20 Boho Industrial Living Room Ideas & Inspiration

Bob Thomas


The bohemian and industrial styles may seem like opposites, but these 20 boho industrial living room ideasand inspirations will have you embracing this bold blend. 

From exposed brick walls to reclaimed wood furniture, you’ll discover creative ways to fuse vintage finds, natural elements, and modern lines for spaces with rugged yet artistic flair.

Let these stunning rooms motivate you to creare an urban oasis with both boho and industrial panache.

1. Exposed Brick Walls Meet Boho Softness

Exposed brick wall urban loft living room with concrete floor. Persian rug, green plants, grey linen sofa, and modern pendant light. Boho industrial style.

Expose raw architectural elements like brick walls, concrete floors and wood beam ceilings for rugged industrial texture. Then soften the urban space with upcycled boho rugs, tapestries and abundant green plants. Add a grey linen sofa and modern pendant lighting.

2. Woven Seating and Leafy Greenery for Urban Oasis

Urban loft living room with hanging rattan egg chair and woven pouf. Marble topped metal table. Large monstera leafy plant in corner. Edison bulb pendant light above dining table. Modern bohemian industrial.

Create a modern bohemian oasis by bringing nature indoors with hanging rattan chairs, poufs, and leafy plants. Then contrast with industrial details like steel accent tables and vintage Edison bulb lights.

3. Reclaimed Wood Meets Vintage Bohemian Touches

Mid-century modern grey linen sofa and reclaimed wood coffee table. Macrame wall hanging tapestry. Turkish kilim pillows on sofa. Rustic meets urban boho industrial living room.

Use a mix of reclaimed wood furniture, whether in sleek modern silhouettes or rustic unfinished pieces. Top with vintage macrame cushions and Turkish kilim pillows for eclectic bohemian flair.

4. Antique Barnwood Walls and Turkish Rugs

Industrial urban loft living room with walls covered in antique barnwood planks. Abstract painting in black frame above blue sofa. Turkish Moroccan rug adds color. Electric guitar displayed.

Transform a basic urban loft space by covering walls with architectural salvage materials like antique barnwood. Then inject color with a vibrant Anatolian vintage rug and posters in eclectic frames above a curated sofa.

5. Distressed Leather and Sputnik Lights for Urban Boho

Chesterfield leather sofa and ornate Persian rug layered on cowhide in urban living room. sputnik chandelier. Lush green plants. Distressed vintage boho industrial decor.

Embrace lived-in vintage charm with distressed leather chesterfield sofas and ornate Persian pattern rugs layered on cowhide floor coverings. Add sputnik chandeliers and lush potted plants to complete the urban boho vibe.

6. Abstract Art Gallery Wall Meets Modular Sofa

Boho industrial living area with large gray modular sofa, colorful abstract wall tapestries, jute rug. Exposed brick wall and piping.

Merge modern and bohemian with a sculptural grey modular sofa paired with a colorful abstract art gallery wall featuring vintage tapestries. Finish with a retro revival jute rug, or another colourful style.

7. Vintage Persian Rug Adds Boho Softness

Vintage Persian Rug, concrete floor with metal and wood furniture

A vintage ornate Persian rug layered over concrete floors creates soft boho texture within an urban industrial loft living room. Accent with metal and wood furnishings and abundant green houseplants.

8. Reclaimed Wood Furniture With Tribal Ikat Accents

Reclaimed Wood Furniture With Tribal Ikat Accents pillows in boho industrial style living room

Contrast reclaimed wood coffee tables and console units with sleek modern seating, whether black leather Barcelona chairs or a grey linen sectional. Add global touches with tribal ikat pillows and Turkish kilim throws.

9. Distressed Persian Rug Adds Boho Softness

distressed Persian rug on concrete floor with reclaimed wood and metal table in boho industrial living room

A distressed vintage Persian rug layered on concrete floors brings boho softness to an urban industrial loft living room. Accent with reclaimed wood and metal furnishings.

