11 Small Living Room Ideas with TV and Dining Table That Make the Most of Tight Spaces

Bob Thomas

Petite living rooms, rejoice! Size limitations begone – with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, you can design a small yet mighty living space customized to your lifestyle.

In this article, we’re spotlighting 20 creative small living room with TV and dinning table layouts that make every inch count. From converting forgotten corners into cozy dining nooks to integrating customizable modular seating, prepare to see modest square footage in a whole new light.

These savvy concepts reimagine what’s possible through considered furniture placement and multipurpose pieces that transition seamlessly between lounging, dining, and beyond.

Who says you need a giant great room to have a great room? With the right furnishings and setup, you can accommodate your unique living room needs within a compact footprint.

Ready for stylish, livable ideas tailored to real-world small spaces? Read on for 20 ingenious layouts focused on sophistication, multi-functionality, and breathing new life into petite dimensions.

Small is the new big when it comes to living rooms!

1. Marble Table 

A contemporary living room featuring a wall-mounted television surrounded by marble patterns, soft ambient lighting, a round marble dining table with brown chairs, and vertical window blinds filtering natural light.

A small living room where a large flat-screen TV is placed on a minimalist TV stand. In front of the TV, there’s an oval-shaped marble dining table accompanied by leather chairs. A contemporary pendant light illuminates the table, and a floor lamp stands near the TV.

2. Foldable Table 

Modern interior design of a compact living space with wooden wall panels, built-in shelves filled with decorative items, a wall-mounted television, a small white table with foldable chairs, and a comfy beige sofa next to a window with sheer curtains.

A straightforward small living room layout with the TV mounted on a low-profile stand in the center of one wall, and a foldable dining table with stackable chairs tucked to the adjacent wall, allowing for easy rearrangement when needed.

3. Slim Table Birds Eye View 

Top-down view of a neatly organized compact living space. The area showcases a beige sofa with cushions, a wall-mounted television on the left, and a small wooden dining table set with white plates and a glass of orange juice. A potted succulent sits on a textured rug in the center, and the room is illuminated by a pendant light and natural light coming through the white vertical blinds.

A bird’s-eye view of a small living space with muted colors. A flat-screen TV adorns one wall. A few steps away is a compact sofa, and directly besides it, a slim table ready for dining. Four chairs, designed to fit snugly, are currently tucked under the table.

4. Minimalist Design With White Table

A minimalist living room with a sleek design featuring a wall-mounted television surrounded by white storage cabinets. A white circular table with a wooden stool is positioned centrally on the light carpeted floor. To the left, a plush white sofa is partially visible. The room is bathed in soft light, with sheer white curtains filtering sunlight from a window.

In this compact living room design, a sleek wall-mounted TV is the focal point. Centred, a minimalist white dining table paired with a wooden stool optimizes the space, great for people who live alone, or you could get a matching stool if needed. 

5. Modular Seating with Rectangular Table

An elegant living room illuminated by ambient lighting, showcasing a wall-mounted television encased in wooden panels with backlights. Adjacent are built-in wooden shelves adorned with plants and decorative items. In the foreground, a comfortable beige sofa with brown pillows faces a patterned wooden coffee table on a textured rug. Beyond the sofa, a dining area features a round table surrounded by beige upholstered chairs, all set against the backdrop of a window draped with sheer curtains

A contemporary small living room with modular seating in earthy tones. The dining table is rectangular with a marble top, surrounded by upholstered chairs. A TV is set into a wooden feature wall, with ambient lighting around it.

6. Table That Can Be Hidden Away

Monochrome living room design featuring a plush sofa near floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains, a wall-mounted TV, and a compact dining area with a foldable table and chairs. The dining space is accentuated by wall shelves adorned with botanical prints, and ambient lighting casts soft shadows on the back wall. A round coffee table with a vase sits atop a light rug in the foreground

A compact living room features a wall-mounted TV, with a standout element being a foldable table and chairs. Sliding doors can seamlessly hide this dining area, optimizing space when it’s not in use.

7. Bench Seating

Illustration of a cozy living room setup in an isometric view. Features include a wall-mounted television, a low cabinet with decor items, a cream-colored sofa with a dinning table and a bench with a plate of snacks. The room has a wooden floor.

