20 Emerald Green And Gold Living Room Ideas

Bob Thomas

There’s something intrinsically majestic about the blend of emerald green and gold in interior design.

As a shade that evokes the serenity of nature, emerald green melds seamlessly with the luxurious shimmer of gold, crafting spaces that are regal yet inviting.

As a seasoned interior decorator, I’ve often marveled at the transformative power of this duo. 

In this guide, we’ll explore 20 emerald green and gold living room ideas that bring together the best of both worlds, ensuring your space radiates warmth and sophistication.

1. Emerald Velvet Sofa

Emerald Velvet Sofa in a living room with a emerald green and gold color scheme

Start with a statement piece like a plush emerald green velvet sofa. Its rich texture and deep hue will serve as a focal point in the room.

2. Gold-accented Coffee Table

gold coffee table, emerald green coasters in living room

Opt for a coffee table with gold legs or detailing. Pair it with green coasters or tabletop decor to maintain the color theme.

3. Emerald Feature Wall

Emerald green wallpapered feature wall in living room with gold accents

Whether it’s painted, wallpapered, or paneled, an emerald feature wall can create depth and intrigue.

4. Gold Frame Mirror  

Gold mirror frame with light emerald green walls in living room

Enhance the light and space with gold-framed mirrors. They reflect both natural and artificial light, illuminating the green elements.

5. Green and Gold Throw Pillows

emerald Green and Gold Throw Pillows in living room

A mix of emerald, lighter green, and gold throw pillows can instantly upgrade a neutral-colored sofa or chair.

6. Gold Light Fixtures

Gold Light Fixtures in a emerald green colored living room

Choose pendant lights, chandeliers, or sconces with gold accents. Soft, warm lighting complements the emerald color palette.

7. Emerald Green Bookshelf

Emerald Green Bookshelf in a emerald green painted living room with gold accents and decor

An emerald bookshelf filled with curated books and gold decor can be both functional and aesthetic.

8. Gold Accented Furniture

Gold Accented Furniture and emerald green colored walls in living room

From end tables to TV stands, infuse gold detailing or hardware to tie in the luxe theme.

9. Emerald Rugs with Gold Patterns

Emerald Rugs with Gold Patterns in living room

Ground the space with a rug that combines both hues, be it in abstract designs or traditional motifs.

10. Gold Vases with Green Foliage

Gold Vases with Green Foliage in a emerald green and gold living room

Introduce fresh or faux green plants in gold vases to breathe life into the room.

11. Emerald Drapes

 white painted walls, emerald green drapes with gold pole living room

Luxurious emerald drapes against neutral walls can create a regal atmosphere, especially with gold curtain rods.

12. Gold Wall Art

Gold Wall Art with emerald green sofa in living room

Select artworks that incorporate gold elements. From modern abstract pieces to traditional prints, the sheen of gold adds a touch of luxury.

13. Green & Gold Shelving Decor

Green & Gold Shelving with same color decor in living room

Mix and match decorative items in these colors on open shelves or cabinets.

14. Emerald Upholstered Chairs

Emerald Upholstered Chairs with gold accents in living room

Accent chairs in emerald, especially in materials like velvet, can elevate the space and provide additional seating.

15. Gold Decorative Trays

Gold Decorative Trays in emerald green color living room

These can be placed on coffee tables or ottomans, serving as a base for candles, magazines, or other decorative items.

16. Emerald and Gold Cushioned Ottoman

Emerald and Gold Cushioned Ottoman in living room

An ottoman can function as seating, storage, or even a coffee table substitute.

17. Gold Edged Coasters

Gold Edged Coasters emerald green living room

Perfect for protecting surfaces and adding small touches of the color scheme throughout.

18. Emerald Tassels and Textiles

Emerald Tassels and Textiles with gold decor in living room

Think tassel curtains, throw blankets, or even coasters.

19. Layered Lighting with Gold Accents

Layered Lighting with Gold Accents in emerald green colored living room

Incorporate a mix of floor lamps, table lamps, and perhaps a statement chandelier—all with hints of gold.

20. Emerald Green & Gold Wall Panels

Emerald Green & Gold Wall Panels living room

Introduce texture and depth with wall panels or moldings painted in emerald, accented with gold detailing.

An Overview of Emerald and Gold as a Color Scheme

Emerald is a deep, saturated green that feels decadent and regal.

When paired with the warmth and radiance of gold, the combination is striking yet surprisingly versatile.

It can lend spaces a moody, mysterious vibe or feel bold and uplifting.

Gold takes many forms, from brassy and shiny to muted and matte.

Choices like Painted furnishings, metallic finishes, and lustrous decor create shimmer. 

Don’t shy away from metallics – a little goes a long way when thoughtfully placed.

While emerald and gold make a showstopping color scheme, prevent overwhelm by incorporating plenty of crisp white.

Use luxurious textures like velvet and marble for depth. The mix feels grand yet livable with smart finishing touches.

10 Quick Tips for Rocking Emerald and Gold

  • Choose emerald and gold as accent shades against crisp white walls.
  • Incorporate gilded frames, mirrored tables, and golden fixtures for shimmer.
  • Pair rich emerald and gold with contrasting black for a moody vibe.
  • Add pops of color through pillows, art and floral arrangements.
  • Use a mix of patterns like damask, paisley and animal prints.
  • Prevent overwhelm with plenty of bright white upholstery and decor.
  • Mix textures such as velvet, leather and smooth marble.
  • Display fresh flowers and living green plants for vitality.
  • Use golden metallics in finishing touches like lamps, frames and vases.
  • Illuminate the space with abundant layered lighting.

Why They Work

Emerald green is a rich, deep shade that exudes calmness and sophistication.

Pair that with the timeless elegance of gold, and you have a perfect match.  

The contrast between the cool tone of green and the warm glow of gold creates a balance that’s pleasing to the eye.

Personal Experience

On a memorable project, I was faced with a spacious living room that yearned for depth and warmth.

Drawing upon my interior decoration and house painting expertise, I recommended “Mystic Emerald” from Sherwin-Williams for an accent wall, and contrasted it with “Golden Euphoria” from Benjamin Moore for the window trims.

The synergy of these specific hues, chosen after meticulous evaluation, elevated the space remarkably.

As sunlight streamed in, the room basked in a luxurious aura, echoing the timeless designs I strive to bring to every home.


The marriage of emerald green and gold in living room decor isn’t just a fleeting trend, but a timeless approach to sophisticated living.

The depth of emerald paired with the opulence of gold creates an environment that beckons warmth, luxury, and a touch of nature.

As we’ve journeyed through these 20 emerald green and gold living room ideas, it’s evident that with a splash of creativity and a keen eye for detail, any living space can be transformed into a regal haven.

So, whether you’re giving your living room a complete makeover or just adding a few golden accents, let the elegance of this color duo inspire your design journey.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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