20 Electric Fireplace Ideas with TV Above

Bob Thomas

There’s an art to balancing the old with the new, the comforting with the captivating.

During my tenure as an interior decorator, one design fusion consistently stood out: the allure of an electric fireplace complemented by a TV overhead. 

From sleek modern aesthetics to rustic charm, I present to you 20 electric fireplace ideas with a TV above that are as much about experience as they are about appearance.

1. Classic Elegance

white marble fireplace a sleek modern tv above

White marble or quartz surround for the fireplace with ornate molding, paired with a thin, modern TV. The contrast brings together old-world charm and contemporary sleekness.

2. Rustic Charm

A stone facade fireplace, with chunky wooden mantel. The TV is above it and the whole look gives it a rustic charm style

A stone facade for the fireplace, complemented by a chunky wooden mantel. The TV can be framed with reclaimed barn wood to give it a rustic touch (optional).

3. Sleek Modernism

Minimalistic grey slab fireplace, with a flush-mounted TV above

Minimalistic black or grey slab fireplace, with a flush-mounted TV. Add LED backlighting behind the TV for a futuristic look.

4. Beach Vibe

A whitewashed brick fireplace with a driftwood mantel. The TV is sat above and is modern and sleek

A whitewashed brick fireplace with driftwood mantel. The TV frame can resemble distressed wood for that coastal feeling (optional).

5. Industrial Touch

Electric fireplace with an exposed brick facade and black iron accents with the Modern sleek TV above and two lights either side

In a modern living space, an industrial-style electric fireplace anchors the room, topped by a sleek wall-mounted TV. The design effortlessly merges warmth with entertainment, epitomizing urban sophistication

6. Mirrored Elegance

Electric fireplace surrounded by mirrored panels in a bedroom with a thin TV above

Electric fireplace surrounded by mirrored tiles or panels, magnifying the space and reflecting the flames’ digital dance. A minimalist TV positioned above maintains the sleek ambiance.

7. Hidden TV

Electric fireplace with a concealment art piece TV

Electric fireplace with a motorized TV cover or a concealment art piece. The TV hides when not in use, giving the fireplace prominence.

8. Exotic Inspiration

Electric fireplace  with Mediterranean tiles with the tv above and some artefacts

Electric fireplace adorned with Moroccan or Mediterranean tiles. The TV rests above, flanked by decorative wooden pillars or artifacts.

9. Neutral Palette

Electric fireplace with soft beige color walls with modern sleek TV above

Electric fireplace in soft beige, taupe, or gray tones, paired with a harmonizing backdrop. The TV seamlessly fits into this calming tableau.

10. Texture Play

Electric fireplace with smooth marble juxtaposed with rough-hewn wood with a tv above

Electric fireplace with exhibiting contrasting textures—smooth marble juxtaposed with rough-hewn wood. The TV fits perfectly into this tactile landscape.

11. Vertical Lines

Electric fireplace with tall vertical line panels with tv above it

Electric fireplace with tall, vertical tiles or panels that guide the gaze upward to the elegantly positioned TV.

12. Architectural Interest

Electric fireplace  with moldings with the tv above

Electric fireplace enhanced with moldings, archways, or built-in features, integrating both the fireplace and TV into the design narrative.

13. Two-tone Design

Electric fireplace in brown color and the upper section in a beige color two tone design with the tv above

Electric fireplace in one color/material, contrasted by a different color or material for the wall section. The TV nestles within this two-tiered color presentation.

14. Greenery

 the electric fireplace and TV are sourrounded with plant on shelves with tv above

Surround the electric fireplace and TV with plant shelves or niches. Introduce potted plants or succulents for a nature-inspired touch.

15. Cabin Cozy

Electric fireplace with  knotty pine wood mantle with stone wall in a cabin style room with tv above electric fireplace

Electric fireplace embraced by knotty pine or cedarwood, echoing a log cabin’s warmth. The TV above resonates with this rustic charm.

16. Artsy Backdrop

Electric fireplace set with colorful mosaic tiles with the tv placed above

Electric fireplace set against a feature wall adorned with colorful mosaic tiles. The TV is subtly incorporated amidst this artistic display.

