20 Simple Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

Bob Thomas

In the world of interior decoration, it’s often the subtle touches that make the most significant impact.

The dining table, a place of gathering and celebration, deserves special attention.

Drawing from my experience as an interior decorator, I’ve put together a collection that’s both elegant and effortless: “20 Simple Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas.” 

Dive in and discover the perfect centerpiece to enhance your dining ambiance.

1. Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers in a Simple Dining Table in the centre

Place a vase with fresh flowers from your garden or the local florist. Switch out the flowers as they wilt or to match the season.

2. Candle Arrangement

a mix of tall and short unscented candles on a decorative tray on a  Simple Dining Table in the centre

Use a mix of tall and short unscented candles on a decorative tray. You can also use candle holders for added height and dimension.

3. Fruit Bowl

decorative bowl with fresh colorful fruits in the centre of a simple dinning room table

Fill a decorative bowl with fresh, colorful fruits. This is not only decorative but also functional!

4. Potted Plants

small succulent plants in centre of a simple dinning room table

Small potted plants or succulents can make a lovely centerpiece. They add a touch of greenery to your table.

5. Decorative Jars

transparent jars with colorful sand in on a  Simple Dining Table Centerpiece

Fill transparent jars with colored sand, pebbles, or shells. They can be layered or mixed for a more eclectic look.

6. Table Runner

table runner with an interesting texture in centre of dinning room table

Use a table runner with an interesting texture or pattern. You can place other decorative items on top of it.

7. Bread Basket

Bread Basket woven in the middle of a simple dinning room table

A woven or decorative bread basket filled with freshly baked bread or rolls is both beautiful and functional.

8. Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles painted ready to be placed in the centre of a simple dinning room table

Empty wine bottles can be painted or used as-is, perhaps with a single flower in each or a taper candle.

9. Lanterns

Lantern with candle in on the centre of a dinning room table

A single large lantern or a group of smaller ones can be a focal point. Fill them with fairy lights for added ambiance, or just a simple candle. 

10. Decorative Bowls

Decorative Bowls with pine cones in on dinning room table

Use bowls of varying sizes, or you can keep it even simpler using just one, and fill them with decorative balls, pinecones, or other ornamental items.

11. Wooden Carvings

middle of simple dinning room table, a wooden statues as the  centerpeice

If you have an ethnic or rustic touch to your decor, wooden statues or carvings can be an interesting centerpiece.

12. Books

a few stacked books in the middle of a simple dinning room table

Stack a few of your favorite books in the center. It can be a great conversation starter.

13. Terrarium

A small glass terrarium filled with sand, rocks, and plants as the centrepiece of a simple dinning room table

A glass terrarium filled with sand, rocks, and plants can be a unique and low-maintenance centerpiece.

14. Ornaments

Ornament pumpkins as the centrepiece of a simple dinning room table

Depending on the season, you can use different ornaments like pumpkins in the fall or seashells in the summer.

15. Decorative Plates

Decorative Plates in the centre of a simple dinning room table

Place a stand in the center and showcase a beautiful plate or bowl.

16. Woven Mats

 a woven mat in the center of a simple dinning room table

Place a woven mat in the center and set a vase or bowl on top of it for added texture and interest.

17. Teapot and Cups

Teapot and Cups as the centrepiece of a simple dinning room table

An elegant teapot with matching cups can be both decorative and functional, especially if you often entertain guests.

18. Glass Cloche

 glass cloche with plant underneath as the centrepiece of a simple dinning room table

These are glass covers, often used to display delicate or special items. Place a small plant, figurine, or even a piece of cake underneath.

19. Photo Frame

 a beautiful family photo in the center of your table in dinning room

Showcase a beautiful family photo or piece of art in the center of your table. Change it out every so often for variety.

20. Themed Displays

 a mini Christmas tree as centrepiece in middle of dinning room table

Depending on the time of year, you can have themed displays like a mini Christmas tree during the holidays, Easter eggs during Easter, or leaves and acorns during the fall.

Remember, the best centerpiece is one that reflects your personal style and complements the overall decor of your dining room. Feel free to mix and match ideas or add your own personal touches!

An Overview of Everyday Table Centerpieces

Casual dining occasions call for uncomplicated centerpieces. But simple doesn’t mean boring.

Creative presentation of humble elements makes a statement.

Rather than large formal arrangements, opt for:

  • Single botanicals like a rose or eucalyptus stem
  • Collected objects artfully grouped like pinecones and tumbled glass
  • Everyday dishware showcasing fruit, baked goods or candles
  • Trayed collections revealing color and texture

Elevate the ordinary through considered composition.

Repetition, asymmetry and contrast make modest materials shine.

Additional Tips

  • For a festive feel, seasonally change your centerpiece. Think pinecones in winter, seashells in summer.
  • Play with heights. Using objects of varying heights adds depth and interest.
  • Reflect your personality. If you’re a reader, stack some of your favorite books. If you’re into vintage, an old camera or typewriter can be an intriguing centerpiece.

Personal Experience 

I recall a summer evening, years ago before my health took a turn, when I was repainting my dining area.

After a long day’s work, I wanted to enjoy a meal in my newly painted space.

But it felt incomplete. On a whim, I filled a mason jar with some sand, pebbles, and a tea light.

The effect was mesmerizing. That’s when I truly realized the power of a simple table centerpiece.


In the vast realm of interior design, the beauty truly lies in the nuances.

Each centerpiece, no matter how simple, has the potential to transform the everyday into something memorable.

As you explore these “20 Simple Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas,” remember that it’s not just about decoration, but about creating an atmosphere where memories are made and cherished.

Here’s to many beautiful meals and moments at your table.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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