Depicted is an illustration of a compact living room with a minimalist design ethos. In the center of the space stands a dining table, flanked by bench seating that is slimmer than traditional chairs, leaving more walk space.

Directly opposite the table, a TV is wall-mounted, ensuring an unobstructed view from both the bench and sofa. 

8. Trendy Pastel Theme With Round Table  

Elegant living room interior bathed in soft lighting. The room features a wall-mounted TV amidst wooden panels, a cozy seating area with a neutral-toned sofa adorned with pastel pillows, and a round wooden dinning table surrounded by Scandinavian-style chairs. Potted plants, both tall and tabletop, add a touch of nature. A large window with sheer curtains allows natural light in, and a large artwork with a tranquil landscape hangs on the adjacent wall.

A cozy corner living room setup. The TV is wall-mounted on a soft pastel-colored feature wall. Opposite the TV, there’s a circular wooden dining table with three cushioned chairs.

The room has light drapes, a plush area rug that matches the table shape, indoor plants on window sills, and soft ambient lighting from floor lamps. A compact L-shaped sofa facing the TV is adorned with colorful pastel throw pillows.

9. Slide-Out Dining Table

"Modern compact living space featuring a retractable dining table set against a wall unit with built-in shelving, TV, and microwave. Decor includes a white chair, a bowl of fresh fruit on the table, and soft drapery by a window. A cozy seating area is visible to the right.

A tiny living room with a wall-mounted TV above a compact, slide-out dining table. The table is hidden as a drawer and can be pulled out for dining, with foldable chairs stored beside the TV unit.

10. Dimond Shaped Table And Storage Solution

Cozy and modern living space featuring a central wooden table with a bowl of fresh fruit, surrounded by built-in seating with storage drawers beneath. Above, a wall unit houses a large flat-screen TV, decorative items, books, and plants. Warm lighting and soft drapery complete the inviting ambiance.

A compact living room with a TV mounted on the wall. Below the TV, a Dimond shaped dining table that can be pushed right into the corner of the room to make more space if needed .The table is flanked by L-shaped bench seating with storage drawers underneath.

11. Bar Style Dinning Table

Modern high-rise apartment living area with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of a coastal cityscape. The interior features vertical textured wall panels, a mounted TV, a sleek white counter being used as a dinning table with three stools, and a cozy seating area with a plush sofa and round center table. Ambient lighting enhances the serene ambiance, and decorative items like vases and candles add elegant touches

An elegant petite apartment living room featuring a bar-style dinning table next to a broad window showcasing a stunning horizon. Contemporary stools are aligned with the table. On the above wall, a streamlined TV is affixed, reinforcing the room’s modern feel.


Maximize Your Petite Living Spaces with Ingenious TV and Dining Layouts

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace multifunctionality with designs incorporating TVs and dining tables in compact spaces.
  2. Opt for furniture styles that enhance spaciousness, like foldable tables, slim benches, or modular seating.
  3. Utilize architectural elements, such as wall-mounted TVs or retractable dining sections, to free up floor space.
  4. Dive into textures and tones that brighten up smaller rooms, from marbled patterns to pastel themes.
  5. Strategic placements can redefine room dynamics; consider corner dining, wall niches, or pull-out tables.
  6. Prioritize pieces that serve dual purposes, such as seating with storage or wall units with built-in dining.
  7. With cityscape views or artful interiors, small rooms can exude grandeur.

Drawing inspiration from these 20 small living room ideas with tv and dinning table, you’ll realize that a limited square footage doesn’t limit creativity. In fact, it challenges you to innovate.

Allow these concepts to reshape your perception of small living rooms, merging both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Revel in the opportunity to design a cozy, multifunctional space that caters perfectly to your needs.

Transition effortlessly from lounging to dining, and celebrate the charm of compact living. Bigger isn’t always better; sometimes, it’s all about making every inch count!

About the author 

Bob Thomas

A fully certified interior decorator and house painter , Bob Thomas brings immense expertise and knowledge amassed from many years of hands-on experience with residential, commercial and specialty painting and decorating projects of all sizes and scopes.

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