17. Floating Ensemble

Electric fireplace and tv on a media wall made from slate like material

Electric fireplace and TV both appear to float on a feature wall made of materials like slate or travertine.

18. Symmetry

Electric fireplace with custom shelving on either side with decretive  items on shelves and tv centrally align on wall

Electric fireplace with custom shelving or cabinetry on either side. Decorative pieces or books are displayed, with the TV centrally aligned.

19. Hearth Bench

Hearth Bench with tv above

Extend the base of the electric fireplace to craft a bench-like seating area. Above, the TV merges into this inviting nook.

20. Layered Look

stacked stone at the bottom, a wooden mantel in the middle, and a plaster or painted wall either side with the tv above the mantel centrally aligned

Electric fireplace with a stacked stone base, wooden mantel in transition, and a plaster or painted wall either side with the TV above the mantel centrally aligned.

Whatever you choose, the key is to ensure that the TV and fireplace complement each other and align with the overall decor and style of the room.

21. Sleek Divide (Bonus)

Contemporary electric fireplace with a dark, sleek mantel that horizontally bisects the wall, creating a clean line that underlines a wall-mounted TV.

This modern design element serves as a simple yet striking focal point, blending form and function with a touch of minimalism.

An Overview of Mounting a TV Above an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace instantly infuses cozy ambiance.

Mounting a television above creates an integrated media space without cluttering the room.

When planning this layout:

  • Choose an electric fireplace or insert designed for TV installation
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for safe heat ventilation
  • Conceal unsightly cords for a streamlined look
  • Use articulating wall mounts allowing swivel and tilt direction

Take proper measurements to optimize viewing angles. This fireplace-TV configuration makes it easy to enjoy both features in style.

Finding the Perfect Wall Space

The first step is to select the right wall space.

It should be spacious enough to accommodate both the fireplace and the TV without making the area look cluttered. 

Additionally, it should be at an angle that offers the best viewing experience from the most commonly used spots in the room.

Pro Tip:  Use painter’s tape to outline the area where you intend to place the fireplace and TV. This gives a visual idea and helps with placement decisions.

Choosing Your Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces come in various styles – wall-mounted, built-in, freestanding, and TV stand fireplaces.

For a seamless look with a TV above, I recommend wall-mounted or built-in options. Remember, the fireplace should not only complement the TV but also the overall room decor.

Managing Heat

An essential aspect to consider is heat management.

While electric fireplaces emit less heat upward compared to traditional ones, it’s crucial to ensure the TV is not exposed to prolonged heat.

Some solutions include installing a mantel or a heat deflector.

Selecting the Right TV

Not all TVs are suitable to be placed above a fireplace.

Opt for models designed to withstand slight heat and reduce glare. Also, consider the TV size.

A screen too big may overwhelm the space, while one too small might look out of place.

Designing a Cohesive Look

Once the technical bits are sorted, it’s time to focus on aesthetics.

Use materials that complement each other.

For instance, if you’ve opted for a white marble electric fireplace, a white or black TV frame would look sleek.

Surround sound speakers can be cleverly hidden or incorporated as design elements.

Safe Insolation

When installing the fireplace and TV, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure the wall can bear the weight of both devices.

If in doubt, consult a professional. Also, hide unsightly cables using conduit or in-wall cable systems.

Tips for Styling Around Your TV and Electric Fireplace

Here are my top decorating tips to complement this eye-catching focal point:

  • Incorporate warm metallic accents like brass candle holders or copper bowls
  • Flank with shelving to display mementos and art
  • Choose an area rug that defines the seating zone
  • Add soft pillows and throws for cozy texture
  • Layer on plenty of light sources like floor and table lamps
  • Repeat design elements like wood tones for cohesion

Personal Experience

Years ago, when electric fireplaces were gaining popularity, I worked on a project that combined a gorgeous mahogany-hued fireplace with a matching flat-screen TV frame.

The result? A perfect blend of warmth and luxury.

But, remember always to prioritize safety over aesthetics.


Merging an electric fireplace with a TV above is a marriage of style and functionality. 

With the right approach and an eye for design, you can achieve a cohesive look that serves as a room’s focal point. 

Whether it’s a cold winter evening or a lazy summer afternoon, this combo ensures you’re entertained in warmth and style.

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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