11 Small Living Room Ideas with TV and Fireplace to Cozy Up Your Space

Bob Thomas

When your small living room needs a dose of cozy character, a fireplace and TV combo can infuse style and warmth. But nailing the layout is key to keeping your space both inviting and functional.

This article explores ingenious small living room ideas for effortlessly integrating a television and fireplace. Discover clever ways to arrange furniture, design customized built-ins, and choose décor that enhances your focal features.

With strategic planning and decorating, even the most petite living room can become a snug sanctuary.

We’ll look at tips for mounting your TV, selecting fireplace materials, lighting, rugs, and more. You’ll find creative insights for maximizing aesthetics without sacrificing comfort and flow.

Follow these 11 small living room ideas with TV and fireplace to craft a space that’s brimming with coziness from the moment you step through the door.

1. Optimize Floor Space With a Corner Fireplace

Cozy living room featuring a white fireplace with a burning fire. Above the fireplace, there's a mounted television. The room is furnished with a beige sofa adorned with patterned and solid cushions, a wicker armchair with a white cushion, and a small wooden side table holding a lamp. The windows, dressed in woven blinds, provide a view of trees displaying autumn foliage. Decorative elements like a bowl of fruit, vases with flowers, and framed art add to the room's inviting ambiance.

One way to maximize your limited square footage is to place your fireplace strategically in the corner. This creates an angled nook that provides enough space for a TV mounted above the mantle.

Add a loveseat or two chairs facing the fireplace to complete your focal seating area. This intimate arrangement lets you enjoy flickering flames and your favorite shows in a cozy atmosphere.

I suggest choosing furniture with rounded edges to avoid a boxy feel. Incorporate warm tones like cream, tan and light brown to complement the fireplace warmth. Don’t forget small touches like throw blankets and pillows to up the cozy factor.

With smart furniture placement and decor, even the tightest corner can become a welcoming retreat.

2. Build a Custom Side-by-Side Built-In

Elegant living room with wooden built-in shelving units on both sides of a white fireplace. The fireplace is active, radiating a warm glow. Above the fireplace, there's a wall-mounted television. The room features a round wooden coffee table with a vibrant potted purple plant in the center. Nearby, a beige leather sofa is accented with patterned cushions. The hardwood floor is covered partially with a detailed area rug. The shelves are filled with decorative items, framed pictures, and books, creating a homely and curated atmosphere.

For a polished look, consider a custom-built fireplace and entertainment center combo. Built-in cabinetry crafted around your fireplace creates seamless storage and display space for your TV, components, books, decor and more.

Side-by-side built-ins give the illusion of expanded square footage and prevent your fireplace and TV from competing for visual attention.

Go for wood tones that blend into your overall color scheme, like espresso cabinets to contrast a white fireplace. Open shelves above the mantle provide perfect display space for framed photos, antiques or art.

Don’t forget task lighting like pendant lights above the cabinetry to create a warm glow during evening relaxation. With strategic built-ins, you can have an elegant living room focal point that’s both stylish and functional.

3. Install Wall-Mounted TV Over Fireplace

Elegant beige-themed living room showcasing a large flat-screen TV mounted above a fireplace. The TV displays a scenic view of a lush landscape with rolling hills. To the left, a built-in shelf houses minimalistic decor items. Below the TV, the fireplace is inactive, with a vase of white flowers placed on a round wooden tray in fron side the table, a plush armchair with a light blue cushion provides seating. The room is softly illuminated by natural light, filtering through a window with cream curtains to the right.

Mounting your television above the fireplace mantel is a space-saving option for small living rooms. Look for a wall mount that extends and tilts to improve viewing angles. Place a console or shelving unit below to balance the weight and house components.

Be mindful of potential glare from the flickering flames on the screen. Opt for a matte, anti-glare TV and position it at least 12 inches above the mantel. Also consider wires – use conduit covers or cables painted to match the wall to keep them discreet.

The right mount and placement can make your TV a seamless fireplace accent.

4. Zone With an Area Rug

Cozy living room with a harmonious blend of modern and natural elements. A muted green sofa adorned with various textured cushions sits adjacent to a window letting in soft natural light. Above the sofa, a unique sunburst mirror with a central round mirror serves as a statement wall decor. Opposite the sofa, a flat-screen TV is mounted on a white brick wall above a fireplace. To the right, a round wicker ottoman holds a tray with a white vase and fresh fruits. Nearby, a smaller wicker stool and a wooden sideboard with plants further enhance the room's organic feel. The floor is covered with a beige area rug featuring subtle leaf patterns.

