Don’t Let That Space Above Your Toilet Go to Waste! (20+ Storage ideas)

Bob Thomas

Is your bathroom bursting at the seams? Craving extra storage space but feel like you’ve run out of options?

It’s time to look up! That often-overlooked space above your toilet holds the potential to transform your cluttered bathroom into an organized oasis.

Get ready to discover 20+ clever storage solutions to reclaim that wasted space and streamline your bathroom routine.

A well-lit bathroom with bohemian decor. Above the toilet is a wooden shelf holding folded towels, a plant in a white pot, and a macrame wall hanging. The space is accessorized with a macrame plant holder, a knitted basket, and a woven mat on the toilet lid, giving a cozy and artistic vibe.
A boho-chic styled bathroom featuring a wooden shelf above the toilet. The shelf is adorned with a potted plant, a folded patterned towel, and toiletries. A decorative macrame hangs below, and a snake plant sits beside the toilet, all against a neutral wall, creating a serene and earthy atmosphere.
A small bathroom corner with a DIY rustic over-the-toilet storage solution. A dark metal shelf with wood paneling holds neatly folded towels, jars, and a woven basket. The wooden shelf adds warmth, and the simple decor reflects a practical and homey environment.
A farmhouse-style bathroom featuring a wooden shelf above the toilet. The shelf, supported by black metal brackets, is stocked with white towels and artificial greenery in metal containers, contributing to a clean and rustic aesthetic.
A bathroom with a farmhouse-inspired over-the-toilet storage design. A dark wooden shelf with black metal brackets holds stacks of white towels and a basket, while green artificial plants add a touch of nature to the serene space.
 A chic and modern bathroom with golden metal shelves above the toilet. The shelves house an array of white towels, luxury toiletries, and golden accents, set against a marble wall for a luxurious and polished look.
Another view of the same bathroom as Image 6, showing the elegant gold metal shelving with various high-end bath products and white towels, offering a glimpse into a sophisticated and opulent bathroom design.
A contemporary bathroom with minimalist black metal shelves over the toilet. The shelves display an assortment of toiletries in white and amber bottles, grey towels, and a decorative vase, creating a modern and streamlined look.
Another angle of the same contemporary bathroom as Image 8, featuring minimalist black shelves above the toilet with neatly arranged toiletries, grey and white towels, and simple decor elements, reflecting a clean and modern aesthetic.
A modern bathroom with a minimalistic design, showing a small white shelf above the toilet.
Modern minimalist over-the-toilet storage with white shelves holding neatly organized toiletries and folded towels against a grey marble wall.
Over-the-toilet wooden shelving unit adorned with green potted plants, toiletries, and fluffy white towels, contributing to a fresh and natural bathroom ambiance.
A light-filled bathroom corner featuring a wooden over-the-toilet shelf with plants, spa-like toiletries, and soft white towels, evoking a serene and clean atmosphere.
Simple white over-the-toilet storage solution with minimal items on shelves, including toiletries and a rolled-up blue towel, set against a light blue wall.
Cozy bathroom space with a white over-the-toilet storage unit, woven baskets, and fluffy towels, complementing the warm tones of the wall tiles.
Sleek black over-the-toilet storage with contemporary bathroom products, accented with a marble wall, offering a chic and modern aesthetic.
Industrial-style black metal shelving above a toilet, housing bath essentials and towels, with copper accents, against a textured grey wall.
Traditional white bathroom cabinet over a toilet, storing neatly folded towels and assorted toiletries, set against light wooden wall tiles.
A classic white freestanding shelf over a toilet holding an assortment of towels and jars, complemented by soft lighting and neutral wall color.
White over-the-toilet storage shelf in a bright bathroom, neatly organized with towels, toiletries, and decorative items, creating a clean and inviting space.

Size Matters: Small Spaces and Large Bathrooms, Oh My!

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of over-the-toilet storage, shall we? First up, we gotta talk about size.

