20+ New Door Designs That Will Make Your Old Door Look Seriously Lame

Bob Thomas

Is your front door about as exciting as a plain piece of toast?

Does it blend into the background, making you yawn just by looking at it?

Well, prepare to say goodbye to that snoozefest, because these 20+ new door designs are about to shake things up!

Think bold colors, unexpected materials, and seriously cool vibes that will make your old door feel like a relic from the past.

Get ready to ditch the dull and upgrade your entryway with a door that screams personality!

 A sleek yellow door framed by dark walls and natural greenery in the background. The door's vibrant color pops against the softer hues of the exterior setting.An open cobalt blue door leading into a bright interior, showing a hallway with decorative elements like paintings and a plant. The view through the door invites entry into a welcoming space.A rich blue front door adorned with a golden wreath and featuring a blue lantern to the side. The door's classic design and decorative handle enhance its elegant appearance. A large door with glass panels framed by natural wood, opening onto a view of a neatly manicured lawn. The door offers a transparent connection between the interior and the exterior spaces.A contemporary door with glass panels set in a wooden frame, providing a view of the garden. The door integrates beautifully with the modern architecture and clean lines of the home.A minimalist entryway featuring a door with a textured concrete finish, set within a stark, geometric facade. The design emphasizes sharp lines and modernist aesthetics.A clean, white door set in a textured concrete wall, accompanied by sleek planters and minimalist landscaping. This entrance exemplifies modern design simplicity.A modern black front door equipped with integrated smart technology features, including a security camera and electronic lock, set in a wooden-paneled entryway.A contemporary black door highlighted by wood accents and smart tech enhancements. The door is flanked by modern planters and leads into a well-lit foyer.Modern black oversized front door featuring geometric cutouts in a black facade with a side glass panel, enhancing a contemporary home exterior.Sleek and artistic front door design with black angular geometric patterns on a white house facade, complemented by a minimalist black plant pot.Contemporary front entrance with a pivoting door system, framed by natural wood and large glass panels, highlighting a luxurious, open architectural style.Luxurious waterfront entryway featuring a large pivoting wood door, surrounded by glass panels and stone columns, set against a scenic lake view.Elegant traditional home entrance with a classic wooden door featuring intricate glass artwork and golden details, surrounded by white columns and potted plants.Classic wooden front door in a curved archway, flanked by wooden panels and decorative lanterns, set in a warm, inviting traditional house facade.Vibrant purple traditional door in a brick townhouse, accented with ornate door fixtures and surrounded by colorful flowers, creating a charming urban entry.Bright pink door on a quaint cottage, surrounded by lush greenery and floral arrangements, giving a cheerful and welcoming impression.Unique modern front door design featuring a sunburst pattern in orange tones, set in a white arched doorway of a contemporary house.Simple yet elegant yellow wooden door with a traditional design, set in a white doorway with a black and white checkered floor, providing a classic and clean look.

Bold Colors That Make a Statement

First up on our list of door design trends: bold, in-your-face colors!

Say goodbye to boring neutrals and hello to eye-popping hues like cobalt blue, sunshine yellow, and deep forest green.

These vibrant shades are like a shot of espresso for your home’s exterior, instantly boosting curb appeal and giving your guests a taste of your fearless style.

Who needs a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign when your front door practically screams, “Welcome to the party, pal!”?

Unexpected Materials That Break the Mold

Wood, schmood!

While classic wooden doors will always hold a special place in our hearts, the latest door designs are all about pushing the boundaries with unexpected materials.

Picture a sleek glass panel that lets in a flood of natural light or a metal-accented masterpiece that adds an industrial edge to your entryway.

And for the texturally adventurous among us, there are options galore – from bamboo to concrete, the sky’s the limit!

Statement Hardware That Steals the Show

When it comes to door hardware, bigger is most definitely better.

Oversized, sculptural handles and vintage-inspired knockers are like the statement necklaces of the door world – they instantly elevate any look and give your guests something to talk about (besides your killer guacamole recipe).

Mix and match finishes and styles to create a one-of-a-kind look that’s all your own.

Oversized & Pivot Designs That Make a Grand Entrance

Go big or go home? More like go big AND go home!

Oversized doors are having a major moment, with their dramatic proportions and commanding presence. 

And for those who really want to make an entrance, pivot doors are the way to go.

These engineering marvels rotate on a central axis, creating a grand reveal that’s sure to leave your guests slack-jawed (in a good way).

Smart Tech Integration for the Win

In the age of smart homes and even smarter phones, it’s no surprise that door design is getting a high-tech upgrade.

From fingerprint scanners to video doorbells and smart locks, these clever features add an extra layer of security and convenience to your daily life.

Plus, you can finally live out your James Bond fantasies without having to deal with pesky gadget malfunctions (looking at you, exploding pen).

Geometric & Textured Patterns That Wow

For the design-obsessed among us, a plain old door just won’t cut it.

Enter geometric patterns and eye-catching textures – the perfect way to add some visual interest to your entryway.

From abstract cutouts to etched glass and 3D panels, these artistic touches are like a mini art installation right at your front door.

Who needs a gallery wall when your door is a masterpiece in itself?

Natural Light, Come on Down!

Open-concept living is all the rage these days, and that extends to your entryway too!

Large glass panels, sidelights, and transom windows are the perfect way to let in a flood of natural light, creating a bright and airy ambiance that instantly makes your space feel larger.

Plus, you can finally put that vitamin D deficiency behind you (take that, winter blues!).

Craftsmanship That’s Built to Last

In a world of fast fashion and disposable decor, there’s something to be said for the timeless appeal of quality craftsmanship.

Handcrafted doors, with their artisanal details and bespoke finishes, are like the fine wines of the design world – they only get better with age.

From hand-carved motifs to luxe materials, these doors are built to stand the test of time (and the occasional slam from angsty teenagers).

Additional Considerations for the Savvy Homeowner

Of course, a beautiful door is only half the battle – you’ll also want to consider factors like energy efficiency, security, accessibility, and noise reduction.

Look for doors with tight seals and thermal insulation to keep your home cozy and your utility bills low, and opt for reinforced frames and multi-point locks for an extra layer of protection.

If accessibility is a concern, consider wider doorways and lever handles that are easy to operate.

And for those who value their beauty sleep (or just really hate the sound of garbage trucks at 5am), look for doors with noise-reducing materials and construction.


So, are you ready to kick your boring front door to the curb and upgrade your entryway with a design that’s as bold and unique as you are?

Whether you dream of a sunshine-yellow statement maker, a sleek and modern masterpiece, or a vintage-inspired charmer, the possibilities are endless!

Remember, your front door is the first thing guests see, so make it count.

And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing options, don’t forget to save your favorite images from this guide to Pinterest and share the inspiration with your friends on Facebook.

Let’s ditch those dull doors and make some seriously stylish entrances!

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