10. Tribal Print Pillows Anchor Industrial Sofa

Tribal Print Pillows witj  Industrial linel grey Sofa boho industrial living room

Make a bold statement by pairing tribal printed pillows with a sleek grey linen industrial sofa. Add a rug and modern floor lamp.

11. Found Objects Displayed on Industrial Console

industrial style table with metal found objects and books with plants in boho industrial style living room

Display collected found objects like vintage books and distressed metal objects across a sleek steel industrial media console table. Adds boho charm.

12. Vintage Pendant Lights Contrast Concrete

exposed brick walls pendant lights and boho style pillows and rug

Add vintage piping pendant lights to contrast and soften an urban industrial concrete ceiling and exposed brick wall. Bohemian style pillows and rug.

13. Vintage Turkish Rug Covers Concrete Floor

Vintage turkish rug on conrete floor with potted green plants in boho industrial living room

Layer a distressed vintage Turkish kilim area rug over raw industrial concrete floors. Add reclaimed wood chairs and abundant potted plants for boho flair.

14. Navy and Exposed Brick for Urban Loft

Navy wall and an exposed brick wall with a chevron style rug and navy sofa in boho industrial style living room

Curate a small urban loft living room with a navy chevron rug, navy linen sofa, and cream curtains. Exposed pipes and reclaimed wood coffee table.

15. Vintage Rug And Modern Desk Define Spaces

rug and desk in split loft boho industrial style living room

Define living areas in an open urban loft with a vintage Turkish kilim under the lounge and sleek desk.

16. Unexpected Plants Bring Organic Edge

green wall, exposed bricks and pipe work in a boho industrial living room

Add unexpected living green walls, vertical gardens or potted palms to inject bohemian personality into sleek industrial loft living rooms.

17. Macrame Wall Hangings Offer Boho Softness

Macrame Wall Hangins with metal and wood table and concrete floor in boho industrial living room

Add macrame wall tapestries in natural fibers and textures for an artistic, bohemian focal point. Contrast with sleek industrial finishes like matte black metal and concrete

18. Line Art and Geometric Prints for Bold Impact

Line Art and Geometric Prints on wall in boho industrial living room

Make a statement in an living area by hanging graphic art prints like abstract line drawings or geometric designs in black and white. Complements industrial look while adding artistic edge.

19. Warm Metallics Soften Industrial Materials

cement like walls and brass and copper accents in boho industrial living room

Warm up raw industrial surfaces like cement walls and steel beams by incorporating brass and copper accents. Try metallic finishes on light fixtures, furniture legs or accessories.

20. Found Object Gallery Wall Adds Quirk

Found Object Gallery Wall with industrial style light in a boho industrial living room

Fill a large wall with collected items and found objects. Create visual interest with various shapes, patinas, and textures grouped into mini still life installations for an artistic and eclectic gallery wall.

These are the 20 ideas and inspiration images. 


Blending industrial and bohemian styles requires both creativity and balance.

By fusing vintage charm with urban edge, you can craft a unique living space that has raw modern appeal infused with artistic warmth.

The key is in the details:

  • Source reclaimed woods, vintage rugs, and used furnishings from thrift stores and flea markets
  • Incorporate global textiles like Turkish kilims, Moroccan poufs, and tribal ikat prints
  • Create DIY wall art and decor from natural fibers, woods, recycled materials
  • Use a muted palette punctuated by bold ethnic patterns and vivid colors
  • Display curated found objects and artwork for an eclectic gallery wall
  • Layer ornate rugs over distressed leathers and concrete floors
  • Contrast sleek metal and concrete with abundant plants and soft textiles
  • Illuminate with mix of modern and Edison bulb pendant lighting
  • Arrange furniture at inviting angles and pile with pillows
  • Fuse raw industrial and artistic boho with the right balanced details

These boho industrial living room ideas offer creative inspiration for blending two distinct aesthetics into one signature style.

By balancing industrial minimalism with bohemian warmth in your space, you can craft an urban sanctuary that perfectly reflects your vision.

Get ready to source special vintage finds, make bold contrasts, and display your treasured collections.

The possibilities are endless when you thoughtfully fuse industrial modern edge with artistic boho charm in your home.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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