If you’re dealing with a bathroom that’s more like a closet than a spa retreat, you’ve got to get creative with your storage solutions.

Think floating shelves that don’t take up any precious floor space, tiered baskets that maximize vertical storage, and even a sneaky little cabinet that fits perfectly above your porcelain throne.

It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got.

But if you’re blessed with a bathroom that’s bigger than some studio apartments, well, aren’t you just the lucky duck?

You’ve got so many options, it’s almost unfair. Go wild with tall, statement-making storage units that’ll make your guests green with envy.

The sky’s the limit (or at least, your ceiling is)!

Style Variety: Modern, Rustic, Minimalist, and Bohemian – We’ve Got It All!

Now, let’s talk about style, because let’s be real – your bathroom storage should be just as fabulous as you are.

If you’re a modern maven, sleek and minimalist is the way to go. Think clean lines, shiny finishes, and a look that just screams, “I’ve got my life together.”

But if you’re more of a rustic charm kind of gal or a bohemian babe, don’t you fret.

Wooden ladder shelves, woven baskets, and pops of color are here to make your bathroom storage dreams come true.

Functional & Stylish Solutions: Types of Storage and Vertical Space Magic

Of course, we can’t forget about function. I mean, what’s the point of having gorgeous storage if it doesn’t actually, you know, store anything?

You need a place to stash your toilet paper, your fancy lotions and potions, and maybe even a cute little succulent (because let’s be real, they’re the only things that can survive in a bathroom).

Open shelving is perfect for those grab-and-go essentials, but if you’re a bit of a bathroom hoarder (no judgment, we’ve all been there), cabinets are your new best friend.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the magic of vertical space? It’s like the secret weapon of bathroom storage.

Stack those shelves high and watch your organization game go from zero to hero in no time flat.

Budget Considerations: DIY Like a Boss, Thrifty Finds, and Upcycling Magic

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “This all sounds great, but I’m on a budget tighter than my skinny jeans.”

Fear not. DIY is here to save the day. With a few basic materials and a can-do attitude, you can create storage solutions that’ll make your wallet sing.

And if you’re not the handy type, no worries. Thrift stores and online bargain hunting are your new best friends. Get ready to unleash your inner thrifty diva!

And if you really want to get creative, upcycling is the way to go. That old ladder in your garage? Boom, instant towel rack.

That vintage suitcase you snagged at the flea market? Hello, toilet paper storage.

The possibilities are endless.

Real-World Considerations: Easy Installation, Cleaning Hacks, and Clutter-Free Living

But let’s get real for a second.

No matter how stylish or budget-friendly your storage is, it won’t do you any good if it’s a nightmare to install or a pain to keep clean.

Opt for materials that can handle a little moisture (because let’s face it, bathrooms can get steamy) and look for options that won’t require an engineering degree to set up.

And while we’re on the topic of keeping things clean, let’s talk about clutter.

The whole point of storage is to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, not like a tornado just tore through it.

Be strategic about what you choose to display and what you tuck away.

A few well-placed baskets and some clever organizing hacks can go a long way in keeping your bathroom looking fresh and fab.

Renter-Friendly Solutions: No Drilling Required!

And for all my renters out there, I know the struggle is real. You want to make your bathroom feel like home, but you also don’t want to lose your security deposit.

Fear not, my lease-bound friends. There are plenty of storage solutions that don’t require a single drill hole.

Over-the-door organizers, tension rod shelves, and adhesive hooks are about to become your new holy grail.

Get ready to transform your rental bathroom into a storage haven, no landlord approval required.


Whether your style is modern and minimalist or cozy and eclectic, these 20+ over-the-toilet storage ideas have given you the inspiration to reclaim that wasted space. 

Don’t be afraid to combine different solutions, personalize your storage, and let your creativity flow!

Did you go with sleek floating shelves, a repurposed vintage cabinet, or a DIY masterpiece?

And don’t forget to pin your favorite ideas for future inspiration!

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