Area rugs are a budget-friendly way to define a living room seating area. Use a large rug to anchor your furniture, keeping the edges just under the front legs. Place your sofa and chairs on the rug facing the fireplace and mount the TV above.

Choose a low pile rug in earthy hues like ivory, tan or light brown. This creates soft definition without competing with the fireplace and TV focal points. Layer patterns and textures with throw pillows and a cozy throw blanket for additional visual interest.

Rugs bring cohesion and style to small living room layouts.

5. Add Warm Lighting

Warm and inviting living room bathed in soft ambient lighting. The space boasts a muted gold wall backdrop which enhances the cozy atmosphere. On the left, a plush leather armchair accompanied by a dark wooden side table holding an elegant lamp sits beside a framed black and white landscape photograph. Centered in the room is a large flat-screen TV placed on a dark media console, flanked by two tall table lamps. A bouquet of dried flowers and a decorative bowl adorn the console. To the right, a sleek black leather couch is adorned with neutral-toned patterned cushions, sitting atop a beige area rug with faint intricate patterns. The room evokes a sense of relaxation and sophistication.

The right lighting enhances any living room’s cozy vibe. Place lamps on end tables on either side of the sofa to create a soft glow for evening relaxation. Dimmer switches allow you to control the ambiance.

Install sconces or picture lights above the fireplace and mantle to illuminate artwork and provide accent lighting. You can also add recessed lighting around the room’s perimeter for general illumination. Lighting is key for a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

6. Add Floating Shelves for Storage and Style

A cozy living room corner showcasing a white-painted brick fireplace. Above the mantel, a flat-screen TV is mounted, flanked by rustic wooden floating shelves. The shelves display various decorative items such as vases, framed pictures, books, and candles. To the left, a beige curtain softly filters light next to a plush brown sofa adorned with a light blue throw pillow. A wicker basket is placed beside the sofa, adding a touch of natural texture to the space.

Floating shelves are a great way to add display space and storage in a small living room. Install floating shelves on either side of the fireplace to hold photos, decor, books, and other items.

Look for shelves in a finish that coordinates with your fireplace material like black metal brackets with a brick fireplace.

Place floating shelves above your wall-mounted TV for a clean, modern look. Stagger heights and depths for visual interest. Incorporate some colorful accessories like vases, petite plants or artwork to complement neutral shelves without competing with your focal points.

Floating shelves keep items organized while adding style.

7. Include Multifunctional Furniture

A vibrant living room with a white sofa adorned with green patterned pillows, complemented by a bold green leather ottoman serving as a coffee table. Above a beige fireplace with white tile detailing hangs a flat-screen TV. To the left of the TV, a narrow black shelf displays a golden vase with fresh white flowers. A larger wooden table on the side holds a vase of bright yellow flowers and a few books. The room is brightened by a large lamp with a yellow shade, and the window is framed with coordinating green curtains.

Make the most of small square footage by selecting multifunctional furniture like ottomans and sofa tables. Upholstered ottomans on either side of the fireplace provide extra seating and flip open for hidden storage.

A sofa table behind your couch offers a perfect spot for displaying photos while giving you a place to set drinks and snacks.

Look for furniture with features like wheels or fold-down sides to maximize flexibility. The right multipurpose pieces allow you to get more use out of every inch of space.

Don’t forget the power of dual-purpose décor like throw blankets that can also be wall art when neatly folded over a chair.

8. Imbue Sophisticated Urbanity

A modern urban loft living room with large windows showcasing a cityscape. The room features a red brick accent wall where a large flat-screen TV is mounted, displaying an image of a woman in a red outfit against a natural backdrop. Below the TV, a contemporary fireplace with a flickering flame adds warmth to the space. The room is furnished with dark gray sofas, a black metal coffee table holding books and a vase, and a plush gray rug. Sprigs of dried plants in vases and decorative items are strategically placed throughout the room, adding touches of nature and elegance.

Bring high-end loft living into your small space with exposed brick or concrete surrounding your fireplace. The raw industrial look pairs perfectly with your mounted flatscreen for modern city chic.

