a transparent amber hue.
  • Lamp: Amber-colored lamp base with a beige lampshade.
  • Cushion: Neutral-toned cushion with a textured finish on the bed.


  • Blanket: Neutral-colored blanket with textured patterns.
  • Pillow: Light brown pillow on the bed.

Floor Elements

  • Flooring: Warm wooden flooring.
  • Rug: Textured beige rug partially visible at the bottom of the image.

Which of these decor ideas are you most likely to try out this fall?

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Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Incorporate natural textures like woven baskets and wood slice decor.
  2. Display DIY wreaths and artwork with foraged materials and fall colors.
  3. Layer plush blankets, throws, and pillows for extra coziness.
  4. Add warm lighting with fairy lights, candles, and lanterns.
  5. Refresh your space with coordinating furniture pieces and accessories.

With simple touches like rustic signs, candle vignettes, textured linens, and ambient lighting, you can easily transition your sleep sanctuary to be warm, inviting, and ready for autumn.

Let these 20 budget-friendly bedroom decor ideas inspire you to give your personal oasis a seasonal refresh with cozy, affordable autumnal flair.

Get ready to relax in a space that helps you unwind and recharge this fall.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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