30 Small Living Room Ideas with TV for Stylish Spaces

Bob Thomas
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Even the most petite of spaces can stylishly fit a television with the right layout and design approach. 

This guide spills the tea on how to maximize every inch when integrating a TV into a compact lounge or apartment living room.

Discover unexpected small living room ideas with TV like floating corner shelves to display your set on an angle, or a console that slides back into built-ins when not in use. Get inspired by real-life small spaces that use bold colors, mirrors, and multi-functional furnishings to avoid clutter.

We've got you covered whether your vibe is glam, industrial, rustic or traditional. Follow our designer tips to find your TV's perfect viewing spot and the furniture placement secrets that make a small room feel grand.

With these savvy small living room ideas with TV, you can have your flatscreen and style points too.

Let your tiny home live large and turn your small space from basic to beautiful. Read on for insider tricks to create a living room that belies its size and makes your TV the stylish centerpiece it deserves to be.

1. Choose Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Opt for an ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage inside to stash away clutter. Or pick a media console that can house your TV, games, and more behind closed doors. Multifunctional furniture saves space in a small living room.

2. Install Floating Shelves

Wall-mounted shelving placed at an angle or floating corner shelves can add visual interest while taking up less floor space. Use shelves to hold your TV, decorative items, books, and more. Just be sure to anchor them properly to support the weight.

3. Use A Mounted Swivel TV Bracket

Buy a wall mount TV bracket that extends, tilts, and swivels to allow optimal viewing from anywhere in your small living room. Mount it at a height aligned with your primary seating's sightlines.

4. Paint An Accent Wall

Adding a bold color, print, or texture to just one wall draws the eye to your stylish focal point. Flank your mounted TV with floating shelves or decor against the accent wall for a cohesive look.

5. Add Mirrors

Strategically place mirrors to visually double the size of your space. Position one opposite or beside your TV to reflect light and create the illusion of more room. Try framing the TV and its stand together with a large mirror.

6. Use a Wall-Mounted TV Lift Cabinet

This hides your television inside a closed cabinet, then raises it up when you're ready to watch. It's a great space saver for small living rooms. Installation is key, so have a professional handle it.

7. Position Your Furniture At An Angle

Arranging your seating on a slight diagonal rather than directly facing the TV makes the room feel more expansive. Floating corner shelves or side tables work well to fill the empty space behind angled furniture.

8. Hang Curtains on Either Side

Draw the eye to your television by installing floor-to-ceiling curtains on both sides. Keep them minimal and elegant. Pull them back to reveal your TV viewing spot.

9. Use a Projector and Pull-Down Screen

With a projector placed on the ceiling or shelf, you only need a blank wall or retractable screen to project your large "TV" image. It frees up floor and wall space.

10. Incorporate Personalized Wall Art

Flank your TV with family photos, modern prints, or floating wall shelves holding decor to make it feel like a customized feature wall. This draws the eye to the living room's focal point.

11. Display Your Set on a Vintage Radio Console

Upcycle a retro radio cabinet as a cool TV stand for a blast from the past vibe. The patina and character brings nostalgic charm to your modern flatscreen.

12. Use Textured Neutral Paint

Add dimension by painting your accent wall in a nubby plaster or stucco-effect paint. The tactile surface becomes a textural backdrop that enhances your crisp, mounted TV display.

13. Incorporate Meaningful Memorabilia

Surround your television with framed ticket stubs, pressed flowers or souvenirs in shadow boxes on floating shelves. This adds personal touches that spark joy and memories.

14. Play with Proximity to Seating

Pull your sofa closer to the TV for immersive viewing, or create distance for a cinematic experience in your petite theater. Find the ideal distance that works for your space.

15. Backlight for Dramatic Effect

Install LED lighting strips behind your wall-mounted television to make it appear as if it's floating on air. This showstopping trick creates a stunning, tech-savvy focal point.

16. Divide your Space Visually

Use a bookshelf, room divider screen, or furniture arrangement to delineate your lounge into separate zones. Place your television in the main living area and use the divided additional space for reading nooks or dining.

17. Add Warm Ambient Light

Install dimmable bulbs or wall sconces around the room to create a cozy glow for nighttime viewing. Strategic lighting prevents eye strain and makes the space feel welcoming.

