20 Modern Bohemian (Boho) Living Room Ideas On A Budget

Bob Thomas


Bohemian decor is defined by its carefree, eclectic vibe – but you don’t need a big budget to nail the look. 

With clever shopping and a bit of DIY spirit, anyone can craft a stylish boho living room on a budget

I’ve compiled 20 of my favorite modern bohemian living room ideas that maximize cozy vibes without emptying your wallet. 

Read on for thrifty ways to infuse your space with boho charm.

1. Display Collected Flea Market Finds

A white and light wood modern bohemian living room with shelves filled with collected vintage items, antique books, brass objects, and colorful glassware styled in layered arrangements.

Fill shelves, side tables, mantels or wall ledges with eclectic thrifted finds like antique books, brass objects, colorful glassware, or vintage photos. Creating layered displays gives a curated boho vibe on a budget.

2. Use Macrame Wall Hangings

A modern living room with white walls and a large cream macrame wall hanging with an organic leafy pattern hanging above a gray sofa. Bohemian style

Inexpensive DIY macrame tapestries add great bohemian flair as wall art and can provide a textural focal point above a sofa or bed. Choose organic patterns in cream, tan or gray for a subtle look.

3. Add A Patterned Tapestry 

Eclectic modern bohemian living room with a large embroidered cotton tapestry in red, orange, blue colors hanging above a rattan chair.

An exotic mirrored tapestry or embroidered cotton wall hanging can make a big visual impact above your seating area. Look for discounted tapestries online or at flea markets.

4. Mix And Match Thrift Store Rugs

Modern bohemian living room with mixed vintage rugs layered on top of one another - a large jute rug on bottom, then a Turkish kilim rug in cream and blue on top of that, and a white sheepskin rug on top.

Layering vintage rugs of varying sizes, textures and patterns is an easy way to get that eclectic bohemian floor for less. Try a large jute rug as a base with a Turkish kilim and sheepskin on top.

5. Display Global Textiles

White modern living room with brightly colored and patterned Turkish, Moroccan, and Mexican textiles displayed on the wall, used as pillows, and draped as throws. Bohemian style.

Richly patterned textiles like Turkish kilims, Moroccan poufs, or Mexican blankets add boho flair when used as wall hangings, pillow covers or throws. Shop second-hand or import stores for deals.

6. Create DIY Woven Wall Art 

 Boho modern living room with a wall hanging made from woven natural fiber ropes and cream textured twine arranged in an abstract organic shape.

Use inexpensive natural fiber rope or twine to weave your own on-trend wall hangings. This easy DIY project adds free-spirited bohemian style.

7. Paint With Earthy Hues 

Modern bohemian living room with walls painted in warm terracotta orange and sand colors. Bohemian furniture and decor.

Warm terracotta, sand or sage green are great paint colors to complement bohemian style. Paint the walls and upcycle thrift store furniture in these organic tones.

8. Incorporate Plants

 Modern white and wood living room with hanging bohemian macrame plant holders on the wall filled with trailing green pothos, philodendrons and ferns.

Trailing plants like pothos, philodendrons or ferns in macrame hangers provide boho texture and bring nature indoors. Go for low-maintenance varieties and used macrame holders.

9. Use Floor Cushions 

Modern bohemian living room with a variety of patterned floor cushions and poufs piled around a brown coffee table. Patterns include ikat, tribal, and colorful Moroccan designs.

Piling comfy floor pillows and poufs around a coffee table creates a laid-back seating area with bohemian flair. Opt for a mix of exotic patterns and materials like velvet, wool and leather.

10. Add A Hammock

 Relaxed modern bohemian living room with a white woven cotton hammock hung in a corner filled with patterned pillows and blankets.

Suspend an inexpensive woven cotton hammock in a corner to create chill boho lounge spot. Load up with pillows and blankets for an inviting oasis.

11. Display Found Objects

Bohemian style living room with a rustic wood coffee table displaying various collected found items including shells and blue glass bottles artfully arranged.

Arranging interesting collected items like antlers, seashells, or colorful glass creates an eclectic coffee table display with boho charm. Let your discoveries dictate the grouping.

12. Incorporate Natural Wood

Modern minimalist living room with wood side table, live edge wood slice wall hangings, and driftwood decor. Bohemian style.

Use driftwood, unfinished wood slices, bamboo or rattan accents as budget-friendly bohemian inspired decor. Try linking wood discs to make a unique wall hanging, or a single one for a more minimalistic look. 

13. Gallery Walls

Bohemian modern living room with a gallery wall filled with framed art including vintage botanical prints, concert posters, maps, and photography.

Fill a wall with art sourced from thrift shops, flea markets and your own photography for a varied artsy display. Opt for framed vintage prints, band posters and landscapes.

14. Try Upholstery With Boho Vibes

Modern armchair reupholstered in an intricate orange, pink and blue ikat patterned fabric. Bohemian living room.

Reupholster thrift store chairs using colorful tribal or ikat patterned fabrics. This easy upgrade adds a vibrant bohemian accent to any seating.

15. Use A Moroccan Pouf 

Light filled modern bohemian living room with a Moroccan pouf

These low leather ottomans function as eclectic coffee tables or extra seating with bohemian flair. Search flea markets or import stores for deals on authentic poufs.

16. Add Faux Fur Accents

Modern white and wood living room with cream shag faux fur pillows and white fur rug accent. Bohemian style.

Inexpensive fuzzy pillows, area rugs and throw blankets create playful bohemian texture. Stick to cream and white furs for a lighter vibe.

17. Display Your Books

: Relaxed modern bohemian living room with a built-in dark wood bookshelf stuffed fully with books of different sizes and colors organized in a layered style.

Filled bookshelves in a mix of heights, sizes and colors exude a relaxed bohemian vibe. Go for an artful but not overly organized arrangement.

18. Add Papier-mâché Bowls 

Rustic wood coffee table with an assortment of colorful hand painted papier-mâché bowls displayed on top. Bohemian decor.

Use these lightweight natural material bowls for eclectic catchalls, fruit displays or object organizers. Opt for handpainted or raw finish bowls.

19. Incorporate Rattan Furniture

Modern bohemian living room with round woven rattan side table and cream rattan chair.

Affordable woven rattan coffee tables, chairs or hanging chairs complement boho decor. Search thrift shops, flea markets and yard sales for secondhand pieces.

20. Use Bold Patterns And Colors

Vibrant modern bohemian living room with bright patterned pillows in ikat, suzani, and abstract prints layered on colorful couches and armchairs.

Mix and match brightly colored and globally inspired pillows and textiles in jewel tones and exotic prints. Layer in plaids, ikat and suzani patterns.

Remember you can always mix and match ideas together, and always go with what your personal preferences are as that will always look best for you.  


The 20 modern bohemian living room ideas presented demonstrate creative ways to achieve stylish boho decor on a budget.

Key takeaways:

  • Source from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets for unique secondhand finds at low prices
  • Use global textiles from places like Turkey, Mexico, Morocco to add bold patterns
  • Create DIY wall hangings, art, and furnishings with natural fibers, woods, recycled materials
  • Paint with earthy hues like terracotta, sage, sand for an organic boho feel
  • Incorporate eclectic touches like macrame, hanging plants, poufs, hammocks, found objects
  • Mix and match colors, patterns, textures fearlessly to reflect your tastes
  • Display collected items meaningfully throughout the space
  • Arrange seating, rugs, accents in an inviting, layered way for maximum coziness

With creativity and resourcefulness, you can craft a budget-friendly bohemian living room oasis.

These ideas offer affordable inspiration to make your home uniquely you.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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