Incorporate a sleek steel media console and clean-lined furniture in grays and blacks. Layer in softness with an alpaca wool throw and sheepskin rug in neutral tones.

Accent with plants like succulents and snake plants placed in planters matching the fireplace material. The fusion of urban edge and nature’s tranquility creates an oasis.

9. Harmonize Past and Present with Antique Furniture

A cozy living room with a soft green wall and white crown molding. Centered on the wall is a mounted flat-screen TV, placed atop a wooden dresser filled with various books and trinkets. To the right of the TV is a white fireplace mantel, adorned with a detailed framed artwork depicting a group of figures, surrounded by small decorative items and plants. A cream-colored sofa with patterned cushions is situated to the left, beside a wooden side table holding a vase of white tulips and a tray with a teacup. An ornate oriental rug covers the floor, complementing a wooden and rattan chair with a white cushion, positioned to the right.

Vintage charm doesn’t have to clash with modern tech. Combine an antique secretary desk under your wall-mounted television to add character without sacrificing function. Or repurpose an old oak barrister’s bookcase next to the fireplace for organized display space.

Weave in other pre-loved finds like a tufted vintage fainting couch, Persian-style rug, and claw foot side tables. Throw in some old books, curios, and family photos for an invigorating blend of eras.

The melding of cherished heirlooms and new gadgets makes a space feel curated.

10. Infuse Cheerful Cottage Style

A cozy living room featuring pastel green walls and matching light green sofa adorned with floral cushions. A wooden coffee table holds a vase of bright yellow sunflowers and a smaller vase of purple flowers, with a few lemons beside. To the right, there's a brick fireplace beneath a mounted flat-screen TV. On the left, sunlit windows are framed by floral-patterned curtains. A white bookshelf stands nearby, and a decorative blue plate is mounted on the wall above the fireplace.

Cottage style is synonymous with cozy charm. Opt for a classic brick fireplace and hang your television above the mantle. Paint built-in bookshelves on either side a cheery hue like robin’s egg blue.

Add in painted antique furniture, floral pillows, and ruffled curtains for playful femininity. Include one-of-a-kind pieces like a cabinet of curiosities filled with natural specimens in glass jars. The unique details and blend of eras in cottage style warms any home.

11. Incorporate Colorful Eclectic Décor

A vibrant living room featuring a bold turquoise accent wall with a mounted flat-screen TV. A brick fireplace sits below, flanked by shelves displaying colorful vases. A light blue sofa with a mix of patterned cushions in pink, blue, and yellow is central to the room. A cream-colored leather ottoman serves as a coffee table, topped with books and a blue tray holding a vase of yellow sunflowers. To the right, sunlit windows are draped with bright yellow patterned curtains. The floor is adorned with a blue and white patterned rug, and a modern cylindrical pendant light hangs from the ceiling.

Don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant, eclectic décor to liven up your space. Opt for a vividly painted or tiled fireplace surround as your starting point. Hang your television above the eye-catching fireplace.

Introduce bright and bold patterns on pillows, rugs and artwork. Add in unique pieces like an exotic tapestry as a wall hanging or a carved tribal mask mounted above the mantel.

Layer in textures with a braided wool pouf, ceramic garden stools, and an animal hide area rug. The mix of colors, patterns and global finds injects playful personality.


Turn Up the Cozy with Clever Living Room Layouts

Key Takeaways:

  1. Place the TV above a corner fireplace to maximize floor space.
  2. Build customized side-by-side builtins for a streamlined look.
  3. Incorporate multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans.
  4. Delineate lounge areas with rugs and perfect lighting.
  5. Add floating shelves for display space and storage.
  6. Mount the TV on the wall above the fireplace.
  7. Include natural wood and stone elements for organic warmth.
  8. Choose paint colors, patterns and textures that enhance warmth.

With thoughtful planning and design, a small living room can feel expansive and inviting. Follow these tips to create a layout focused on your television and fireplace that delights and functions flawlessly.

Get inspired by the many possibilities to integrate your focal features into a petite space. Discover how cosy and enchanting a small living room can become when thoughtfully arranged.

Embrace your small square footage and unlock its potential for style and comfort. With clever solutions, your modest living room can overflow with welcoming charm.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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