18. Choose Slipcovered Furniture

Slipcovered sofas and chairs in neutral hues give a casual, laidback feel that works in small spaces. The soft, textured fabrics also help absorb sound from the TV.

19. Use an Articulating Wall Mount

An articulated bracket extends your TV out from the wall and angles the screen towards your seating. This improves visibility in rooms with challenging sightlines.

20. Repurpose Unexpected Furniture

Upcycle a vintage luggage rack, ladder, or iron gate as alternative TV stands with character. The unique pieces add industrial flair.

21. Float Your TV Above a Fireplace

Create an inviting living room by suspending your flat screen television above a cozy fireplace. Use a full motion wall mount to angle the TV at the ideal viewing angle.

Position it at a safe distance above the mantel according to installation guidelines. The combined heat and entertainment makes for a stylish and functional focal point.

22. Build a Sculptural Geometric Wall

Construct a textured geometric accent wall using 3D triangle wall panels or hexagon wall tiles as a backdrop behind your mounted TV. The modern sculptural wall adds artistic interest and dimension.

23. Interactive Wall Spaces

Create an interactive wall space around the TV using chalkboard or whiteboard paint. This allows for changing artwork, messages, or doodles, making the TV area fun and dynamic. It’s a functional way to personalize the space and keep it engaging.

24. Showcase Collections in Glass-Front Cabinets

Flank your flatscreen with glass-front display cabinets showcasing cherished collections or decor items. Well-lit cabinets keep your favorite pieces free of dust while adding personalized character.

25. Incorporate a Motorized Art Cover

Invest in a motorized art cover that conceals your wall-mounted TV behind an artwork or photo when not in use. With the touch of a button, the beautiful art piece smoothly retracts to reveal your flatscreen for watching shows.

This technology allows you to prioritize art while still easily accessing the TV for entertainment when desired.

26. Small Living Room TV Layout Showcase

A modern living space illuminated by soft light. A plush gray sectional faces a sleek TV, while a small table nearby holds a book and potted plant. 

The hardwood floor meets a cozy gray carpet, and a minimalist lamp above adds warmth. The room radiates contemporary comfort.

27. A Top-Down Perspective Small Living Room Layout

A modern space with a striking geometric rug centering the room. A cozy brown leather sofa beckons on the back wall. To the left, a bookshelf filled with tales. A TV on the opposite wall gives the best viewing angle.

28. Elevated Comfort Modern Living from Above

As you step in, you're immediately drawn to the layout: an inviting tan leather couch strategically positioned for the best view, directly facing the large, sleek TV.

Everything is thoughtfully placed, optimizing space and visual appeal, turning this room into your ideal entertainment haven.

29. Isometric View Small Living Room With TV and Table 

Stepping into the compact living room, your eyes are drawn to the sleek TV and the minimalist table. The thoughtful layout effortlessly balances style and function, making every inch count in this cozy space.

30. Patterns and Comfort Isometric View 

You're immediately drawn to the sleek, wall-mounted TV, perfectly positioned above a minimalist console.

The room breathes modern elegance, with the rectangle, geometric-patterned rug at its heart. Every inch is meticulously designed, making you feel both relaxed and intrigued.


Maximize Your Petite Living Room with Clever TV Layouts

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans to stow clutter.
  2. Add floating shelves, sconces, and artwork to draw the eye.
  3. Incorporate personalized memorabilia and collections around the TV.
  4. Play with proximity, height, and unique stands like a pedestal.
  5. Optimize viewing with swivel mounts, angled furniture, and distance.
  6. Delineate lounge zones with screens, greenery, or macramé hangings.
  7. Make a stunning focal point by backlighting or suspending over a fireplace.

Immerse yourself in the possibilities to integrate your flatscreen seamlessly into a small living room. Follow layouts and designs that speak to your style, from rustic to contemporary.

With clever solutions, any compact lounge can become an entertainment oasis tailored to your needs. It's time to transform your space from basic to beautiful.

Embrace the challenge of small square footage and unlock stylish, functional possibilities. With a bit of creativity, your beloved TV can harmonize beautifully in a petite yet mighty living room.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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